Here is “The Greatest”- “Pick-up-line”

Now, I am not sure if any other girls get this type of message in their “inbox” like I did today…. so here it is.. I must say though NOT BAD!!!!

It’s from Shannon
“Hey there 🙂 I have an unusual request for a man who wants to be a little adventurous. I have an Kama Sutra book that I forgot I had and I figured, “hey, I wonder if I can find someone who would like to practice the different positions until we’ve used them all up”. Let me know if that sounds interesting to you. Hope you can keep up :)”

I have not yet responded, hate to tell him that I am married, however, that is the best line ever… well done!!

It does sound rather worded so it prolly been sent to many thousands of users on dating sites.. not sure I am part of that group?

Go Figure,

Still impressed!

Candii xx


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