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Shaving Away “Toxic Masculinity”

Now let’s talk about the new ad that seems to be causing so much of a ruckus!!!

To be perfectly honest I like this video I am still from that generation that believes in a male does have many rights of him being a man his honour, pride and sense of judgement will only come from his understandings while he grows.

This means if you do not allow a child to go through bullying, up against butt heads, and doffuses, I often wonder what type of male are you bringing into this world?

You would hope that there would be many different levels of shades but, it does go back to a lot of things as I am not a male however, my brother was disabled and if I which I did fight a lot of his fights as a child at home and in the playground there where times I walked away with him screaming at me saying help me, but, I had to because he had to understand what happens to another person if you do fight their battles for them!! 

Plus, just so you are all aware I knew the difference who he was up against as well, so he had a fair argument or fight with a few that really all you had to do is blow in their general direction… all I had to do is jump high and bounce on top of them usually with me hanging on their back and yelling “You touch my brother Bradley Denchem, Richard Hawley  and you will cop it from me… (like I used to do because I was a rather tiny little tot) he ended up finding out that they where easy to beat… always look out for your family and friends.. just saying 🙂

Usually, I would be thrown off and laughted at however, I was always given a hand to get up off the ground by them… so go figure… it taught me alot.. it made my laugh alot.. sorry I actually laughted alot at those numb nuts.. however, so did they at me… great mates as kids btw.. not a day went by that my knees, nor my head didn’t have a few black and blue marks.. but, I would never look at them as anything but, me being a bratt saving my brothers sorry sooky ass.. However, I will say one thing my brother saw me do it and what do you think with time he did? 

Yup, well, he had this shitty habbit and I had to never discount his brave nature he would find the biggest bully and say, this, oh god, “I am not scared of you, just because you can fight doesnt mean I wont be able to beat you, then he would laugh, hmm,” some how not so funny, really, and not that easy to get him away from “those bullies”, however, somehow I was always there.. god damn it… many, many, many, many, did I say many? Times…god shit poo… lol

We are not perfect however, us women should start being more feminine there seem to be too many females acting like males on behalf of our men that we spend our lives with.

I am one of them I said to my husband the other night if anyone hurts you emotionally, that is my main objection when it comes to him that they will be mine to take on because of that isn’t okay!

Blaming and shaming, one another especially our males isn’t cool, they require us to love them, support them, tell them that they are valued, which is something I have noticed that I do not do enough for my own husband.

That also will change!
When your a single mother or a girl that really only had herself to deal with the world it is difficult to step back and say nothing I so get that!

Very difficult for us to say nothing because frankly we are female and we end up saying too much it is hard for us to learn a new behaviour that will benefit as long as the person your withholds your hand and allows himself to trust you.

Trust is the answer and so is communication with every person on this Earth, without talking to one another how are we going to grow and understand how each other feels about things?  We cannot expect everyone to be “us” we have to forgive, we have to listen we have to adapt and perhaps learn a few new understandings, we cannot assume everyone should be mind readers, we are not your parents we did not hurt you, abandon you, we say things to one another that at times isn’t okay!

I know I seem to assume, put my 2 pennies worth of crap in, I tend to think that I know best all because of nothing but my own shit!  I get on my high horse and rant, rave, yell, a mindset of blocking others out and listening mostly to negative unrealistic bullshit!

I cut people off and hear a bit of a sentence then interrupt and say, yup say no more I then ramble about me… whoops, bad, not good, and it does not make friends either!!

Try to stop, listen and not judge others because you might be surprised to find out what really is ticking in a place that could potentially hinder, hurt and lame another person by muting their existence!

Not cool!

Change happens within a millisecond of saying nothing, so try and say little by allowing those that know about themselves by listening and allowing a female to be a female and letting a male be mindful of his needs because our men can be hurt too just like us girls.

  • Men are so silent it scares me to death to think what the hell is it that ticks them off!
    Men are so silent is it possible they have been hurt like us girls?
  • Can men be raped like us women? What do you think? Absolutely, and do you hear them cry? Do you hear them say a word to anyone?

Imagine if you allowed your thoughts to go there for a moment that our men can be hurting inside just like us girls.. how would you feel?

