Emma… just because…

I spent a moment with a beautiful soul she gives without asking she listens without receiving she sits and smiles and laughs while still being present by being.

Many people we meet in this life but, we seldom see a true spirit we tend to discount those spirits that just want to help mainly because they expect nothing in return but, your presents.

We should never leave them alone because those true souls save us silently by being there without asking, without requiring, without ever saying once from you that they would never expect back.

A true soul-like-minded-spirit is everywhere they are your fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, cousins, children, friends, those spirits are people who expect nothing but, will give you everything without asking a thing from you.

It isn’t a fable it is actual, it isn’t a perfect imagine it is a person that loves, without expressing but, expresses without asking…

This is for those that understand what they are here to help and mend and give them what others cannot do and for that Emma, I thank you.

And, I am here for you too…


What is she?

She is a Nurse :

She is a friend

She is a Sister

She is a daughter

She is a person

She is a giver..

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