Learning a new Language is like Re-wiring your thinking…

Imagine learning something for the very first time like a new language now that is exciting in anyone that likes to learn something but, for me I was doing it for myself and my dad who I adore.

So, of course, I wanted him to say, Wow, that is amazing, you said it so well..

Instead, he didn’t say that he asked me to repeat it…

For example, I remember when I was young and I said to my father who is Italian, Dad guesses what I learned today, my dad said what did you learn, skin.

He called me skin because I was like his skin and bone…lol

Anyway, I said, I learned to say hello in Italian!
He said, really?

Okay, let me hear it!

So I said, Come Sta’ 

After the 4th time I got annoyed, why do you think I got annoyed?

I then got frustrated

because I thought he knew I was saying it… by the time I finished I ran away sobbing my eyes out…

So, the motto of this story is this….

To understand what something means … doesn’t mean you can say it fluently…

To listen to your father he isn’t saying your not good he is saying you can say it better…

However, when you don’t understand what a person is saying to you .. don’t assume it is the worst because it could be that they are actually trying to get you to understand it, say it better, clearer, so that person you say Hello too … doesn’t say .. what did you just say?





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