The scent of an Intruder…

The scent I smelt was me…..

Well, if we go by our senses then I must tell you I can smell the most repugnant revolting uninvited intruder and that I am guessing was what I sniffed.

My nose will tell me pretty much everything to know about things food, milk, something off in the rubbish bin but, most of all I can smell peoples scents.. it’s like there perfume that each person wears.. a scent of another person can be two things stenchy or sweet.

The sweet is a lovely kind scent which I have not smelt lately that to me is a damn shame it was built of great mixtures ….. all good scents make a lovely meal don’t you think…

However, that other scent that came to visit needs to go… right out our window.. because I really do not like that pungent odor it does not suit my needs… nor do I like any part of it.. it turns my guts and makes me ill…

I will need to get that stench out… no offense but, I have other likes and it isn’t you…

Smells carry wasted hearts and empty promises.. I did not invite you into my home and I do not know you… get out… and stay out…

Have a nice New Years and bring on 2019, because things are going to change for me..moving forward… time for me to be real and tell you what can occur to those that have been through trauma, a place that I would not want anyone to be and a place that only now I understand is not healthy for me..

Read my story without judgment, without doubt, this is who I really am or how I see things good, bad and bloody repulsive it is what I “did” see..

For those that helped me I thank you, it is difficult to describe what I went through so I am going to tell you what I went through after the trauma had taken place with me…

This is my honest revolting self…. sorry If I offend but it is who I made within myself to survive those many moments that I felt I deserved…

A bit far fetched but, it is difficult to describe what enters your brain and stays for a while self-sabotage is hateful and destroying be very careful this does not occur with you… drugs, self-abuse, mine was built around self-hatred and denial of listening to those voices in your head reminding you that you deserved everything you get..

BTW, let me give you the hot tip… you don’t deserve it and your a better person for understanding it… trust me when you read some of this.. you might be a little taken back!!

If you do understand this place contact the below help

Phone: 1300 22 4636


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