Crushes in Life…

This is a funny reminder of oneself in life I must admit to my detriment of most things in my entire life I seemed to either not notice or perhaps I was missing something that everyone got!tumblr_nlbieaZX201u3v3tco1_500

I never really had a great opinion of myself nor did I  WANT ONE….

I Never, thought I was attractive that still really don’t I’m okay however, never tried too hard or wanted too…


Nothing LIKE that ever entered my mind … don’t think I never said, hot, gorgeous, but, me??

No Way in a fat chance!!!

I guess I just roamed my way through life I did have my likes, crushes and mostly I never said a word to anyone.

What signals?

What moments?

Damn it!!!

I would think is that a signal?

No, really?

I must be mistaken?

Always, and mostly I never see anything quite like that most girls did in themselves which is a good thing I was the one that got it after the fact… I always thought nope no-way that person is interested?! Really? you must be mistaken!

And then because of that though I never pursued anyone?! Go figure, I guess I thought being a mate, friend, that girl to hang around with is better than that girl they wanted to fuck!

I preferred the girl that wanted to hang with, laugh with and those beautiful innocent times that you would never lose… why do people think too much?

I would prefer being in the moment and loving those that I adore and still adore all because they are the loveliest people I know… and that isn’t very many these days.

Anyway, here is my reflective song(s) as you can see I could not pick … Enjoy

Until I discovered at the age of 29-30 Friends with Benefits… OMG… 

images (1)

Anyway, that train has bustered out of the station… all good, whichever! 


A Crush... love it now Enjoy it xxx

And also from my favorite band Each time you fall in Love

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