What does Love mean to you?

Hi Candii here, Here I am up early thinking about life and what Love means to people in this world we seem to live in such an era that the internet and people now are very up close and what seems very personal but, there seems to be such an underlining personal agenda of lust. … Continue reading What does Love mean to you?


Why do we put labels on sexual roles?

Just because you may classify yourself as a top or bottom, or dom or sub, doesn't mean you can't enjoy a bit of the other during kinky play. Indeed, Fetish.com says if you scrap the labels and switch things up, sex can be a whole lot more enjoyable... The terms “topping” and “bottoming” paint service-oriented sex … Continue reading Why do we put labels on sexual roles?

When In Rome….. we shall do what others do… RIGHT!!!!

Hi Candii here, Now, this is talking my language, however, a fish out of water perhaps but, would I attend these amazing places.. Absolutely, and I would wear something HOT and Rediculously Slutty, with a touch of Classiness... I think it would be the best fun ever ... a bit like diving into the DEEP … Continue reading When In Rome….. we shall do what others do… RIGHT!!!!

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