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Here is “The Greatest”- “Pick-up-line”

Now, I am not sure if any other girls get this type of message in their “inbox” like I did today…. so here it is.. I must say though NOT BAD!!!!

It’s from Shannon
“Hey there 🙂 I have an unusual request for a man who wants to be a little adventurous. I have an Kama Sutra book that I forgot I had and I figured, “hey, I wonder if I can find someone who would like to practice the different positions until we’ve used them all up”. Let me know if that sounds interesting to you. Hope you can keep up :)”

I have not yet responded, hate to tell him that I am married, however, that is the best line ever… well done!!

It does sound rather worded so it prolly been sent to many thousands of users on dating sites.. not sure I am part of that group?

Go Figure,

Still impressed!

Candii xx


Candii Krush Dating Site – Worldwide

Welcome to the website:

Welcome to the Worldwide Site:logo-preview-04e8a1e8-286d-4b63-a2be-218323193674.jpg


CANDII KRUSH DATING SITE is a part of a major dating network called Dating Factory. Our system combines years of experience in online dating and the latest technology to create safe, enjoyable and easy to use dating websites.

Our main priority is to keep our members happy. Advanced technology and communication features give you instant access to millions of members worldwide and hundreds near to you.

An Advanced search function helps you to find exactly your type of person.

We are constantly adding new features and we would appreciate your feedback about the ones you like the most.

We want you to feel comfortable in our growing dating community, so our experienced team is available 24/7 to provide support, help, and advice on using the site.

Please feel free to Contact us at any time.


What is the difference between a free member and a paid member?

CANDII KRUSH DATING SITE has two types of membership – Free Trial and Gold Members. Gold members can also subscribe to VIP.

Trial members can:

  • create and update their own profiles
  • add or remove pictures and videos to/from their profiles
  • browse the website
  • view other members’ default pictures
  • send and respond to chat requests from VIP users
  • send and receive winks
  • add members to Friends and Blocked
  • update profile settings
  • receive latest matches to the external mailbox

Gold members can:

  • have all the features that Trial members have
  • send and reply to an unlimited number of emails and winks
  • view other members’ galleries
  • use text, voice and video chat without restrictions
  • become a VIP

VIP members can do everything a Gold member can do plus:

  • be highlighted in all of the other members’ search results and galleries
  • be featured on other members’ home pages
  • be highlighted in members’ mailboxes
  • can communicate with both Gold and Trial members
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How I can get Gold or VIP membership for free?

We try to give everyone a chance to see the full functionality of our website. You can get Free or Discounted Gold or VIP memberships if you keep an eye on our news and special offers that are sent to your mailbox or announced on the website.

What is the benefit of becoming a VIP?

VIP members can do everything a Gold member can do plus:

  • be highlighted in all of the other members’ search results and galleries
  • be featured on other members’ home pages
  • be highlighted in members’ mailboxes
  • can communicate with both Gold and Trial members
  • have a priority listing on the website
  • get listed in dedicated Featured profiles galleries

How long does it take to get my membership activated?

Normally your membership gets activated instantly after you have paid. In some cases, payment can be passed to our risk management team for manual activation. In this case, it may take up to 24 hours to get processed and we may require your signature to confirm the payment.

Some payment methods require a long activation period, e.g. bank transfers, cash payments. Please contact our Support team if you need more detail on a specific payment method.

How do I cancel recurring billing?

Canceling your paid subscription will put restrictions on your profile and you may miss an opportunity to get to know that special someone out there. If you still want to stop billing go to Profile >> Account details >> Cancel billing, and choose the subscription you want to cancel. Then follow the procedure on the website.

My username/password is not working?

If you have received a system message on the screen saying that your username (email) or password is incorrect please check the following:

  • you are using lower case or capital letters where necessary because passwords are case sensitive
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  • you have confirmed your email address by using the activation link that was sent to your email
  • you have not received an email notification from your customer support team about terminating your membership.

If you still experience difficulties please contact our Customer Support team quoting your email address and website URL.

How to contact the Customer Support team?

Our customer support team is available for you Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. We aim to answer all emails as soon as possible. You can contact Customer support through the form on the Contacts page, or by clicking on the relevant link placed at the bottom of every page.

What if I have technical issues with this website?

If you have technical problems while using this website, please check first to see if your computer has any technical faults or your software needs updating. If you still experience difficulties accessing some pages of the website, please make a screenshot and email it to our Customer Support team together with the name of the browser you are using. Our technical experts will contact you shortly and come up with a solution on how to fix the problem.

Why have you deleted my account?

Click here to contact our support team.

Dating and Kissing Guide 

The Dating Scene Photo

Firstly, on the bottom of this post, there is a really good video (Nicole Kidman is hilarious but, the kissing for the first time video)

What a fantastic thing to do… kiss and see where it goes hot or what?

