Friends, EMERNIES, Mates, and God whatever….floats your boat in this bloody heat!!!

I often surprise myself not that often but, often at times I like to see that I am only human after all a little on the “Blinded side” but, definitely human.

Here is my Winge – get over it and grow up people… plus, respect your elders btw… I am older and a little bit better than most dumb quarts (that was unkind this has now been removed) out there… ok maybe not but, I am TODAY!!

As you can see some like the heat and some DON’T

I would rather be friends with people then lose them to idle crap like let’s see an argument about mums, or perhaps an over baring friend that perhaps demands her way or the highway with saying or perhaps stating, I can only be friends with you because, or you have to do it this way because… it would be nice if people accepted people with their good side and not so good side however, we have today demands and rude language all because of who said what to whom!!!

or we have people who think for some stupid reason that because I am a girl and for whatever reason other than me being a girl who only looks one sided all because of me being a girl?!

Confused, well join the friggin club of Nutz ville…

Then we have men who for some bloody reason I cannot be friends with this male mate all because “stuffed if I know” or perhaps I may look funny?

Why do people make it so difficult to be normal in this world that demands so damn much it makes you wonder with all the demands and rules in this wonderful life you would think everyone would be bloody happy!!!

Your all a bunch of Loonies.. toonies.

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