Ask me questions and I will be happy to answer them for you…

The picture above was when I was 30 I was divorced and a single mum celebrating life and a new life yes, different but, innocent I may have been, however, not so misunderstood.


Here I am here telling everyone my beliefs in life!

Who am I?

To be honest, no-one really, it is really up to you the individual on what you believe and how you see things in life.

I can only tell you what I have learned in life by experiences some good, some bloody bad and some pretty much excellent to be honest!

Have I been raped?

Yes, I have!
How did it make me feel?

Fucken awful

However, did I survive?

My outlook in life isn’t about the act it’s about you the person… just because someone took something away from you, does it mean you should hurt yourself? think you’re not worthy? or should you find a way out of the grave by digging yourself out of it?

Yes, I bloody well did dig myself out of that fucking hole.. and I am happy loving my life okay with a few hiccups but, fuck me, why can’t I have a few shitty moments and still put a bloody smile on my dial?

If you would like to ask me other things go for it…  I am here to tell you what I did to help myself and how I look at life.. And, I am here for “you”, so ask away…. I dont mind at all…

Please ask me questions I really love it when people engage and find out that life is as easy as ……………..a b c

This is me… now 50 years old…. what a number… a little enhanced but, to be honest


And for my favorite flashback to school



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