Coyote Ugly – love it!!!

Question time: Yes or No

Would you go to a BAR LIKE THIS in your city?

And if you’re brave WHY?



I will tell you why I adore this idea of a bar in your local community – it gives a new idea of how it should be girls being girls and boys being boys.

To be perfectly honest no-one has to take their clothes off if they don’t want to either but, never say never, I believe in an amazing experience with talented, strong, empowered women having a damn good time.

And frankly, what the hell not… this is my dream job owning and running something exactly like this… in my own city….

My thought is to hire talented people who want to get ahead in their lives and have a damn good time.. just a thought

Just so you know.. This little fellow I recall a long time before marriage, of course, a boy who looked and acted just like this cheeky fella, that is why I like this scene…

There is one thing I am very aware of when it comes to us ladies we like what we like and we will get what we like… never think a female isn’t aware of her surroundings fellas, we are and we do it because we want to do it…

Just be aware that most women that understand their own self know exactly why they like what they like… Amen to those that get it…..


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  1. LOVE this movie!!! It would be a blast to go to a bar like this! 🙂

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