So, the Gillette is not a bad video… get grip wingers!!!

I like this video I still think that us women have alot of understanding and we must be aware that we could be better ourselves!!

images (12)

Gillette commercial that has so many people up in arms.

I couldn’t for the life of me understand what was so wrong about it.

To me, the idea of the commercial was to challenge one another to be better human beings.

To not be a bystander when there are toxic behaviours happening all around you.  Frankly, I loved the message

Spoiler alert for how the rest of the conversation went: He did NOT share my view.

His take was this:

  • He sees women as a protected class.
  • What would happen, he pondered, if the commercial implied that women were toxic?
  • His suspicion and I think he might be right here, is that Gillette would be done for. From his perspective, Gillette and the rest of the world are picking on guys like him.
  • Good guys that can’t walk around without feeling like they have done something wrong because they have male genitalia.
  •  He is sick of being portrayed as the bad guy all the time.
  • Even in trying to defend himself as one of the good guys, he felt that he came across as defending “toxic” behaviours.

He wasn’t being toxic.

He was just being him.

A man. And there is nothing inherently toxic

about that.

I get his point.

The trouble, as I see it, is the assignment of the word “toxic” to any particular gender.

Baruska / Pixabay
Women too can be toxic. Particularly where gossip is concerned.
Source: Baruska / Pixabay

Toxicity is toxicity.

Males certainly don’t have a monopoly on bad behaviours.

Perhaps we need to rethink the assignment of the term “toxic masculinity,” as the definition is too easily expanded to offend people like my friend who feels as if his whole gender is under attack.

Toxicity doesn’t belong to a gender any more than it can be exclusively assigned to skin colour.

In fact, females, are often the drivers of exactly the behaviours we label as being “toxic” in males.

Female mate selection is complicated, but the driving characteristics of “good mates” haven’t changed throughout evolutionary history.

Females today demonstrate the same preferences for their sexual partners as their ancestors did. In short, we want protectors.

In experimental settings, women are generally more attracted to males with higher testosterone, and more aggressive/dominant tendencies.

Hmmm….in reality this means that as females, we may be selected for some of the behaviours we label as “toxic masculinity.”

While not a perfect correlation by any means, high testosterone is linked to extramarital affairs, high sex drive, aggression and fighting.

These “toxic behaviours” might be the direct result of our selections.

What message of “toxic femininity” might be sent by various magazines to their largely female audiences?

And what of the toxic femininity?

What do we do to one another as females?

As I was drinking my coffee this morning, I found myself flipping through one of my “girly” magazines.

I began noticing all the ways it made me feel imperfect.

All the other smiling females that looked back judgingly at me from the interior pages – all skin glowing, and tight stomachs, and perfectly shiny hair and makeup and I began to realize that this was the equivalent of males flexing at one another.

The readership of this magazine is 91% female.

These pages were made for me, to demonstrate how a female should look.

This could easily be labelled as toxic femininity.

Is there anything wrong with being in shape, and pretty and smiling?

Of course not! But could it be toxic in its interpretation by me?

  • Absolutely.

The idea that I had to meet some standard of perfection in order to be feminine is certainly a toxic formula – perhaps the same formula we assign to men (must you demonstrate your testosterone-laden tendencies in order to be masculine?).

  • Do females abuse one another with these standards?
  •  Do we gossip and put one another down and hurt each other by spreading vicious rumours?


Do we weaponize sex, and use it as a powerful tool to get what we want?

More than most of us will care to admit.

These behaviours aren’t exclusively feminine any more than bullying, catcalling, and abuse of power is exclusively masculine.

I’m not justifying behaviours on either side.

In fact, I’m condemning them on both sides.

There are toxic behaviours in the world. And certainly, some are demonstrated by one gender at disproportionately higher rates than the other, but it is the behaviour itself, not the gender that needs the label.

  • Yes, sexual harassment is toxic.
  • Yes, bullying is toxic.
  • Yes, intentionally hurting another human without cause is toxic.


But perhaps we need to put the labels in the right place.

On the behaviours.

We will need males and females as equal advocates in a fight to make the world a better, less toxic world for everyone.

