My Stupid Journey……. here is my take on it!!!!

Dear Assholes,

Thank you for taking me on your stupid journey of no-where… keep reading I am pissed off at the lot of you…

Why the bloody hell do people put people in a bloody hard and difficult position in life to provide what type of damn point?

What is the point of doing what you did in the first place when you both knew that it was stupid and selfish and so many bloody reasons I could yell and scream at both stupid ASSES for being so damn selfish and rude and obnoxious!!!

So, angry but, more so damn sad, I could cry my eyes out…. that is how I really feel my feelings so damn hurt, my heart so damn hurt and my entire body and soul so damn hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Ego”, well, let me tell you what how many egos was used !!!!!!

So, here I am being labeled, being blamed being left on the bloody shelf all because of two stupid dumb twits (cum quatts) that think they are so damn smart by shape-shifting “bullshit crap”.

Now, I have got that out of my body, I want to tell you how I feel about it..

“Firstly, thank you”, and WTF???

“Secondly, why didn’t anyone tell me how they feel”?

“Thirdly, NO MORE Thirdly”!!!

The aftermath of these things are not what I would call great well at least for me I have been through enough bullshit to last me a lifetime and I can tell you it’s a long life to go through a lot of what I went through.

However, I miss everything, I miss each weekend and how it made me feel, I miss that beautiful journey that “may be true or maybe not bloody true”.

I think this is unfair for everyone involved and I think about it a lot and mostly I don’t sleep and I don’t know what else to say to be perfectly honest!!

I hate arguing with my husband, I hate not talking to my closest friends and I hate that we went down this segment in our lives all because of what??

It isn’t fair and I really am very unhappy and I hope someone understands that this may not make any sense to anyone but, all I can say is I miss me being me…

Now I have to be something else… miserable…

I am now dreaming of a boat that I will purchase and live on and make my money on… without anyone but, me… goodbye selfish twitts

The boat below will be my winnings in lotto… and you can all go fuck yourselves hehehehe (not funny)



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