Men are Proud, so they should be.. it is their birthright!

Re-written due to too much of my own Italian/Irish heritage ..   I wrote this after reading this link so please read this before reading my post…

Men are born with a birthright and a responsibility to hopefully be with a supportive family, a strong and fair father that will raise his son with good ethics, morals, and ideas of what and how to live a happy and proud life.

I truly believe the above.. because this is the way to change our children by learning better behavior and being strong by having the guts to work on yourself before your children are born.

Now in saying that lovely kind and hopeful words for our kids, we sometimes don’t end up with the greatest mother or father or brother or even sister.

However, without being brutal and nasty about what they look like let me say this..

If I can do it you can too..

When we are children we are a gift to two or one people or none in some cases… some of us are lucky some are not I get that…it is our life and until we understand what is right and wrong most of us don’t know any better…

So, please note any type of abuse, isn’t okay, I want you all to understand that what I share I do it freely and I do it with a reason to paint you a picture.. so please do not send me rude nor abusive … rubbish.. because my story is mine and if you think that that behavior is something I would allow.. think again…

My lessons is that what happened to me did not nor  would it ever destroy my gifted life going forward and that in it’s self is my strength and I am very proud that I am happy, healthy, I have fallen risen, been amazing and probably will repeat because I value my own self worth because it is mine to value and do whatever I please and I do it with a smile and I do the best I can every day with the support of my husband who drives me with craziness but, supportive love and I thank him once I get it..

Everything happens but, you have to work extremely hard and your partner has to be able to support you, tell you also to pull your head in because at times I lose it and I have lost it often and also being very closed minded towards him..

That is not okay… to treat that person who loves you supports you and at times yes, he has the right to tell you that you are wrong.. I hate hearing it but, yes, I do need to hear it and accept it.. (baby steps.. please forgive me lol)

So, my healing was to learn about me and about those men that we adore and love and support too

So back to what I was referring too…

I read the above post on this person’s lovely post and I could not agree more with what was said, please I would love you all to view it and take a little time to say something because I believe it is so damn important and it isn’t going to get better by “most people”.

I say most because this post and many other posts that say it how it is about our beautiful handsome men that we love and care for who are the fathers of beautiful upcoming girls and boys who love them so damn much and the fathers that adore those children he supports, feeds, hugs, trying so hard every day.

My own father comes to mind when I say that last bit…


We seem as society of “too much”, and “not enough”, we are opinionated, harsh, some of us are angry, furious, bitter, twisted, nasty, selfish, some are bullies, abusive, judgemental, they sexually put their partners down, they also are the biggest wingers of today and make it difficult with their mean, spiteful jealous, hatred towards.. MEN..



Yes, women, no offence to those that don’t do this or have been abused\ it isn’t directed at those people.. this is directed at those others that hurt our society by being cruel to people men especially they make it so damn hard for them, why?

Women are not female anymore they are “numb, desperate, shallow, selfish gold diggers that swoop intake with a smile that isn’t real and fuck that men.. right, they made me who I am bullshit…

Blaming, Shaming, Stupidity and narcissistic behaviour all because of those in high places have said, let’s just remove the behaviour, they always have a cause, however, no solution, right?

Then suddenly after a few years of shaming they then have yet another problem which is how do we stop drug abuse? And, again, no solution!

Women, beautiful, soft, loving women, who adore there husbands and love their children and do the best jobs they do to support their loved ones… I applaud you.. I do, I just wish those other reptiles to shut up and stop being bullies because for some reason they seem to have the right to be abusive, cut off mens balls and eat them because apparently it’s protein?? (sick joke but, we have a sick society that will require more help and alot of good people will unfortunately commit heaven forbit suicides???!?!?!

STOP IT…. START … looking for solutions and stop making this a problem because mostly what your doing is going to be one day “You saying, I wish I was more caring towards my husband”, “I wish I was more supportive before he blew his head off with a shot gun”, I wish I listened before he was found swinging in a garage”…

All because someone said, they are men and have no right as a human to have Emotions, to be upset and release, to want a wife that loves him but, for some reason he should change himself all because of a wifes insecurity of her own selfishness.

I don’t get it???!!!

We live in a society where we have so many things to offer each other but, yet we are such a slow-moving race to stop the bull shit of others that want to Shame those that are just being themselves a male who what??

Wolf whistled while a beautiful girl walks by to the shops.. (but, we charge these men of harassment sexual apparently?)

Come on???

I believe in having my own opinion, I believe in each person being open, honest, loving, sexual (heaven forbid) I believe that we need to wake the fuck up or Ground Hog Day will keep occurring over and over and over again…

With no solutions but, many, many people killing themselves all because of our own behavior…

Why do you think that is???

It would be appreciated if people say something on this subject?

Or you could like, thank you, or even type a few words of something that is positive?


Sorry, this was directed to those that have a positive outlook on life going forward, right is that you?

Of course, many apologies to those that seem to have fallen into a pit, oh my did you just fall into your own shit?

Didn’t you just say that a man has no right to Emotions, feelings?

Of course, I will help you out of the deep hole that you put yourself in!

Why would I help?

Because although I do try my hardest to stop being a mole towards my husband, I do try to stop yelling at him … But, I will say one thing about myself I am waking up!!
I am trying my hardest to re-wire my brain by being the best I can be…  I adore my partner and men those that love to be who they are.. and we all have this right…

I have seen grown men grow.. to me that is fucking beautiful, Changing for the better to enhance themselves by having a supportive partner is all a person who want.. right?

So what the fuck are some of you doing by trying so damn hard to do the opposite of what your bloody well complaining about????????




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