Here is “The Greatest”- “Pick-up-line”

Now, I am not sure if any other girls get this type of message in their “inbox” like I did today…. so here it is.. I must say though NOT BAD!!!!

It’s from Shannon
“Hey there 🙂 I have an unusual request for a man who wants to be a little adventurous. I have an Kama Sutra book that I forgot I had and I figured, “hey, I wonder if I can find someone who would like to practice the different positions until we’ve used them all up”. Let me know if that sounds interesting to you. Hope you can keep up :)”

I have not yet responded, hate to tell him that I am married, however, that is the best line ever… well done!!

It does sound rather worded so it prolly been sent to many thousands of users on dating sites.. not sure I am part of that group?

Go Figure,

Still impressed!

Candii xx


Are Women or Men Better at Remembering things?

So, let’s see Women and men:

  • two halves of the human organism who come together in love, passion, harmony, complementarity, and unending competition.

It says a lot about our respective psyches that a book such as Men is from Mars, Women are from Venus became a bestseller.

Both sexes love the fact that we are different (vive la différence!) and based on that there is a (mostly) friendly rivalry.e4b3ca43c9f1052de5d55e57c1e046dc--mona-lisa-funny-monna-lisa

Enter to that rivalry a new study which sought to establish who has the better memory:

  • women or men?

We already know that around 75 percent of older adults report memory related problems.

In addition to aging in general, women report “brain fog” during menopause, but, overall, who has a better memory when it comes to middle age?

  • To study this, researchers gathered 212 men and women aged 45 to 55.
  • The subjects were given tests to assess episodic memory (autobiographical who, what, when, where, why knowledge that is the collection of past personal experiences that occurred at a particular time and place).
  • Executive function (the mental processes that enable you to plan, focus attention, remember instructions and juggle multiple tasks successfully), semantic processing (encoding the meaning of a word and relating it to similar words with similar meaning) and verbal intelligence (the ability to analyze information and solve problems using language-based reasoning).

The results showed … drum roll … that women outperformed age-matched men on all memory measures.


This is true even though premenopausal and perimenopausal women outperformed postmenopausal women in many key memory areas.

Looks like one that can be chalked up for women but, never minds, the men will forget it soon anyway.

Personally, I am better than my husband in so many ways memory, better looking (joking), funnier, taller (no I’m not!) smarter (hang on a momento), anyway, what was this post about again? I forgot! Doh!!!  he,he,he, (see I am funnier) 

Men’s Health is Important…& I will tell you why!!

Dear ladies,

I was chatting to my sister-in-law Katie, about “Men’s Health”, yesterday in fact we believe that there isn’t enough about our “Silent Suffers our Men” who work so hard and never complain about how they feel.

I believe they have a right just like us women and our dear children and our men that go to work every day, love us every day, complain very little every day have a right to feel, talk, cry, sob on our shoulders every day if they want.

I don’t believe there is enough for our Silent beautiful soul mates, who love us unconditionally, with their whole hearts and souls like my husband and your husbands and their best friends and their fathers and their father’s fathers.. you get my drift.

So, why should they suffer silently, without a whimper, without a cry or any type of complaint!

Anger, hostility and any outburst say it loudly remember they only have that pattern as being a man when they do say anything… sometimes it isn’t all about the rage it could be about their internal feeling of what they can’t say…

So, let’s be different and allow them their say, allow them a shoulder and allow them to be them without hurting themselves, without silently hindered, without killing themselves alone, without them harming themselves…

Not, really fair right?

This movie is about all of us who lost, loved, felt something for someone, knew someone that we loved remember grief will come from your subconcious that only knows what it knows..until you show it something new… Love them trust me they love us.. so if we don’t give we will loose apart of ourselves… it’s our human right as a female and as a man to hold each other… love each other and be their for each other.. the movie is brutal, horrifying, and unrealistic right, or am I?

Children, can even work it out…some movies are what they are made for…making your mind think better and then making your heart open to another dimention..think about it…unrealistic movie yes, indeed how else do we understand…???

