TMI Tuesday #18

The year 2018 has come to an end. How was the year for you?

Let’s take a look this TMI Tuesday.

1. Daily rituals. Do you have any that you will abandon in the new year?

I am not sure maybe, hopefully, kind of like mine, safe and nice for me atm

For example, instead of brushing my teeth I brush my feet that kind of thing? ha!

Will you begin new daily rituals? If yes, what?

Hmm, perhaps, be a little more positive and do things for me that benefit myself I guess who knows I still think my feet need attending too more than my other parts

2. What significant relationship improved the most?

Well, my husband’s however, I found that honesty isn’t the best policy when it comes to men!  We tend to say to many ways too much and it convinces us out of what we intended because it is scary to find out your wife has a hunger for the unusual! Also, men seem to think that one on one is the only spice of life… shrug not really sure what I did wrong or do I?

3. What relationship in your life deteriorated?

My male mutual friend which is sad to say ran for the hills when it got too much who knows never really came out of the hidden shadows I guess… it is what it is 

4. What do you wish you had done more of in 2018? How do you plan on doing more of that in 2019?

I wish I came out a bit more than I thought I did I had this vision that if I came out 1/2 way the others would come out to play… I will leave you with that one

5. What important person in your life needs more of your time? Will you give it?

My husband, I believe he thinks he isn’t a priority in my life which he is.. he seemed to think perhaps I didn’t love him which I do with all my heart

Bonus: How can you redesign your evenings to bring more restful “you” time to the end of your day?

Love myself and trust myself more than I do.. I guess working progress my friends working progress


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