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One sided affair

When a couple struggles to communicate while being on a journey you will find that slithers start to appear then cracks then bigger separations starts to be present.

Both start to argue more and then the one that is more determined to make it fail or perhaps seems to appear like that with the other watching it then seems to look different all because of silly insecurities that appear from nowhere at the wrong time.

What seems to occur from nowhere a journey that has changed direction and looks frightening because of uncertainty within themselves.

I might be wrong but we both are behaving weird, angry, and hostile towards each other.

Both of us are to blame in this journey together .. hard work, it is emotionally challenging and bloody awful.


For me I find it soul destroying when my partner and me as well.. I am not a saint… denies his side by being argumentative and his wording is sharper, cutting, bitter, he then starts telling you that your to blame and that he is not to blame and it continues and repeats and repeats until he is happy he’s free one of your presence in the same room.

This all starts with a denial of his own feelings he removes himself away by not committing himself in the journey or he throws all the negative or perhaps its that he is incapable of telling you about how he really feels.

I really don’t know but what it does to me it just saddens me so much that even I remove myself because I feel so alone, rattled, isolated, abandoned by him not being true to himself.

A journey for any couple is about both of them, not just one person carrying both people because that’s just hard work don’t you think?

I’ve seen a lot, felt too much, I’ve cried my eyes out and screamed my lungs out even talked to much to the point that is worn out, tired, made to feel like an idiot fool who should have been present a long time ago but I felt I had to blind myself so we all could understand more… about each other.

It seems that everything these days is harder, more emotional, but similar to that one person again (me) is struggling with bullshit babble that seems to go nowhere.

I have felt so damn confused, concerned, and even my mind is fighting hard to understand what this is all about.

When both are at each others throat, or both are separated by concrete walls i find it difficult to see the true essence of what light we have together and for that snippet of a moment, it tears at my heart so savagely.

Time to rethink because what i thought was what he wanted and me too isnt anymore.

That is clear and confusing because that part little moment of a clear picture feels and most of all the aggression that fumes out of his veins with his closed in walls that are now so hard to even see who or what he wants anymore with me.

We both know it is our journey so why is it full of uncertainty,  it feels like his hole body and soul wants to fight but, for what?

Do as I say not as I do?!

My weekend was tough, emotional,  distant and devastating all because of ignorance, blaming, and that feeling in the pit of your stomach it says to you, loudly that our time could be directing us to a place i never had thought we would go.

Life will test you but, its the heart that loses out in understanding more, however, the toxic mind will fuck you both over if you both don’t tell yourselves listen, stop yelling, start being real with real words, real emotions, and that hearts if us both that is your true ears.

So please be respectful to yourselves, and each other.


Swinging versus Cheating – u decide?

To someone with no knowledge of the swingers lifestyle, swinging and cheating may seem like the same thing. This could not be further from the truth.

To answer the question we must first define what swinging and cheating each are.

Cheating is defined as a betrayal of trust between two individuals where one partner has a sexual encounter without the others knowledge, while swinging is a collective decision made by partners in a committed relationship to engage in sexual activities with others.download (14)

It is well known in lifestyle circles that swinging can strengthen a marriage, especially for couples who have been together for many years where the sex life may have become somewhat “boring”.  Cheating on the other hand can, and most likely will destroy a marriage once the other partner discovers the infidelity.

Swinging became popular
Swingers tend to be couples who are, or have been sexually adventurous at some point in their marriage. This can be role playing, toys in the bedroom etc. Even though a couple may be adventurous, role play and toys will only be exciting for so long. This is one of the reasons swinging has become so popular over the last decade with an explosion of websites dedicated to swingers.love triangle

There is also no end to websites that promote cheating on your spouse. There is something very wrong with this concept because it helps to promote the destruction of marriages. Swinger’s websites, on the other hand, promote a sense of community. Swinger websites bring couples together both online and in the real world. The lifestyle is all about respecting and caring for your partner and trust is the core foundation.

There is no sneaking around behind your partners back looking for sexual gratification.  Swingers don’t participate in the lifestyle to find someone to replace their partner, they are looking to enhance the relationship the already have. That is the appeal of the lifestyle, sexual experiences are shared together creating a stronger bond between the couple.  As with any relationship, communication is the key so remember to keep an open line of dialogue with your partner.images (45)

Adults are like a kid in the Candy Store!

Hey Candii here,

Finding that perfect fit!!

Peoples Journey in life weather your single or married we all are drawn to each other for the greater good which is made up of many reasons this could be, companionship, love, friendships, desire, lust, sex, whatever, it maybe that we want others to be part of us.

Marriage, after years of being together, wanting to reconnect that spark in our eyes, hearts, body, whatever it maybe it is all about connecting with another or others that have the same like as we do in life.

I have noticed as you get older your thoughts, feelings, understand, knowledge does refine with time so you discover that friends come and go or they stay or they either go and come back, you get my drift we are all moving individuals that love our privacy sometimes, then we change our minds and want friendships again we are all different and we all want change.

Get that we all want change!?  How funny!

Many of us never think and stop and go oh, I get it, now , woops!

images (6).jpg

We are a funny mob of people I am not sure that your aware our likes are very simular to our likes when we are younger I guess we become less aware of this and more aware of what is lacking within ourselves or others that you expect to love us regardless of time or age.

What we forget so quickly is our behaviour of more is like a child in a Candy store, funny I say it like that, but, it is true our eyes widen, our smiles are brighter, and when  you see new and beautiful flavours well, it’s a kid you need to hold back cuz, they are going to get to it before anyone else does!!

Living and Loving are simple beautiful and rewarding emotions right!  So, I think if you try something new on something old like yourself or those you love and care about don’t you think that is a better idea than trying something that could possibly hurt you or those you love?

I have researched a few dating sites and let me tell you not so easy being single let alone married, being married even makes you look more popular?? Go Figure!

tumblr_nedx4rc4mo1s0jihho1_400  I did think why and now I understand a little better how we all look for that added spice and I get it… I would even do it myself with of course my hubby however, even I have limitations to my heart, soul and most of all my head space.  I am too much in love with people and how they tick and why and when I guess we all have our own idea of what spice is best to add to our dishes…

Remember couples, singles, my motto is “if it doesnt fit, don’t try and make it fit”


I guess the trick is be true to yourself just because Wendy, Alley, Fred is doing it, doesn’t mean you should or if you like it try it and another one if you want to hear it…. Always try before you buy that is my motto…

Each to their own.. not my business…. so enjoy your life and take the time to work it out, it’s not easy but, for some well, it’s like I said, the Candy store is full of wonderous things if you look for them!

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