This movie is about, grief, pain, suffering, listen to the music, stop and listen carefully to the words they use, its a movie but, it is more than that it is your mothers, that lost their sons and daughters, its your sister its your children its your husbands… listen to the words turn your back away for one moment and listen carefully to the words this movie is tell you something… “Listen please, just Listen”

So, remind your partners tonight when they are home after they have had dinner and go up to them and say, I love you.

Please tell me if you need a shoulder to cry on, a place to say what is wrong, and let me help you get help too (they will laugh, they will get annoyed but, say it to them anyway… so pace yourself and not go to anger when they do get annoyed.. say it anyway everyday….)

My husband did Movember they raised within a group of 25 over $25,000 within that month for a fellow father who lost his son from suicide and that to me was an effort that was amazing bless them for being our partners, friends, fathers, brothers and even boyfriends… bless them everyday for their efforts because without them we couldnt exisit

Love 3Wishes xxx


images (12).jpg

For anyone wanting further information please go to the below link for men


Jimmy Barnes – listen to his story what a legend!! oldskool if he can say it, loudly like he loves to do… then so can any male on this Earth… good effort Jimmy, you’re a true legend

Sometimes when we don’t know something we don’t know it and that is okay, so make sure they know that they do have a choice, they have a right as a human being and as a partner, soulmate, friend, grandfather, brother, cousin, we all have a right to live and be loved… so love them, tell them, show them it is okay to show their emotions, it is okay to cry, sob, scream and tell us that they are hurting.. tell them that they are worth it…… because it could save them … just a thought ladies… they hurt just as much as we hurt… “Remember that okay, much love xx”

Men are Proud, so they should be.. it is their birthright!

Re-written due to too much of my own Italian/Irish heritage ..   I wrote this after reading this link so please read this before reading my post…


Men are born with a birthright and a responsibility to hopefully be with a supportive family, a strong and fair father that will raise his son with good ethics, morals, and ideas of what and how to live a happy and proud life.

I truly believe the above.. because this is the way to change our children by learning better behavior and being strong by having the guts to work on yourself before your children are born.

Now in saying that lovely kind and hopeful words for our kids, we sometimes don’t end up with the greatest mother or father or brother or even sister.

However, without being brutal and nasty about what they look like let me say this..

If I can do it you can too..

When we are children we are a gift to two or one people or none in some cases… some of us are lucky some are not I get that…it is our life and until we understand what is right and wrong most of us don’t know any better…

So, please note any type of abuse, isn’t okay, I want you all to understand that what I share I do it freely and I do it with a reason to paint you a picture.. so please do not send me rude nor abusive … rubbish.. because my story is mine and if you think that that behavior is something I would allow.. think again…

My lessons is that what happened to me did not nor  would it ever destroy my gifted life going forward and that in it’s self is my strength and I am very proud that I am happy, healthy, I have fallen risen, been amazing and probably will repeat because I value my own self worth because it is mine to value and do whatever I please and I do it with a smile and I do the best I can every day with the support of my husband who drives me with craziness but, supportive love and I thank him once I get it..

Everything happens but, you have to work extremely hard and your partner has to be able to support you, tell you also to pull your head in because at times I lose it and I have lost it often and also being very closed minded towards him..

That is not okay… to treat that person who loves you supports you and at times yes, he has the right to tell you that you are wrong.. I hate hearing it but, yes, I do need to hear it and accept it.. (baby steps.. please forgive me lol)

So, my healing was to learn about me and about those men that we adore and love and support too

So back to what I was referring too…

I read the above post on this person’s lovely post and I could not agree more with what was said, please I would love you all to view it and take a little time to say something because I believe it is so damn important and it isn’t going to get better by “most people”.

I say most because this post and many other posts that say it how it is about our beautiful handsome men that we love and care for who are the fathers of beautiful upcoming girls and boys who love them so damn much and the fathers that adore those children he supports, feeds, hugs, trying so hard every day.

My own father comes to mind when I say that last bit…


We seem as society of “too much”, and “not enough”, we are opinionated, harsh, some of us are angry, furious, bitter, twisted, nasty, selfish, some are bullies, abusive, judgemental, they sexually put their partners down, they also are the biggest wingers of today and make it difficult with their mean, spiteful jealous, hatred towards.. MEN..



