Monday’s is Salad day

Recipe to follow

This was made by me I decided to do my own ingredients because when I purchase a Potato salad I am left feeling like there is not enough sauce, not enough parsley, not enough bacon and NO EGGS OMG???

However, even though I made this it isn’t the same when someone makes a dish for you why do you think that is?

Well, because you have no idea what the dish tastes like it is like diving in the deep side of the pool and discovering many exciting and terrifying things…

So, because I do know what and how it tasted I was like hmm, I can do better next time!!

This is how I prepared my potatoes…as follows

Starchy Potatoes and those gourmet small potatoes if you wish to make sure when you cook both that the bigger starchy ones are more firm to eat because basically, the potatoes do keep on cooking…

Now hold that thought for a moment!!

I cooked two pots the smaller ones I cooked until they were nearly mash bit like smashed potatoes..

The bigger ones I cooked where you can prong them with a fork but, you know that they won’t fall apart like the smaller potatoes.

Now once cooked drain them into a colander and run cold water from that tap over them for a few seconds and let them sit in the bowl that you’re using like I did below.

They will cool down as you add ingredients…

Once you do that you do the same to the smaller potatoes and you drain them but, you make sure they are a little overcooked.

Now, this is if you want to make two different types of potatoes it kind of gives you a bit of a balance and by putting the firmer ones on the bottom of the bowl they will firmly hold and also cook as you are preparing and adding it your dish.



What will you need to make this dish?


  • 1 small packet of good quality bacon (6 rashes diced or slithered)
  • 8 quality waxy Potatoes (diced to your desire)
  • 2 small teaspoons of chilli (if hotter then add more)
  • Parsley fresh
  • Spring onions diced
  • Eggs 4 to 6 boiled to hard
  • 1 large Onion
  • 1 thinnly spiced and sparced into the dish later while preparing Red Onion
  • Salt and Pepper throughout
  • Make your Mayonaise or purchase Praise Mayonaise 
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Red Capsicum
  • Caramelised Onion Balsamic dressing


Firstly while your potatoes are boiling and your eggs are separately boiling this is an opportune time to prepare your bacon, onion, chilli and oil dressing.

I use a small wok, with a little bit of Olive oil pure, add a bit of fresh chilli if you desire this and your diced onion, while cooking add in the bacon and cook until brown and you should see it start to caramelised nicely.

Always taste your dish if you need salt to add it if you think you require more chilli then add that…as well 🙂

Make sure your potatoes are not boiling to a mashed up mess so make sure you watch that boiling temperature !!!

While your onions are frying lovely once you are happy that both are cooked add a splash of Balsamic Cameralised Onion Dressing into the wok and it will go a nice dark colour and of course taste it!

Once cooked take your wok off the stove and allow it to cool…

Then layer your plate each time you layer your levels add your Balsamic Onion, Bacon nicely by using a large spoon and mix together your yoghurt and mayonnaise by splashing it over your layers adding salt and pepper throughout each layer.

Then once finished please as you have yoghurt over your layers it must go back into the fridge to set…

And Bon Appetite!

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