TMI Tuesday: November 20, 2018

Spill! It’s time for another TMI Tuesday.


1. Who in your life do you wish you’d met sooner?

My Husband, maybe I say this because I do believe we met each other at the right age… I have told him many times that if I did meet his ego before 31 years I may not have liked him…

2. Who in your life do you wish you’d never met? Why?

Well, I won’t say this because I do have my own opinion on who this would be… but, we must never regret always say everything is a lesson in life.

3. What personality trait or description that others attribute to you do you hate?

Hate is an awful word let’s not use this

4. If you have children, do you want them to be just like you?

Absolutely not!!

My son which he will detest me using “my son”, he is just perfect the way he is.. living his own life just the way he wishes too.

5. What have you given up but yet used to love?

Oh, what a question, many, many things my son was one of them… I wish I didn’t but, life is definitely a learning curb indeed, I let him go to have a better life and I think deep down if I was selfish I wouldn’t have (that is my biggest regrets of being selfish if I didn’t give him up)

One day I will explain that too you sweetheart.


Bonus: Why do people say “heads up” when you should duck?

Funny 80’s expression of life….. I guess.. or a duck is flying low lol

Why Moms Are Important too us…

Hi Candii here,

Let me tell you something about MUMs…….. my mum and your mum…..

I want to tell you why your mother is important to you girls….and boys….

Let’s talk about how wonderful my mother was to me yes.. I said, and will repeat these words again… My mother is and was important to me because she loved me….

Hard to imagine a mother that has your back no matter what right?

Hard to imagine that even when you think they are wrong they really deep down are not because frankly they are trying to teach you something … in life that you will remember when you are older…


They say things that you may not like.. but, when you have time to stop the anger, rage inside you that really has nothing to do with her.. It’s because when you break it all down she truly cares for you and if you have children then of course she will care just as much for them as well.. because she is pure love…

We live in a very selfish lifestyle and we forget what our mothers give us sometimes its meals, to fill our stomachs, medicine to help us heal, money to help us feed out own children… but what do we give back to them??

Sometimes we forget how strong and beautiful they truly are?

Sometimes they get angry because they care for those that they have brought into this beautiful world and they care because that is what they were born for…

Never ever think for one moment girls/boys that mothers are the back bone of your families, they care, worry, shake their heads in disagreeing with you.. showing you emotions that most would never do… think about that for a moment…

  • We tend to be hard on our dearest moms.. why?
  • We tend to get angry at them because you think the do not understand you… why?
  • We tend to say things that will hurt them so I am asking why??


Do you think for one moment that mothers do things, say things, yell at you for no reasons because they don’t care???

Many of us feel that our dear mothers are the worst in the world… but, I disagree, totally, I believe my mother can and will be the best, worst and fearless person in this world and that is something I am very proud of how she is….

I love my mother more than I give her credit for, I love her strength, her courageous., I love her funny strange ways that even I have to shake my head and smile from time to time.. but, I do love that women….. because she is the most beautiful human being that I know would fight for me if I needed her too.. because my mother has so much love that when she gets angry at me.. she is angry because she LOVE ME!!!! her love is full of anger, love, devotion, emotions us kids never will understand.. but, she is the ONLY person on this earth that will love you forever and ever and ever…. Remember that next time you argue with your MUM… and love her anyway… because she does it because she is your MOM..

Thank you mum, and I do love you too Franny xxx 

My love for my son is more to me than life itself…. and that is yet to be written, however, there are somethings that I would rather say to him then write to him……
So always know my son… that I do love you, care for you and adore you until the day I die.. and I too have sacrificed my entire life for you to LIVE a Life with so much Love…
And I would do it all over again and again and again… and that my boy is your mum… Enjoy your life my talented man you deserve every bit of happiness.. without fear, worry, guilt, remember our children are only loaned to us… for a short time… it is up to them that we have to sometimes let go and see if they can… if not we will always be here to catch them when they fall.. love you always, your mum xxx

Sorry well its been 15 years so I had my rant….


The very last time I saw you .. at Counsellors you where 12 years old I bought you a pair of sneakers that came from Singapore Heelies I believe



Ps… keep reading… girls….


Here are some quotes from famous people about their mothers


All hail the new wave of A-list mum’s – the women who aren’t sugar coating the complexities of motherhood, instead expressing exactly how they feel – be it good or bad.

Here are  the most empowering quotes by celebrity moms who aren’t shying away from the truth about motherhood. We need to have a play-date and a cocktail with these women…

1) Reese Witherspoon
 (mum to daughter Ava and sons Deacon and Tennesse)
‘No one’s really doing it perfectly, I just think you love your kids with your whole heart, and you do the best you possibly can.’

