I am sure I am ADHD or ADD or whatever!!

I think I get a little bored after a while and start stalking people because I have either a couple of issues which are the following:

  • I am either ADD
  • ADHD (a friend of mine said that means Absent Dad Happy Dad?)
  • I need a real job
  • I probably need to have sex (go figure)
  • I am a problem child? No! Really?
  • I need to get therapy?
  • I might need to be committed however, I have this theory if I do I may get swamped with deviate men? Yup, that would happen!
  • I need to do sport, gym, go for a funny run maybe?
  • I need therapy oh I said that already Damn it!
  • My husband needs to give me more time (nahhhhh)
  • I need a hobby? blogging?
  • I need to complete my counseling course? No really?

Okay, I am not perfect however, I am funny? Okay, I am not funny either….

Oh, well, back to Ebay selling my lingerie because my husband is an ASS, love you baby 🙂




Categories: Owner of The Candii Club

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