So  want to know what noise is?

Let’s start – go!

We often find ourselves wanting more than we really need or even require for that matter for example our excessive need to have things like designer clothing, the best watch, the nicest tie, the shoes that Jenny has who paid over $600 all because of societies (or stupid bloody Jenny the mole for purchasing those beautiful friggin shoes that I want all because….woops).……expectations of all of us.

We then desire further like boats, cars, flashy houses with pools and spa’s then we find that Joe down the street bought a big air balloon so what do we do.. of course we want a the best damn Hot Air balloon with twin jets,  to just bite Joe in his ass, right?  Hmm,  really, we do? 

(ps.. honey about that boat that I want … er you want to live in it has to have….woops doh!)

Then when things don’t go so  well or perhaps midlife starts creeping up that ladder of life we then think we can go into battle with our youth or perhaps we think that we are still “young and dumb”, all because we can, we can?   

Where is that song, oh , yes here it is for you to listen to…


We then think I wouldnt mind taking drugs, having fun, doing things that others seem to do like “Rock Stars”, “Mick Jagger “can do it and he is 103, right? 

Well, I am sure if you ask him, actually I will take that bit back, never ask Mick what his thoughts are on drugs and women!!!  Moving on….

I am not saying we cannot do things I am just saying everything in moderation I guess and let’s hope when we do those things whatever it is – hopefully it is with the understanding and of course the knowledge of us old wise owls that we do things because we understand that we are not like we used to be and we care for ourselves more…

PS… however, nice this may seem to some I so understand why we do naughty things that we shouldn’t …. ahemmm… moving on…..

images (62) SHit how did this picture sneak onto this page… damn it


Well, No, we are wrong, when we think we are smarter because seriously speaking is that smart or is that stupid at our age? Again, somehow I think I may regret this post and trash it all because I am not that smart myself… moving bloody well, ON!!!!!!


This started so well, damn it!!!!

Wait till you read my exit it’s a RIPPER!!!


Blame Madonna, if she can do it…well, you all know the rest..keep reading….rolling my own eyes..not his mine…damn it!!!10606288_10152609163248863_6048585255215557283_n

Our neglect of saying thank you towards each other our neglect of telling each other how we really feel, think, how we really are as being every day, we tend to say, do and act terribly including me.  I feel that our desires, our intermate needs, our continuing take it regardless of that person’s feelings or understandings we all tend to ignore the unhealthy and go for what we think is healthy for us…6a01156f371ca6970c0191043a7e26970c-320wi

We are an extreme race that desires so much but, never really stops to admire it for what it is … we think we do but we all stay silent in case we say too much, expect too much, to the point of thinking we will be labeled a certain way.

So, we say nothing, we act like we have no comment or want, desire or need from another all because of what we may look like or is it because we may look like someone that cares too much, too little or not at all?

I sometimes wonder why we exist?


So, my point is…. shit what was my bloody point?????

We want to help others but, we are scared or tired that another person says they understand but, do they?

So what do we do? We go why do I bother right, why do I care, what’s it worth all because they didn’t listen to you?

So many things we require but, seldom really give a crap!!!

However, we winge, moan and blame another because the eyes are open but the ears are closed… right?

  • We won’t comment because we are scared ? of what?
  • We won’t make a decision on something we like but, we make one by not being present or we deflect our blame onto another to make ourselves feel better about ourselves all because of what?

We have bills everyday so what do we do?

  • Do we pay them?

  • Ignore them?

  • Blame the person down the street for not paying them?

  • We winge, moan about things but, do we do anything about them?

  • We tell it, Yell about it, yet we still never do something ourselves about anything!

  • We will tell someone about how we feel, however, will we listen to good advise, Hell NO!!

  • We are never happy, we are never doing something good for ourselves and those that are living with us or near us… yet we blame them for our own failures !!!


GOD, I am still on my mighty horse telling you all how to do something that I will never well, I will try, at some stage, when… oh fuck it never mind.. keep reading shit, crap, poo…. bugger…. shit..oh i said that…moving alongggggggggg..

Or do we pay them and go without..?

Do we say thank you?

Do we say on a daily basis I love you, do we make each other feel valued?

Do we tell each other how much we are fuck up and then the very next day do we say I am sorry?

Shit, STOP!!!!!!!!

Be nice to one another, stop bullying, stop shoving, stop yelling, stop slapping, stop blaming each other for something your too lazy to do yourselves……

I am so tired of this story over and over and over….  lead by example if you want things to change and change…. don’t expect another person to carry your shit.. when you can’t do it yourself!!!

Life is about living and growing and loving and paying bills and going without and taking too much and living too much and over extreme and greed and loving someone too much and not loving them enough and wanting more and more and more…

Until one day there isn’t any more to give…. then what?

My suggestion is this…

  • So, start loving one another
  • Start listening to one another
  • Stop doing what you’re doing because it isn’t working
  • Start living, loving, understanding, and get that head that seems to be stuck in the ground out and live a bit… without all this shit…
  • If you want to be loved then go for it… stop waiting to be asked!!
  • Take risks!!!
  • Live a bit and do something you wouldn’t need to do
  • Let go of your past
  • Love yourself and love those that deserve to be loved
  • Stop not listening and Start listening and then do something instead of not doing anything!!!
  • You want to either help people or you don’t?
  • You want people to listen but your silent!
  • Open your eyes and then open your mouth… say something…anything … however, always say it in a positive frame or shut the fuck up!!!!

Negative thought will hinder, lame, make you sick and do all those horrible things to your body and your mind…. try something better that works….

And stick to it… STOP giving up and STICK TO IT!!!

I am not saying i am better I am saying we are all the same … it is time to change for the better and start being present to yourself and those you want in your life..

If not.. see that door… get the fuck out and stay out……got it??? GOOD!!!

Including me!!!

Wow, thank god this post is finished that was difficult now where is my mully pipe… and where is my booze……. tick, ……. laxtex … tick, gimp mask, cuffs, where are my cuffs……. oh there it is….

bless ya…..

see ya going to have sex with two men okay perhaps only one… however,… don’t mind me….

see ya later when your legs are str8er……

what can I say… I am still young, stupid, however, I do try everyday trust me I really do…

Motto of this rubbish is live your life and be you, no matter what another does it really isnt there business.

Life is hard and there will be great days , shit days, amazing days, epic days, it does matter how you live your life, who you love, how you love, so who gives a shit who others think you are… you are YOU SO DO YASELF A FAVOUR LOVE YOU xxx


Candii (wink)  xx & BTW if I did any of that shit above I wouldn’t tell you xxx


End of noise 🤩🙄😎🤗😍


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