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Mindful Sexual E’Trio!

Sure, the idea of having a threesome might seem simple and straightforward, but there are a few things you really need to consider when you’re planning on embarking on the adventure.

Hey, right, do it with her in mind – NOT a male mindset you need to think like us ladies, we know what we like and what we don’t..

Let’s face it we picked you to marry, live with or even we decided with our eyes closed that was a joke 🙂

Choose Your Third Partner Well

Choosing the right threesome partner is a delicate matter – it sure is… bloody hell how hard is it….. seriously … let’s make sex difficult by putting a mans brain into a females brain..hmmm not going to work my friends.. now is it…

Twosome, Threesome, Foursome, no different just more in the bed and the little one said, get a better bed for gods sakes…hehehehe (joking)

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You both need to be comfortable with the third party, whether it is a man or a woman. And although you have to be open-minded, never break your own limits or the rules you and your partner have made up for playing with a third party.

Don’t engage in this practice when you have marital problems.

When things are rocky, bringing someone else into your bed will turn out wrong.

Never presume, nor dictate and always listen to her needs before you put your damn foot in it yet again and yet again….

Oh, yes, stranger danger is a NO, NO……never think for one moment if your partner has ever had perhaps trauma in her/his past be mindful of that and NEVER, ever, do anything that could potentially put her or him in greylands nut house!

Don’t Mix it Up with Porn, and Certainly not with Love

Everything goes smoothly in a porno. In reality, you might have to find the right position or readjust while you “get busy.” What does the other man or woman like? Do you kiss? You have to deal with the fact that body parts can make funny noises you haven’t experienced with your own partner. If anything goes wrong or a position turns out to cause any discomfort, feel free to laugh about it. This will help clear up an awkward moment.

Only in a film do all people love each other dearly. In real life, the third party is mostly for adding an extra dimension to your sex life. Maybe you will learn different styles from the third person.

Attraction is Necessary

You can either choose the man or woman to have sex with your spouse, or let him or her make a choice. Either way, you have to make sure that the third party is acceptable and attractive for the both of you. Don’t force yourself into a situation you’re not comfortable with.

It is sometimes easier for people who all have the same sex to feel attracted to each other. But for a M/F/F or F/M/M it is essential that you all  feel some kind of attraction. Not only because otherwise there might be a lot of pressure on one person to please the other two, but also because of possible feelings of jealousy.

That’s also why during your playtime you should not pair off.

So, considering all these points and if they are done well, threesomes can bring a couple closer together.

It is all about how you look at it… stop searching for answers you will find that the internet is full of good, bad and bloody well hard work..

Plus, the 60’s we didn’t have the internet that is why everything was done at clubs, bars, parties, homes, nothing ever was created without us knowing..

So, put down that computer hardware.. and get some other hardward to share.. 🙂

Candii xxx

What does Love mean to you?

Hi Candii here,

Here I am up early thinking about life and what Love means to people in this world we seem to live in such an era that the internet and people now are very up close and what seems very personal but, there seems to be such an underlining personal agenda of lust.

Have we all lost something within ourselves that we are that empty by looking for another person or idea to Satisify our egos?

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Let’s look at Redhotpie and kasidie 

The two links about are very different but, very similar Redhotpie is a dating service for couples, singles, threesome, gang bangs, swingers, private parties, cockhold, dogging, foursomes, exhibitionist, voyism, roleplay, etc.. it’s a meat market of people who like to socialize with like-minded sexual beings who are all different but, seems to be a simular theme and that to me is very interesting.. I will explain this in a moment while I tell you about Kasidie’s site.


Now Kasidie, is a site that is obviously evolved into a big business for Travelling Swingers, who do the same thing on a bigger scale, this site is about extreme parties all over the world and clubs that are set for sexual desires that will be fulfilled because they have mastered swinging and have gone wild and wet in USA and beyond.

Both interesting, both are similar, so what is it that seems to be very simular?

Okay, so we now live in a world of people who mostly get married and want to be single?  Or is it that we live with a partner love them but, perhaps we as humans require more than just one person?

I really am being very open-minded, I have to be because this is the area of understanding why couples end up at the divorce court and why we all seem very lurid to want more in our sexual life than one person!

I have many questions that I would like to find out by couples that love to swing together do they actually stay together?  I would love to ask them what is it that they like about swinging, group sex, sex parties, and many other factors that are out there while all those good couples stay at home having missionary sex!

I wonder if there is many couples that settled?

I wonder because of settling is that the reason they swing for their own frustration of having someone to go home with that loves them or is it more that it’s comforting within themselves that they can do this by swaying the “other” partner over to the dark side so that person in that marriage is finally satisfied with his/her idea of what compensation is within that person settling?

Or am I looking at this totally wrong?

Can anyone out there in word press world who is in a marriage/relationship tell me what is it that both of you get when attending these parties?

We are such a beautiful race of individuals and I don’t really find any of what people do is any of my business but, I will say I get it to a point of wanting to understand more about it!

I have to complete a sexology in two years and I would love to explore my mind of understanding further to why couples want to swing together.

  • I want to understand what the pros and the cons of it is?
  • And is it real?
  • Is it an excuse to have sex with others but, stay together?
  • Does anyone get hurt? 
  • Is it true that if we stay together we can swing together?

It seems that we have so many hidden sexual fantasies within ourselves, is it that we are evolving into a society that secretly wants to be single and having wild hot sex with others without the marriage, consent, or is it that we have been doing this since time began and really don’t care what others think?

Love to hear your thoughts on my post above?

Do you have the any thoughts on what I said above? Agree? Disagree? think i made it up?

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