I would do that easily well, not easily but, if I was to do something for the first time that would be the ticker…

So, moving along Enjoy Candii x

How to Date


How to Kiss

Keep Fresh Breath & Lips

  • Brush your teeth twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night time.
  • If you have just eaten or your breath smells throughout the day, use mints or refreshing chewing gum that you can easily spit out.
  • Use lip balm rather than lip gloss or lipsticks. Lip Balm will offer a smooth sensual kiss. Lip gloss is sticky and can get everywhere. If you choose to wear lipstick, the lipstick could rub off all of your kissing partners. sing a lip product may let them know you might be ready to be kissed.

Give Signals

  • If there are too many people around and that makes you feel uncomfortable ensure you are in a private location.
  • Kiss the side of his cheek which lets him know you may want a kiss on the cheek.
  • Hold their hand.
  • Move hair away from their face.
  • Longingly look up into his/her eyes.
  • Look down at his/her lips.
  • Smile encouragingly.
  • Lick your lips and bite your lower lip whilst looking at them.
  • Slowly move your face into his/her for a kiss.
  • Place your hands behind his/her neckline and play with their hair.
  • Let him/her know you want to be kissed by saying something like “Can you kiss me?” Some people are unaware of social cues and will not kiss you if you don’t ask.

How To Kiss

  • Look into his eyes so you are connecting with them.
  • Look at where his/her lips are to ensure you a heading towards the right direction.
  • Keep your lips soft and not excessively open. Move your lips into a comfortable position on theirs, apply some pressure and go slow. The first kiss should go for above 3 seconds but not above 20 seconds.
  • Don’t do anything elaborate like a French kiss. You will need some practice with normal kissing.
  • If you feel uncomfortable stop what you are doing immediately and let them know that you feel uncomfortable. Sometimes people use kisses to begin dry humping, pelvis grinding or groping.

Funny Pick up Lines…

Love this very much so here are a few Pick UP lines… for you to use…However, I highly recommend YOU, watching this Video… it’s a scream……which means it’s funny…

Just Bloody well watch it…god damn it!!!

Your name must be Coca Cola, because you’re soda-licious.

You’re hotter than the bottom of my laptop.

If you were a chicken, you’d be impeccable.

I would flirt with you, but I’d rather seduce you with my awkwardness.

I have amnesia, do I come here often?

I’m not a photographer, but I can picture us together.

I don’t need Twitter, I’m already following you.

Do you know the essential difference between sex and conversation? (No.) Do you wanna go upstairs and talk?corny-love-quote.jpg

Do you sleep on your stomach? If not, can I?

Somebody call the cops. It’s got to be illegal to look that good.

I’ve had such an off week but seeing you just turns me on.

Your body is a wonderland and I want to be Alice.

I’m going to kiss you now. Say “Kiss me” now if you want me to stop.

Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?

Your lips look lonely. Let me introduce them to mine.

The Funniest Pick Up Lines Ever - Is There A Mirror

Is there a mirror in your pants…? I think I can see myself in them..

Hi, I’m doing a survey …What’s your name? What’s your phone number? Are you free next Saturday?

Kiss me if I’m wrong, but dinosaurs do still exist, don’t they?

I’m going to give you a kiss. If you don’t like it, just return it.

I think there’s something wrong with my phone. Could you try calling it for me to see if it rings?

My magical watch says you aren’t wearing any underwear! (I am.) It must be an hour fast.

1r10kp.jpgYou must be a keyboard, because you’re just my type.

You’re so hot, if you ate bread you’d poop out toast.

If I had to rate you from 1 to 10, I’d rate you as a 9 because I’m the 1 you’re missing.

What do I have to do to get on your drunk dial list?

You make me wish I wasn’t gay.

Are you accepting applications for your fan club?

If you were a basketball, I’d never shoot because I’d always miss you.

Are you related to Jean-Claude Van Damme?

Because Jean-Claude Van Damme, you’re sexy!

I'm New In Town - Chat Up Line

I’m new in town. Can I have the directions to your house please?

My feet are getting cold… because you’ve knocked my socks off.

There’s something wrong with my mobile. It doesn’t have your number in it.

It’s a good job I brought my library card, because I’m checking you out.

I’m not drunk… I’m just intoxicated by you.

I lost my teddy bear. Will you sleep with me instead?

Is your second name Jacobs, because you’re a cracker?images (35).jpg

Did you get your licenses suspended for driving all these guys crazy?

If you were a bogey, I would pick you first.

You’re hot, I’m ugly. Let’s make average babies.

Excuse me, but I think I dropped something… my jaw!

Are you wearing space pants?

Because that butt is out of this world.

Was your mother a beaver? Because DAAAAMN girl!

