Boys World Weekend

Here is something new for MEN… each Friday I will find for you the best coaching segments that most men don’t have time for…so, here is today’s new segment called “Boys World Fridays”

How to Talk to any Girl and Win!!!

Now, this isn’t for the faint-hearted and let me tell you what a Studmuffin this guy is and he advises is substandard to most people..right!! NOT!!

However, moving along if you must boys, men, grand-daddies, have a listen to this man that will teach you the women whispering …. I tell you NOT!!


Or click the below link to this other doosh who thinks this will help you blokes..

Click the below link its amazing…!!!!

Or even try the LOVE METER by clicking the below link..

Good Luck,

A word to the wise, try talking to her either over the telephone or perhaps in front of her you might be surprised that body language and real-time is good times…

But, if you don’t like my suggestion then do what the above goofs say to do…



Candii xxx


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