Oh, baby one more time…

I believe in many beautiful things that life has to offer us

I believe in myself and that I try every day to be a better person than I was yesterday.

I believe in love and loving someone so much that it hurts your soul when you know that another person isn’t doing that well.

I believe that friendship is based on many levels of loving, trust, communication and we try so hard to work on these principles but, at times it does get very difficult.

I believe in my husband and how hard he tries and I do believe that he is in need of help himself.. and it isn’t about me anymore.. it is, however, about him

I believe that when I see my beautiful husband hurting trying to do so well in his life all I want to do it help him back but, for some reason you get so tongue-tied in trying that those words are the most heart ripping emotionally draining and simply the easiest but, most difficult all because of stories that justify ourselves.

That above paragraph may make no sense to anyone but to me and my partner its just simply sad to put any words that mean that simply, I love you!

I just wanted to say that I try my hardest and sometimes I fail and most days I fail again we all do in our relationships.. but, when I see something that is hurting us as a couple well I have to put it out there..

Because I love him and care so damn much and I won’t stop either.

I have been doing pretty well and at times I stuff up but, I am not the only one that is suffering here… we both are and we need someone to help us get better.

I want my life back I want our lives back I want him to stop doing what he has always done and been REAL…

I cannot move forward and grow with not at least trying to help us … if it’s not together then that is fine I will survive.

He will survive…

But, I won’t allow us to die without knowing that we can be friends after it has been exhorted by loving, trust, communication and much hopeful help…

Help us heal I trust us but, I cannot do this alone anymore… I need your help!

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