Yes, women, no offence to those that don’t do this or have been abused\ it isn’t directed at those people.. this is directed at those others that hurt our society by being cruel to people men especially they make it so damn hard for them, why?

Women are not female anymore they are “numb, desperate, shallow, selfish gold diggers that swoop intake with a smile that isn’t real and fuck that men.. right, they made me who I am bullshit…

Blaming, Shaming, Stupidity and narcissistic behaviour all because of those in high places have said, let’s just remove the behaviour, they always have a cause, however, no solution, right?

Then suddenly after a few years of shaming they then have yet another problem which is how do we stop drug abuse? And, again, no solution!

Women, beautiful, soft, loving women, who adore there husbands and love their children and do the best jobs they do to support their loved ones… I applaud you.. I do, I just wish those other reptiles to shut up and stop being bullies because for some reason they seem to have the right to be abusive, cut off mens balls and eat them because apparently it’s protein?? (sick joke but, we have a sick society that will require more help and alot of good people will unfortunately commit heaven forbit suicides???!?!?!

STOP IT…. START … looking for solutions and stop making this a problem because mostly what your doing is going to be one day “You saying, I wish I was more caring towards my husband”, “I wish I was more supportive before he blew his head off with a shot gun”, I wish I listened before he was found swinging in a garage”…

All because someone said, they are men and have no right as a human to have Emotions, to be upset and release, to want a wife that loves him but, for some reason he should change himself all because of a wifes insecurity of her own selfishness.

I don’t get it???!!!

We live in a society where we have so many things to offer each other but, yet we are such a slow-moving race to stop the bull shit of others that want to Shame those that are just being themselves a male who what??

Wolf whistled while a beautiful girl walks by to the shops.. (but, we charge these men of harassment sexual apparently?)

Come on???

I believe in having my own opinion, I believe in each person being open, honest, loving, sexual (heaven forbid) I believe that we need to wake the fuck up or Ground Hog Day will keep occurring over and over and over again…

With no solutions but, many, many people killing themselves all because of our own behavior…

Why do you think that is???

It would be appreciated if people say something on this subject?

Or you could like, thank you, or even type a few words of something that is positive?


Sorry, this was directed to those that have a positive outlook on life going forward, right is that you?

Of course, many apologies to those that seem to have fallen into a pit, oh my did you just fall into your own shit?

Didn’t you just say that a man has no right to Emotions, feelings?

Of course, I will help you out of the deep hole that you put yourself in!

Why would I help?

Because although I do try my hardest to stop being a mole towards my husband, I do try to stop yelling at him … But, I will say one thing about myself I am waking up!!
I am trying my hardest to re-wire my brain by being the best I can be…  I adore my partner and men those that love to be who they are.. and we all have this right…

I have seen grown men grow.. to me that is fucking beautiful, Changing for the better to enhance themselves by having a supportive partner is all a person who want.. right?

So what the fuck are some of you doing by trying so damn hard to do the opposite of what your bloody well complaining about????????




Mental Health – We are Crazy… isn’t it AWESOME :)

I Love this have a listen it came from a blogger I will attach his details very cool so right…



I fell again and I can’t pretend
It’s like your darkness kind of drew me in
I see your pain and I’m just the same
One of those feelings you just can’t explain

Maybe you see the weight on my shoulders
Though I try to hide it all
But I wanna be your army of angels
Though I need ’em even more

Cause if you love somebody like me
Can only mean that you’re crazy
Just as crazy as me and
That’s why I love you baby
I’m not a superman and
I ain’t got no master plan
Let’s just take it all as it goes
Cause if you love somebody like me
You gotta be crazy

Two twisted minds, they think alike
It’s way more fun to skip the warning signs
My restless soul, it was all alone
But here with you I kind of feel at home

Maybe you see the weight on my shoulders
Though I try to hide it all
But I wanna be your army of angels
Though I need ’em even more

Cause if you love somebody like me
Can only mean that you’re crazy
Just as crazy as me and
That’s why I love you baby
I’m not a superman and
I ain’t got no master plan
Let’s just take it all as it goes
Cause if you love somebody like me
You gotta be crazy

We could pretend that everything’s normal
And just try to be friends
But baby you know we’d be drowning in
Boredom and we both know where it ends

