What are Nostalgic Moments?

This is about memories of our past and what once made us happy

Well, there is many things we have from the moment we are born till the moment we die, however, those moments that you once held so dear are called friendships and loyalty a brotherhood made up of old school friends or moments of neighbourhood knock-around mates that most hang with.

Whichever, your moments are very proud moments especially around males who bond so beautifully once upon a time many, many years ago…

Time can either stay with you or perhaps leave your memories, however, we do tend to hold on to somethings hopefully only those things that make us happy and make us smile.

Memories of happy times of friendships based on many factors mainly love, loyalty, honesty even funny enough challenging moments that made us be the people we are today and some not so…

We are drawn to what we only know however our memories of what was are significant to the point of remembering only the good times and letting go of the bad times.

This is how we learn as we get older just remember though you are your own reference point so let the shit go and hold onto the good stuff because that is the only part we should reflect on.

We are what we only know and that is okay we can be a tad quick at times to be a little cynical but, it is what it is and we are what we are I guess.

Remember, it is okay to revisit moments from times past or people that are no longer part of your life currently we are only human and we have the right at any time of our lives to say, “time out”, this isn’t working for me, I need my time to myself!

I get that, totally!

Life is too short so lick that damn spoon, especially if it tastes good, ha!

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