2) Drew Barrymore (mum to daughters Olive and Frankie)
‘My favourite thing about being a mom is just what a better person it makes you on a daily basis. Every morning when I wake her up, the endgame is, “Can I get her to smile?” And that puts me in a good mood. It’s definitely a different way to live – and a much better one.’



3) Kate Beckinsale (mum to daughter Lily)
‘I have found being a mother has made me emotionally raw in many situations. Your heart is beating outside your body when you have a baby.’

4) Gwyneth Paltrow (mum to daughter Apple and son Moses)
‘I never understand why mothers judge other mothers, like, “What do you mean you didn’t breastfeed? What do you mean you didn’t do this?” It’s like, “Can’t we all just be on each other’s side?”’


5) Sienna Miller (mother to daughter Marlowe)
‘I was overwhelmed by how normal it felt. It was like, “There you are – that’s what I have been missing.” Like we’re both in on something only we know. An amazing sense of being complicit with a little being.’

6) Victoria Beckham (mum to the Beckham brood: sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz and daughter Harper.)
‘Like so many working mothers all over the world, I feel the constant struggle to be the best mother I can, whilst setting a good example to my children to work hard. I travel for work when it’s necessary, and I miss them all the time when I am away.’


7) Claire Danes (mum to son Cyrus)
‘Being a mom is incredibly challenging but we still feel a pressure to talk about it in very romantic terms. We all have that resentment at times and anxiety about being trapped by the role, that responsibility. And then chemically it can run riot…and there’s no ‘off’ button.

8) Julianne Moore (mum to daughter Liv and son Caleb)
‘It’s not difficult to take care of a child; it’s difficult to do anything else while taking care of a child. Trying to clean up the kitchen after you’ve had a baby is a nightmare.’


9) Kate Winslet (mum to daughter Mia and sons Joe and Bear)
‘There’s something really empowering about going, ‘Hell, I can do this! I can do this all!’ That’s the wonderful thing about mothers, you can because you must, and you just do.’

10) Anne Hathaway (mum to son Jonathon)
‘I’ve wanted to be a mother since I was 16, but I also just knew I wanted to have a career as well.’

11) Kim Kardashian (mum to daughter North and son Saint)
‘It is an adjustment trying to balance a career and motherhood for sure, but the key is to prioritize. You become more selective and work on projects that are so meaningful because you want every other waking moment spent with your family. You have to remember though to make time for yourself.’

12) Gwen Stefani (mum to sons Zuma, Kingston and Apollo)
‘[I wondered] how I would fit [the baby] into my life. Would I be too self-obsessed to be able to care about him enough? I have a really extraordinary life and I obviously have a lot of passion about the things that I do. So I didn’t know if I could be selfless enough. But obviously I can – it’s the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me.’

13) Beyonce (mum to daughter Blue Ivy)
‘I feel more beautiful than I’ve ever felt because I’ve given birth. I have never felt so connected, never felt like I had such a purpose on this earth.’


14) Katherine McBarron – I love my girls so much that they don’t even see how much I do, the reasons I say what I say is because of how much they mean to me.. I wish that they only knew how much that I sacrifice my entire life for those girls… One day I hope they do Katie, because they are your life and that is the only thing you have ever lived for… I hope you girls see this part in this piece and one day open your eyes that mum isn’t as bad as you both seem….. my love to my dearest friend something I thought about…..may put a smile on your face xx


Fran’s thought for today.. Embrace your Life… and Live it…. xxx

Imagine a life that you are so loved and appreciated for who you are it would be perfect right!

Alot of us including me have said alot on here but, I am going to share some fact about what I am about, I love people, love them to bits, I cannot and will not ever understand why people want to be something they are not!

We start our journey when we are born and sometimes it’s bumpy, horrid, happy, amazing, funny, and sometimes there are alot of our past that means so much with amazing memories.


However, I seem to see us all dwell on those times that have given us grief but, we seem to forget those other times that makes us “smile, laugh, giggle, roll around on the ground with fits of laughter”, those precious moments with your family, friends, those moments that where amazing, rediculous and darn right shocking!

I believe this, sometimes we see beauty, love, great amazing moments with loved ones but, those times when we feel so damn sad it breaks our hearts, and stops you in your tracks with dispair.

I should know I felt every, bit of them these last few months however, that noise that once was so loud, horrible that made me want to crawl into fetal position on the ground seem like a dim memory thank god!