We could pretend that everything’s normal
And just try to be friends
But baby you know we’d be drowning in
Boredom and we both know where it ends

Cause if you love somebody like me
Can only mean that you’re crazy
Just as crazy as me and
That’s why I love you baby
I’m not a superman and
I ain’t got no master plan
Let’s just take it all as it goes
Cause if you love somebody like me

Can only mean that you’re crazy
Just as crazy as me and
That’s why I love you baby
I’m not a superman and
I ain’t got no master plan
Let’s just take it all as it goes
Cause if you love somebody like me
You gotta be crazy (crazy)

Absolutely motherfucking crazy

And One Day She Opened her Eyes and said, Sorry to herself.

Mental Health issues in our Society are extreme and to perfectly honest I believe are uncapped to the point of where to do you start to look.

I believe this because I feel that in my own self and my own Mental Health issues that I seem to have.  I never thought that I would have these problems but, unfortunately, I seem to do for reasons that for the life of me I had no damn idea that even my own issues seem to be more visual than I had originally thought.

I have come along way to understand how my brain is wired and I feel that I am now just beginning to see them it’s a very harsh thing to say to yourself, “why do I think these ways, and how do I fix them”.

For many years I didn’t want to even think about myself as someone that could possibly be suffering from PTSD, in fact, I have avoided it like the plague.

No-one I am afraid can go through as much trauma as I have and not think for one moment that I should be okay with everything that I have either put myself through meaning drugs and alcohol I am trying my hardest to stop putting my head in the sand and start applying a better life to help myself and with me helping myself I will be able to help others “stop”.

All I guess I wanted to do is stop the pain that seems to sit inside my body, my heart and my soul and although it upset’s me as I type this and tell you my story well a little bit of my story I guess it is time for me to get better in a more healthier matter.

Mental Health if not checked and if not looked after by “good therapist”, Doctor, whichever, can help those that require it I must admit it will send you crazy and a little bit loopy, to say the least.

To be present isn’t as easy as most would think it means you have to stand up and say what you feel how it affects you and how it may affect others around you and to be honest it has affected others as well.

Many times I could have opened up and many times I could have been present, however, for some reason inside me I had thought it was about others standing up, I thought I was sick of me the one who was either at fault, or perhaps I wanted someone else to tell me something I wanted to hear and no-one ever did or was going too.

That hurt me so much I wanted to scream and even though it tears me up saying that it is exactly how I felt at the time.

This is what I wanted to say:

  • “Why is it always me being hurt, hit, bashed and made to feel that I was nothing to anyone”.
  • “Why can’t for once in my life someone else says it’s okay I am here to help you”
  • “I am not facing you, why should I ?” or 
  • “If you love me so much then why do you treat me like this?” or 
  • “Why should I even care if you don’t” 

And this is what I knew deep in my heart but, my feelings were numb and my eyes were blinded for so long EVEN I could not allow myself to see anything good, fun, spirited and adventurous like I used to do.


So many more above I could list but, I won’t list them because it really isn’t important, however, it is important to write about it to others that do suffer in silence.

You must remember that if you cannot help you, no-one is going to do it for you so please know that if you do not help you to get well then how the hell is someone else going to help you get better.

Here is a link I want to share with you – his suffering is different but, in all, we are the same everyone who suffers from Mental Illness, trauma and many other types like PTSD, we all suffer in silence…


Because we never knew we where sick!

So, I am sorry to myself for being so blinded in so many areas of my life and for the others well, that isn’t for me to share on here with you.

Thank you for listening and think about it.. because there are many that never tell this about themselves until it is too late.

Here is a man that I wanted to share with you, he has approved for me to share his story it is worth watching and of course, commenting or at least share it to other people who you might know that has an issue like him.



What is Love?

Love is a kind of chemical reaction, so you could never tell why it happens and you could never try to stop it by your own will. Love must have existed a long time before human beings developed language.

People always want to find a definite answer about what is love, so they keep asking each other and themselves. However, there is no person who can define what love is.

Every person has his or her own understanding of love, and a single person’s understanding of love may differ by time.

