Too Little Too Late…

Funny how things are easier as you get older to give is natural to wait for others to do the same well that isn’t as easy, let’s face it!

I believe that if your like something it really doesn’t matter a whole lot about what others do wrong they are only human so I do not demand things from another because frankly your only going to be disappointed!

So, I think if you do think like that well, life is going to be too demanding on one another and that isn’t my style.. so enjoy your life and be the best you can…

So, goodbye my dearest… I just don’t have enough time in my life to be taken for a fool and I am not joined to your hip my friend either….

Love me or hate me… not my problem….

Enjoy the song, my friends..

Life is short lick the bloody spoon and quit winging about what you expect other to give you, surely by now you should have grown up enough to work it all out!!

Life is about learning.. so bloody well learn it will you

And quit bothering me!! BTW, I like me…… Im pretty nice chick xxx

Love to myself.. for a bloody change


Categories: Owner of The Candii Club

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