As time goes on for me I believe that this feeling I used to feel will pass and hopefully with beautiful thoughts of walking forward will be the best times, well that is what I am hoping for.. and why the Hell not!

I wish I could fix everyone and hopefully with time and understanding maybe those few that I come across I will do my best to help them of course we cannot fix the world even though I once thought in my tiny “big ideas franny” head.

I am just a very simple chick with an open heart that cares alot about people and I share things not to shock you more to open your eyes to possibilities that you may never have thought possible or even thought before about.

It’s not that I want you all to go out there and do all those things I write about its more about awareness of what is out there, what could be something possible without those darn labels, rude remarks and slandours comments some people use when they don’t understand something or are afraid to even possibly think is possible.

We all have a right to live our lives the way we want to.. if that means that I like hanging naked upside down with a pink bikini then I will and if I want to share with you pictures I will…

Laughing, which I don’t and probably more likely wont, but, you get what I am saying I hope..hehe, just live your short beautiful life and a happy, smiling, loving and open mind.

Our minds and our hearts are the breath in our souls..

Remember that… our hearts beat, and our souls live forever….

Enjoy every moment… because before you know it .. it will be gone..


Please read this Message it is addressed to you ALL…. with all my love xx

Today I wanted to share with you my journey however, I have to say I would rather not go back into my past as I feel that I am done with that drama and nothing good comes from my past apart from those who I love family, friends and my husband, oh, sorry our two dogs Bella and Chino..

I believe in good people and when I say good people I mean “family”, you see not everyone has to be of the same blood line it can be great mates who made your life easier and you made theres and then you have wonderful memories of times that have past going overseas seeing beautiful places, having memories of weddings and lovely dinners with friends.

Not everything has to be dark and gloomy.. we all have a past that can or has effected us good, bad and ugly if you wish, you are not responsible for others hurting you, you are not responsible for being bullied, you are not responsible for adult treating children badly

You are only responsible for YOU being happy which can be many forms for play like, walking down the beach with your friends, watching a movie with a close friend or family, laughing at a funny joke, taking a beautiful trip overseas with a loved one.

You see the above are simple but, easy things we all have done or are doing so enjoy this time in your life and be happy for you..

No-one can take your spirit away from you, your mind is a powerful, beautiful thing you should use it and use it wisely in a good way..  in a loving way.. our mind and our hearts are simply full with love and understanding so read those books, watch those romantic movies, take your partners outside and tell them everyday that you love them.

Love is the Key you see, my biggest love in the world is my husband I hope he knows that, never met quite a character who loves, adores and will do pretty much anything for you.. and me.. (you btw means his friends and family..and me of course)

We walk a path each and everyone of us and my thoughts are try to do the best you possibly can because if you don’t the past experiences that has occurred with stop you and disable your entire life going forward.

So, my suggestion is this try and get help (I didn’t and that is probably why I had a few hitches) I came from a age where we didn’t talk such things we where told to brush your dirt off and stand up and start walking.. so I did and it did work.

Help is amazingly good for you, don’t be scared, don’t think badly of it, sometimes it is easier to talk to someone that you do not know so they can give you a more unbiast answer to help you going forward.

I do understand each day can be difficult, I do understand somedays you can hardly breath because something inside you is struggling with each and every breath, but, with help from a Professional it will get better.

They will help you with Mental Health Plans and this will help with talking to those wonderful caring people who devote their life to helping those who cannot help themselves, I have so noticed in the last 6 months there are so many of us, us yes again we who cannot help ourselves must go and get help (ME)

All I ever really wanted to be when I grew up was TWO things.. a Mother with at least 2 children, that was my first dream to be the best I could, I tried, but, obviously not hard enough my trauma of my past was too severe I didnt realise it at the time but, I did what was right.

The second thing was to be either a missionary (I know seriously gosh I so did, or a counsellor) which is exactly what I am aiming for so, let’s cross our or not fingers and I will keep you posted… oh deary me..(sorry had a bit of a giggle)

We cannot go back, re-write the past however, we can go forward and enjoy our lives with the best of our mights and live it with those who want you in their life, love them for all your might and laugh until you cannot laugh anymore..


I am writing this because we are all survivors of our past so please don’t let the past effort your future by being victims..

Love Franny xxx

Remember to do this below.. and live, love and laugh..



Pps.. if you got down this far… the reason I didnt become a missionary I was made to watch a movie that all 3 women died.. it was quite something… I think I was 10 years old.. (trust me I am not giggling but, sounds a bit morbid, however, I do think my parents meant no harm) 🙂

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