Love is a general feeling of deep caring that does not change (although the form of expressing it may alter).

I do not believe that we can force ourselves to love or not to love someone. We have the capacity to love many people.

For example, you can love your children, parents, friends, and ex-spouse.


what is love


Being “in love” with someone means that you feel a deep caring, you desire them sexually, and you want to spend lots of time with them.

If you truly love them, then you may change the latter two but you will always feel the deep caring.

On the contrary, like is specific and changeable.

Have you noticed that there are things that you liked in a person before but do not any more or vice versa?

  • You can experience both loves and like simultaneously since they are different feelings.

It is important to be able to say to someone, “I love you, and I don’t like what you are doing (be specific).”

This is especially important to children so that they do not get the wrong impression when you are angry.

They need a clear message that you love them (then they can feel lovable), and you do not like their behavior (then explain why).

Also, telling your children or anyone else, “If you loved me you would ____.,” is not love. It is a way of trying to manipulate or to control them because of your fears or concerns.



I have discovered that we all want to be loved, and to love.

That is, we all desire to be deeply cared about and to care about others.

True love is unconditional.

No matter what you or another person says or does, express your love and then deal with the specific disliked behavior.

What the world needs now is lots of love which is the opposite of fear.

Accept your and others’ differences.

Take the time to love yourself and others unconditionally, spread deep caring-that is the key to loving relationships and to a loving world.

There are certain characteristics we show when we are in love.

Selfless behavior shows that you are not just thinking about yourself, but that you’re also concerned about your partners’ needs as well.

You will be concerned about your partner’s growth in life, and become more supportive and understanding, even if you feel like being critical.

You will have a desire to forgive, and realize that no one is perfect in life.

Your love grows when you are able to focus on the good things about someone.

You will see both the positive and the negative side of someone, but you will love them no matter what.

When your partner does that little thing that irritates you, it will be easier to look past it.

You will realize that it’s not worth getting angry over and causing a scene.

Love allows for anger but in a controlled manner.

Love is about being able to compromise. If emotional pain was caused you’re allowed to let your partner know when they have done wrong.

Love is about caring and showing affection and intimacy towards the other person. You will have a romantic desire towards your partner, not a lustful desire.

With a romantic desire to be intimate and affectionate towards your partner, an emotional bond will grow between the two of you. It will become stronger over time and will bring you closer together.

What Does It Feel Like To Be In Love:-


Love is built on mutual interest, care, trust, and respect.

You will have a desire to be committed to your partner in any type of situation, such as one where infidelity may be a temptation.

Or even when faced with negative comments from others about your partner.

Your commitment will allow you to be faithful and true to your partner, and you will be willing to stick up for them at all costs.

It is important to realize that love is about expecting to give, not expecting to get.

You don’t have to buy your partner something nice every day, but you can do nice things for them often. Something as simple as a romantic dinner at home.

Give them a message with candles lit around the room.

The desire to give will make you feel great about yourself, and most importantly make your partner feel great.

A relationship grows successfully when both partners commit to behaving in a loving manner, through continual and unconditional giving.

Not only saying “I love you” but also showing it.

We experience love as a feeling, and express it as an action.

The thing that ultimately maintains our love and happiness in life is the energy that we get from inside ourselves.

Deep inside us is a wellspring of energy that is very strong in some people but very weak in others. Without that wellspring of energy, you may find it hard to continue on in the face of many problems and challenges in your life.

You may get discouraged or hurt very easily and find that you no longer feel the same way about your loved one that you initially felt.

Your first impulses of love may fade and your happiness may begin to wane.



A lot of things can aggravate the negative feelings that we have inside ourselves and we may think that the person we love is “no longer the same” or “doesn’t care about us anymore”.

You may begin to feel that everything is hopeless and fail to see any light at the end of the tunnel. Something has gone wrong and you don’t know what it is.

The problem that has befallen you is that you never found that wellspring inside of yourself but wrongly imagined it to be coming from someone else.

You were happy for a while but you didn’t really know why.

Those feelings of love and happiness weren’t coming from the other person!

You thought they were but, actually, they were coming from inside of you!

It’s true!

They were coming from inside of you!

