The Secret Warning Hidden In Your Horoscope, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

TIME IS NOW... ZODIACS.... FOR THOSE 3 THAT ARE STUCK..........Start doing...... and planning and most of all having the best time in your lives.. and for gods sakes believe in yourselves...  I didnt do these below but, they seem pretty good..... continue.... love Candii xxx     ARIES (March 21-April 19) Take a break from … Continue reading The Secret Warning Hidden In Your Horoscope, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


June’s Horoscopes for this month

Your June horoscope is here with a touch of Fashion according to VOGUE... 01 June 2018 Do your stars align this month? It’s the first of the month and you know what that means — the new horoscopes are here and you can finally make plans. Scroll down to see what the stars have in store. … Continue reading June’s Horoscopes for this month


  Mystic Fran here with today's Horoscope BTW see above that is ME I do believe I was crimped by a friend (Lara) it was the 80's and those eye brows.. (wow) don't laugh Katie Kate...hehehe I think I may have been 15 years old... with terrible hair and and aweful eye brows like Brooke … Continue reading TODAY’S HOROSCOPE

Today’s Horoscope say’s it all!!

My star sign is Taurus, how true is mine today I seem to fall back into OLD patterns of my past self which is "When will I be betrayed, why do I feel like I am all alone". Those two statements above are so TOXIC.......   In moving forward if I don't keep reminding myself … Continue reading Today’s Horoscope say’s it all!!


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