Live out of the BOX?

Society has this square life that seems like everyone is living, breathing, and acting like bloody robots..

Where are the normal down to earth people that have the same damn personality like us.. okay more so but bigger than us??

Jack Collins and his furious non-talker of a midget stuffed bear seem to see more places than I have seen since Jack and Jill feel down a damn well!!

So, new friend Jack Hell yes, going out these days is so inept it’s like looking around at men that stare at a 50-year-old chick like she has just walked out the zoo and escaped??

And trust me, that is a tad bit sad if my ass is that amazing to look at this old dude or the same age as me with his 3 stupid mates staring and the middle doosh took a pic.. I was like WTF, seriously, I felt like every time I walk in with high heels and jeans or a dress its like WOW, check out the urban myth that entered the building seriously creepy!!!

I don’t mind people looking but, don’t be so damn rude…

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  1. Both Marmy and I like tall heels and cute ass. But we don’t stare, much. ❤❤❤😎

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