Life does not come with Guarantees…

Well, if Life came with a user guide or guarantee we all would understand human nature right, wrong!

or perhaps work out how to operate a Smart TV… mmmm, tricky, right!

Why so scared of being authentic to your partner when you know they adore you and share the same ideas, thoughts, openness, and love.. if trust and all those favorites are existing then why are some still stuck on believing each others word?

  • Is it that hard or unbelievable that perhaps your spouse or partner actually is honest, open, has your back?
  • Or would you prefer that your fears do come true and finally be who you really are?
  • Maybe you’re not ready, maybe your life will stop within an instant because if you trust, or open up your life will cease to exist!!!
  • And maybe an alien ship will land on your house and suck out your brains, right? NOT!!
  • What makes you so important that you expect a guarantee or perhaps a validation before your partner?

Be careful of your own needs that they do not become a priority over another that isn’t fair nor is it wise to do this … why? well, you could lose something more precious than the expectation of self… you could lose an opportunity to live a great life and allow yourself that luxury to open your life up and be authentic to one another…

Stop expecting and Start Growing in your journey…

A guarantee or a validation of a set and setting well you might get that however, why on earth would we all want a guarantee in life …. isn’t life about experiences, curiosity, most of all trusting and the hope of all those lovely emotions that we all know to exist within us we, however, do not need a guarantee unless you purchase a TV, Video, perhaps a mobile phone, fridge etc… not an emotion that you know already exists.

I am a female and even I wouldn’t expect a person to guarantee me anything plus, my personality is about trusting the given word and perhaps my gut and obviously my journey that I am on with myself firstly, and my husband.

The guarantee we give each other is love, trust with time and understanding, communication, perhaps even if we are lacking honesty we guarantee one another once we take an oath in a marriage that is a definite guarantee .. however, not in some marriages but, we can only try our best to do our best.

I seem to have no expectations I never really thought about it… do you think not having expectations…

  1. Limits our experiences?
  2. Should we have expectations of the unexpected or the expected?
  3. Perhaps we should expect the sun to rise and go down at night… YES, that is a given 🙂

So, is it a guarantee that we expect or is it a hope that we trust our journey and those that are on it to honor it and be the best you can be without the bullshit…

What is it that would satisfy everyone’s needs if you knew that you would be safe from criticism, nasty name-calling, perhaps you’re worried what others think of you as a person?

Remember we are only human and even though we trust and love ourselves and those that are our loved ones sometimes it would be nice to be able to live our lives with those that we started our journey with?

If that is too difficult then I really do not understand why people exisit in a world full of beautiful places, people, experiences… because frankly in my mind that is not living a full life and that to me is a wasted gift having the ability to grow and not allowing yourself or others that want to grow with you..

We cannot guarantee anything but, we can hope and trust that is the best option in life and give ourselves credit for doing so….

So, what do we do to move forward in our journey, be present, be honest, no bullshit, no lies, and say how you really feel without feeling like your going to the guillotine.

I am as honest as I know and I will feel your denial if you aren’t so why deny anything when you know all I have to do to make this easy on you is to find that person in your office under the desk with the candlestick and say to him, your it, it’s your turn to hid and seek (btw can you not make this a 3 year game… joking.. or am I?)


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