Forgiveness is a worthy lesson in one’s life

I am thinking how to explain this pattern of behaviour simply, however, life and our mindset and beliefs are hard-wired so severely that we end up going back so drastically to what we originally believed.

So, what does that sentence mean above well simply and nothing in this life is ever simple to let me tell you is all about behaviours, people who lift you rather than drop you it is so easy for human behaviour to sink before we swim but, we tend to discount our own beliefs and make them never achievable.

Let me tell you if you surround yourself with a negative mindset personality then you will with no hesitation sink deep and dark!

We are not superhuman we are just human we must understand that life is about living and learning and growing and understanding and accepting ourselves firstly.

If you wish to understand a positive mind you need to believe that it is possible because if you think and believe it isn’t then it won’t become!

A strong person isn’t a vicious person it is not a person that seeks (taking of one’s soul) , nor a person that wants something from you, a person that believes in you is a person that seals their lips and listens not to each word but, to each part that means something.

Its about a persons emotional feeling of belief, not a person that takes and uses your belief both very different and both very loud

However, only 1 is toxic

which one is it?

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