Men’s Health is Important…& I will tell you why!!

Dear ladies,

I was chatting to my sister-in-law Katie, about “Men’s Health”, yesterday in fact we believe that there isn’t enough about our “Silent Suffers our Men” who work so hard and never complain about how they feel.

I believe they have a right just like us women and our dear children and our men that go to work every day, love us every day, complain very little every day have a right to feel, talk, cry, sob on our shoulders every day if they want.

I don’t believe there is enough for our Silent beautiful soul mates, who love us unconditionally, with their whole hearts and souls like my husband and your husbands and their best friends and their fathers and their father’s fathers.. you get my drift.

So, why should they suffer silently, without a whimper, without a cry or any type of complaint!

Anger, hostility and any outburst say it loudly remember they only have that pattern as being a man when they do say anything… sometimes it isn’t all about the rage it could be about their internal feeling of what they can’t say…

So, let’s be different and allow them their say, allow them a shoulder and allow them to be them without hurting themselves, without silently hindered, without killing themselves alone, without them harming themselves…

Not, really fair right?

This movie is about all of us who lost, loved, felt something for someone, knew someone that we loved remember grief will come from your subconcious that only knows what it knows..until you show it something new… Love them trust me they love us.. so if we don’t give we will loose apart of ourselves… it’s our human right as a female and as a man to hold each other… love each other and be their for each other.. the movie is brutal, horrifying, and unrealistic right, or am I?

Children, can even work it out…some movies are what they are made for…making your mind think better and then making your heart open to another dimention..think about it…unrealistic movie yes, indeed how else do we understand…???

This movie is about, grief, pain, suffering, listen to the music, stop and listen carefully to the words they use, its a movie but, it is more than that it is your mothers, that lost their sons and daughters, its your sister its your children its your husbands… listen to the words turn your back away for one moment and listen carefully to the words this movie is tell you something… “Listen please, just Listen”

So, remind your partners tonight when they are home after they have had dinner and go up to them and say, I love you.

Please tell me if you need a shoulder to cry on, a place to say what is wrong, and let me help you get help too (they will laugh, they will get annoyed but, say it to them anyway… so pace yourself and not go to anger when they do get annoyed.. say it anyway everyday….)

My husband did Movember they raised within a group of 25 over $25,000 within that month for a fellow father who lost his son from suicide and that to me was an effort that was amazing bless them for being our partners, friends, fathers, brothers and even boyfriends… bless them everyday for their efforts because without them we couldnt exisit

Love 3Wishes xxx

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For anyone wanting further information please go to the below link for men

Jimmy Barnes – listen to his story what a legend!! oldskool if he can say it, loudly like he loves to do… then so can any male on this Earth… good effort Jimmy, you’re a true legend

Sometimes when we don’t know something we don’t know it and that is okay, so make sure they know that they do have a choice, they have a right as a human being and as a partner, soulmate, friend, grandfather, brother, cousin, we all have a right to live and be loved… so love them, tell them, show them it is okay to show their emotions, it is okay to cry, sob, scream and tell us that they are hurting.. tell them that they are worth it…… because it could save them … just a thought ladies… they hurt just as much as we hurt… “Remember that okay, much love xx”

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