Are you a parking ticket? Because you’ve got FINE written all over you.

I bet you $10 you’re gonna turn me down.

Roses are red, violets are blue, I have a gun, get in the van.

There’s a huge sale going on in my bedroom right now. Clothes are 100% off!

Here I am. Now what are your other two wishes?

Remember me? No? Oh that’s right, I’ve only met you in my dreams.

Hey girl, you’re gonna have to stop eating magnets; you’re making me attracted to you.


But, wait there is more


Roses are red, bananas are yellow, wanna go out with a nice little fellow?

You wanna know the best thing in my life?

It’s the first word of this sentence.


If you’re here, who’s running heaven?

Kiss me if I’m wrong, but dinosaurs still exist right?

Do you have a name? Or can I call you mine?

Are you an alien because you just abducted my heart?

Let’s commit the perfect crime. I’ll steal your heart and you can steal mine.

Where do you hide your halo?

You’re pretty and I’m cute.

Together we’d be pretty cute.

You look familiar – did we have class together?

I could have sworn we had chemistry.

You’re like a dictionary.

You add meaning to my life.

If you hold 8 roses in front of a mirror, you’ll see 9 of the most beautiful things in the world.

If I had a star for every time you brightened my life, I’d be holding a galaxy.

Do you have a Bandaid?

Because I just scraped my knee falling for you.

Is your body from McDonald’s?

Because I’m lovin’ it.Epic-Rumi-Quotes-spiritual-poems.jpg

If I were a stop light, I’d turn red every time you passed by, just so I could stare at you a bit longer.

Your eyes are bluer than the Atlantic ocean and baby, I’m all lost at sea.

There’s 21 letters in the alphabet right?

Oh wait, I forgot U R A Q T.

Can you kiss me on the cheek so I can at least say a cute girl kissed me tonight?

You are so beautiful that you give the sun a reason to shine.

I’ll give you a kiss.

If you don’t like it, you can return it.

What does Love mean to you?

Hi Candii here,

Here I am up early thinking about life and what Love means to people in this world we seem to live in such an era that the internet and people now are very up close and what seems very personal but, there seems to be such an underlining personal agenda of lust.

Have we all lost something within ourselves that we are that empty by looking for another person or idea to Satisify our egos?

images (2)

Let’s look at Redhotpie and kasidie 

The two links about are very different but, very similar Redhotpie is a dating service for couples, singles, threesome, gang bangs, swingers, private parties, cockhold, dogging, foursomes, exhibitionist, voyism, roleplay, etc.. it’s a meat market of people who like to socialize with like-minded sexual beings who are all different but, seems to be a simular theme and that to me is very interesting.. I will explain this in a moment while I tell you about Kasidie’s site.


Now Kasidie, is a site that is obviously evolved into a big business for Travelling Swingers, who do the same thing on a bigger scale, this site is about extreme parties all over the world and clubs that are set for sexual desires that will be fulfilled because they have mastered swinging and have gone wild and wet in USA and beyond.

Both interesting, both are similar, so what is it that seems to be very simular?

Okay, so we now live in a world of people who mostly get married and want to be single?  Or is it that we live with a partner love them but, perhaps we as humans require more than just one person?

I really am being very open-minded, I have to be because this is the area of understanding why couples end up at the divorce court and why we all seem very lurid to want more in our sexual life than one person!

I have many questions that I would like to find out by couples that love to swing together do they actually stay together?  I would love to ask them what is it that they like about swinging, group sex, sex parties, and many other factors that are out there while all those good couples stay at home having missionary sex!

I wonder if there is many couples that settled?

I wonder because of settling is that the reason they swing for their own frustration of having someone to go home with that loves them or is it more that it’s comforting within themselves that they can do this by swaying the “other” partner over to the dark side so that person in that marriage is finally satisfied with his/her idea of what compensation is within that person settling?

Or am I looking at this totally wrong?

Can anyone out there in word press world who is in a marriage/relationship tell me what is it that both of you get when attending these parties?

We are such a beautiful race of individuals and I don’t really find any of what people do is any of my business but, I will say I get it to a point of wanting to understand more about it!

I have to complete a sexology in two years and I would love to explore my mind of understanding further to why couples want to swing together.

  • I want to understand what the pros and the cons of it is?
  • And is it real?
  • Is it an excuse to have sex with others but, stay together?
  • Does anyone get hurt? 
  • Is it true that if we stay together we can swing together?

It seems that we have so many hidden sexual fantasies within ourselves, is it that we are evolving into a society that secretly wants to be single and having wild hot sex with others without the marriage, consent, or is it that we have been doing this since time began and really don’t care what others think?

Love to hear your thoughts on my post above?

Do you have the any thoughts on what I said above? Agree? Disagree? think i made it up?

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