TMI Tuesday – Do Your Thang


TMI Tuesday – Do Your Thang

by Fran

Do your thang! TMI Tuesday.

1. Who has the tendency to hold a grudge–you or you’re significant other?  


Both, we both seem to hold it against each other until both are accountable

2. The last time you had sex, was it meaningful (making love) or trivial (getting a much-needed fuck)?  

Can’t really recall it has been over 3 to 4 weeks now not that I am counting must be something in the air.. go figure…

3. Do you have sex with your eyes open or closed? 

Does it matter?

4. When arguing with a loved one, who is most likely to “hit below the belt*” first?

My husband is very clever at it however, I do give it my best no-ones perfect

5. Has sex with your best friend a dream come true or the worst nightmare? 

Hmm, Friends with benefits it all depends on the friend and how they see things who knows.. for me… I prefer less talk more action… everything to me has already been written so be brave and do it and see where the cards land..


BonusShare with us your best tip for making your online dating profile standout.

Naked… just do it naked


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  1. Naked isn’t always the best sex ❤😈

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