Trauma looks like this… True story

This is what occurs to people who have trauma this is how I saw my life:

Time to tell you what I suffered and at times still suffer I am sorry for this but, it is my time to tell it… rape, abuse, all these terrible things will and do hurt us 2019 will show you what I went through as a normal person acting like nothing hurt me.. but, I am afraid it did and at times still does…

We take our time in telling stories that really should not cross our lips but, that is what we are told in old stories now I have no other choice but, to tell you what it is like to suffer from those that hurt your soul… and what it can do to those that never asked for it in the first place… I hope you watch and learn something my blog is for you to understand but, I have not yet told what I needed to tell.. and many will not understand and for that, I am sorry.. for me, I need this more than you will ever know so lets just start with this blog and I will take you on my own journey so yo will understand what it can do to a normal nice person.. let me begin…

I have found that with every trauma that a person has in there life, of course, it all depends on what it is that hurt them so much there has to be the aftermath.

Unfortunately, for me, there seems to be aftermath that I have noticed with myself I noticed that I cannot define the difference until now.

I find myself not always and I try so hard to not do it.. that someone is going to hurt me somehow… I don’t do it on purpose but I do find that at times I think in the back of my mind that they are…

Sound stupid but, is it.. so I test them just like they do me… and I fail them because I no know better, I am getting better at seeing the good from the bad but, it is part of the trauma that ends up me being innocent and them being guilty…

Now to true fact of this matter, the above no longer bothers me but, it did, and I wanted to show you what it means when someone is hurt and left to themselves… I am not suffering this anymore but, I will tell you I did..

So, if anyone says that they have had trauma and never got help let me tell you they need to get help because the above in red can and will occur in that person when they are suffering such an episode of being hurt physically, mentally and it isn’t fair but it is true.

Everything I will put on here this year for 2019 will be harsh, true and factual…

thank you for reading..



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  1. Wow, I know how difficult it can be to share difficult and traumatic details about your personal life, please know that your story WILL help others, I appreciate your courage, and you are definitely an inspiration!! Please keep going forward! Take care of yourself the best you can to deal w/ your trauma, weather that means therapy, or just writing about it, that is for you to decide, Just know that you definitely inspire others!!

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