Unthreaded Seams And Locked Away Dreams

I wanted for Christmas you to be mine
I wrote this before it was that time
I hoped that there had been sufficient time passed
for you to take me back and start again at long last

I gave you time and now I can see
the best I can give you is freedom from me
I make this decision because I feel I must
it appears I’ll never gain back that trust

I want you to know that no matter what
there won’t come a time you don’t drive me nuts
not the kind that gets people admitted
the better one, being forever and always committed

I must give that up and cancel my mission
I guess our love will never meet fruition
a terrible mistake cost me my dreams
inside I’m dying, filled with screams

it is this day, Christmas ‘2018
I knowingly choose to change my fate
no longer will I bother you
with idle threats of love so true

I will cease to be in your life
just as you’ve chosen not to be in my life
I don’t like it, it shatters my dreams
but I have no thread left holding my seams
rather than staying the rug on the floor
I stand, a man, and walk out the door

I wanted to fill a box with a ring
but you’ve made it clear that’s not the right thing
I’m sorry I wasted so much of your time
with my problems unending and these silly rhymes

instead, all I have is this here note
the tears are pouring, they’d fill a moat
I wipe them away and stand once more
over broken dreams, I walk to the door

as I walk I glance back
so uncertain of what I lack
matter it doesn’t because of this here door

Source: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/being-forever-and-always-committed

Categories: Owner of The Candii Club

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