Remember Reflection SOMETIMES it isn’t all bad…and a Reference point can be a beautiful moment … who said it can’t?

Reflection is a wonderful thing we remember great moments, those moments of OMG, wow and what if this could be my future…and I am continuingly happy and I want to believe and it finally is true… that would be simply friggin amazing don’t you think?

we must allow ourselves to love and let shit go…

Or do you want to harp on about bullshit that dragged you down.. or would you prefer to say okay this happened … what should occur is learn about what occurred how it made you feel recognise those that helped you through it loved you no matter what.

If you don’t learn this…. what do you think is going to occur?

You will become those that hindered and disabled you and sometimes even me I must say,  are blinded by our own fear because it hurt us that much we learn bad wiring by repeating this behaviour without us even being aware and using those that do care about you by treating them badly all because you could not change…2bd2caf60badbbe313e7235309716ddb

Lessons aren’t about being the smartest it is about seeing better without being a total fuck wit, asshole or person that only sees what they are comfortable in seeing.

A weak person is a person that refuses to change, a person that will use your words that lamed you by using it to hurt you more all because they refuse to believe in themselves.. so they act like a cold-hearted bitch or asshole all because of what?

That their feelings will be hurt.. wtf…. so they pick on those that trusted and told you a story that hurt them….

We are such a beautiful race of unique kind people who got lost on a birth that should have been epic…. and this isn’t your fault nor those that treated you like it.. they are just as blind to life as you are to opening up your heart that you did once.. but, don’t .. is it fair to treat a person with the same intent that someone treated you?

Why is it that we have to be so smart, better, clever?

If we are unkind why do we pick on the week minded or the hindered people by making yourself right all because you are so scared to face your own fears all because of once upon a fucking parent or best friend that made you feel like shit and threw you to similar like-minded dick heads that never allow themselves to think for themselves so they hang out in big dick head groups and pat each other on the back all because of an argument that occurred over 30 years ago?download (4)

What a nasty way to live a life by putting others on the back by putting another down all because your mates said so… you bunch of assholes..

Look I am not saying I am right but, I say this.. just be kinder to yourself and those you love or if you cant then let them go so they can have a life just as happy as you consider your life to be



Why am I saying this?

My realization of reading a persons post stating the men need help and it is very little that seems enough to show men that help isn’t a weakness nor is it something you should be ashamed of but, I guess it would be difficult for any male to believe “help, who requires help? me?

Men are those silent suffers they either are afraid to show any emotion all because of rejection, denial of caring, or perhaps another male saying your wrong or you’ll be fine mate have another beer and harden up.

I believe this society to be lead by good decent kind people who ended up changing their personalities by building up a wall of armor thinking that they are going to be used abused left to the pavement and unfortunately, they end up doing, saying, acting totally the polar opposite of their actual personality.. why do you think that is?

Well, the fear of being alone , being hurt, listening to words that remind a memory of once upon a time, when my life went to shit and I felt alone, I felt vulnerable, I felt like shit , then they self blame internally and then once that is spent.. they start to look for other ways to service their broken hearts by denying what could be a beautiful life.


Well, they refuse to believe in the good people that do try.. they poke, prod, they challenge it and they break it by saying to themselves or others that will believe them because they have been hurt themselves and they will pick it to pieces until that good type person shows an emotion that they reflect and make them go, see I told you!!

We all do it, especially those that have been so harmed by being young an innocent, blamed for other peoples bullshit lies and their nasty fuck ups its like a schoolyard bully that isn’t a bully but, will show you how tough they are by bashing the kid that cannot fight or the kid that has been hurt and will end up scared of their tactics.

People are only what they know.. we all are scared, not everyone, not scared within themselves, they are so emotionally tired and so hurt by what felt like their own life in a different home… It is difficult to listen or even believe when you see so many other people being hurt you go in the pit by fighting as a male with his best mate… all because of their loyalty and similar like or perhaps a past that was once too close that for some reason they bonded all because of a similar emotional home, parents, talk and similar patterns..

I do it… I love connecting with others it’s beautiful but, sometimes those you connect with are not doing it to help you they are using you to help themselves all because they find you fake, weak, similar isnt what they would say about you … They will say the total opposite and make themselves feel superior by bring you down and then this toxic pattern is like swimming in water effortlessly.



Be careful how you treat another person because that person that says harsh words to you is caring about you, loving you and will standing by you not because they want something from you … they actually want to love and care about you..

So please stop and use better language by listening, by being present by being caring and never ever go silent because one day they won’t be there..

Love and blessing my dearests xxx Franny




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