Get Excited, Cause It’s Time to Make F*cking a Priority

Get Excited, Cause It’s Time to Make F*cking a Priority

  1. Do you make time for important things like chores, social obligations, and work priorities?
  2. What about other important things like sex?
  3. We don’t mean obligatory copulation, but fun, freaky, exciting and hot Hot HOT sex?

For many single folks, settling down into a healthy and comfortable relationship is a fantasy worth having.

But for many couples, once the passion has cooled, and daily life shifts priorities away from the bedroom, it is easy to fall into a ‘couple bubble’ and forget to make time for love-making.

Do your relationship a favor and put fucking on the to-do list. Actually, put it at the top of the list! You’ll feel more relaxed, more in love from a nice big burst of endorphins after orgasm.

Although being close to your partner, curbing tension, and being kind to your heart are all fine reasons to have sex, you don’t need to overthink it, just get to business!

Make a plan. Or wing it when you get a moment. But whatever you do, just fuck for fuck sake!


Make More Time for Couples Sex!

For many single folks, settling down into a healthy and comfortable relationship is a fantasy worth having.

But for many couples, once hot passion has cooled, and daily life shifts priorities away from the bedroom.

It’s easy to fall into a ‘couple bubble’ and forget to make time for love-making.

Never worry, we have a few ideas for that!

Sexual Behavior and You

How people relate to their sexual pleasure will vary from person to person.

The one constant, however, is the chemical dance that exists within us all when our bodies experience that wonderful sensation known as arousal.

Arousal is a biological reaction to sensual stimuli.

These stimuli can be visual, oral, touching, or hearing something sexy, like a whisper in the ear, or a Barry White song.

When it comes to arousal, people just like a variety of stimulants, not only one.

What you like will not always dictate your sexual behavior, but understanding what feels good can help increase gratification.

Aphrodisiacs: A Chemical Love Story

The idea behind all aphrodisiacs is that by ingesting certain foods, people will feel more excited, in love, and most importantly aroused.

Ahead we’re going to cover some tried and true aphrodisiacs and why they work.

Here are a few of our favorites:


Chocolate contains phenylethylamine – an inducer of a naturally occurring ‘happy chemicals’ that can improve mood.

Plus there is medical evidence behind the placebo effect of chocolate on arousal. Not to mention, chocolate is a great addition to foreplay.


A recent study from the Smell and Taste Treatment Research Foundation in Chicago found that the combination of lavender and pumpkin pie elicited the most significant arousal response from men, with a nearly 40% increase of blood to an erection.


Capsaicin stimulates the nerve endings of the tongue and activates a release of epinephrine, aka adrenaline, which can rev up the intensity level during a sexual situation.

Benefits of Sex with Toys

Couples that use sex toys during foreplay and sex actually find they have an easier job giving direction, which is great new since communication is the bedrock to rocking your bed.

Such a wide variety of toys also gives people options to explore what sensations feel the best.

Plus, enjoying sex toys with a partner can do wonders for building sexual confidence since so many toys enhance the experience, often for both people.

Right Tool for the Job

Did you know that the vibrator was the 5th electronic device approved for home use? It’s wonderfully true!

Before that women had to go to a doctor at a ‘health spa,’ but the demand was so high that the home vibrator came to be.

The rest is history!

Now, women and men can find the best sex toy for the job from dildosclit stimulatorsG-spot stimulatorsvibrating plugs and so much more!

Sex Toys for Couples

Stimulating your genital areas doesn’t need to be a solo sport, it can be a team effort. Some toys are even designed to rev up foreplay or enhance the act altogether.

Couples vibrators are a perfect accompaniment to regular sexual activity and can bring some incredible new sensations and pleasures into the routine.

Some toys, like the Womanizer Premium or the Picobong Transformer, can be used to stimulate many sensual areas of the body.

Couples can use these toys to explore ways to enjoy touch and add a whole new element to sex, including helping women come to climax.

Toys also solve a very practical problem for couples, making the most out of the time they can find for sex.

Since not having the time is often an excuse couples have for not having sex, toys not only add exciting variety but can also speed up orgasm, so couples can enjoy a little quality when they don’t have the time for quantity.

Best Sex Toys for Couples Who Like Adventure

Sexessories, are fun accouterments that can heighten the intensity level of sex and thanks to pop culture phenomenon like Fifty Shades of Grey, whips, chains, and blindfolds are growing in popularity and acceptance.

Couples who play together stay together and fetish play is a fun way to introduce some exciting stimuli to foreplay.

Couples therapists even find that sexual play among couples positively affects other parts of the relationship, especially communication.

Try a little trust-building bondage. Talk with your partner, explore the possibilities, and come up with a fun safe word!

cock-rings are designed with body-friendly materials, can aid or intensify an erection, and apply some pretty direct vibrating stimulation to the clitoris.

Anal toys like the Njoy Pure Plug is a great choice for couples who want to add something new and exciting to the old routine.

Not only can both women and men enjoy sex with toys, but anal play is an incredible sexual enhancer, stimulating either the prostate or by offering a mind-blowing filled sensation for partners who use an anal toy during vaginal intercourse.

Not Feeling Sexual? Call the Doctor

Getting in the mood is a natural, biological reaction in the human body. However, this process can go haywire, and that affects hay-rolling.

A nosedive in sex-drive can be associated with:

  • A psychological condition like depression or anxiety
  • Getting older (testosterone and estrogen don’t stick around forever)
  • Stress
  • Too much alcohol
  • Medication side-effects
  • Erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness

Your MD will want to know if you have a drop in sex drive because it is often a symptom of something else, and some medical intervention can put you right back on track.

Plus a doctor can make sure you are healthy enough for sexual activity.

If you are struggling with chronic illness or dealing with medication-induced dispassion, you’re among allies!

This excellent article from covers the topic and can give you some ideas on how to cope.

There is hope, we promise!

Fuck it, Just Do It, LIVE

Did you know that a majority of people find improvised sex to be extra exhilarating?

  • OK, there may be one or two places that are not ideal for spontaneous sex.

After all, public indecency is against the law, but private indecency isn’t.

The deed is not reserved only for under the sheets.

Getting frisky at the moment can be a fun and exciting way to amp up the intensity of the moment and can be done in the safety and privacy of the home, or hotel room.

Find new positions, inspired by the natural kingdom. Have sex in the water, grass, sunshine, moonlight, or snow.

Work with the moments you have for sex, even if they aren’t ideal. The both of you can benefit significantly from discovering these moments together and adding a little variety.

Hopefully, we’ve given you some great ideas and motivations that will boost your sex life a little or a lot.

At the end of the day, when you’re in bed with you or your special someone, we hope you’ll think about what we talked about here. The rest is up to you!

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