Once that person begins to appear commonplace and boring, the feeling you had begins to fade.

You no longer feel the great feelings of love that were actually coming from inside of you to start with.

You decided to turn them off. Instead, you covered them up again and all you felt was a sense of darkness.

Real happiness comes from a heart that is so filled with genuine love that nothing on the outside can really affect it in any lasting way.

There are rare people who have practiced many techniques and teachings and learned to overcome their fears and their negative emotions to find a wellspring of energy inside them which is the real place that love and happiness come from.

If you are feeling discouraged or in need of an answer, look inside yourself for that wellspring and learn to face your fears and your challenges each day so that, over time, you will overcome the many problems that face you each and that face each and every one of us in life.

Life is a long road with many challenges and the winners learn to lift up their heads and go on even in the hardest of times.

Love and happiness are what make this world worthwhile, so let’s keep our head up and learn to be the person in charge of our own destiny.

We are truly the ones who are in charge and we can make it an award-winning movie that everyone will pay to see!


Falling In Love



Two people who genuinely love each other may fall in love because of the burning desire and passion to be with each other or to live close to each other.

Finding love is a tricky sentiment.

There are some things that feel like love, but they are too much exterior to be the real thing. “Real love takes time and doesn’t take place overnight”.

Love is never logical or easy. People fall under the spell of love for many reasons.

Opposites can attract, and while it may seem unusual to the outside world, you can be completely wrapped up and oblivious.

When you find love it can make anything seem potential and possible to do.

Deep within us, there seems an emptiness that not even a hundred lovers could fill, yet there still is an expectation. Your dreams can come true.

True love is so precious and valuable that it is said, “True love is not something that comes every day, follow your heart, it knows the right answer”.

True love can take time to grow, or it can evolve in the pair’s first encounter.

When 2 hearts gather for the first time a lot of magical things can happen.

There are stories of an eye-to-eye spark, this is when you are overcome with excitement by just looking at someone across a room, and this also can evolve into true love.

There are two kinds of sparks, the one that goes off with a hitch like a match, but it burns quickly.

The other is the kind that needs time, but when the flame strikes… it’s eternal, don’t forget that.

After first sight, the two people will ultimately have to talk to each other.

If you don’t feel that certain spark it’s probably not meant to be.

Most couples who have spent a significant amount of time building their relationship with each other eventually fall in love. It’s a natural evolution of their bond.

But, it’s also an indefinable stage that is often difficult to identify. Millions have asked themselves, “Am I in love with my partner?”

  • Some are confused by what that means.
  • Others misinterpret harmful emotions (for example, jealousy and obsession) as love.


Understanding The True Nature Of Love:-

Often it’s easier to define love based upon what it isn’t.

A lot of people mistakenly think that certain emotions they’re feeling represent love. For example, lust is commonly thought to signify something more than it is.

Or, one partner may be so passionate about the other than physical or emotional abuse occurs in the relationship. Neither instance signifies love.

When you love somebody, the feeling transcends the physical.

You feel attached to the other person in a way that you don’t feel with others.

The level of physical and emotional commitment is greater than with anyone else.

And while love translates into intimacy, the willing vulnerability to which you expose yourself to your partner dwarfs that which you experience in all other relationships.


Trust Grows:-

While love can encompass a myriad of qualities, mutual trust is one of the most important.

And it expands much further than simply trusting that your partner won’t cheat physically. In this context, it means that you trust your partner implicitly.

You trust that he or she will not betray you or the relationship on a physical or emotional level.

As your love grows, so too does your level of trust.

Eventually, that trust reaches the point at which you’re unable to even conceive of your partner betraying you.


Intimacy Issues:-


intemacy issues

Intimacy issues plague many couples.

But, it’s important to understand what true intimacy is.

And it’s equally important to realize that issues surrounding it don’t necessarily preclude love.

For many couples, a lack of physical intimacy may be a problem, though they love and trust each other implicitly.

  • Issues involving emotional intimacy are often more severe.

For example, an emotional disconnection can be a warning sign that love is waning.

  • A lack of communication may also represent deeper issues.


Signs That You’re In Love:-

So, how do you know when you’re in love? Unfortunately, it’s often hard to tell because it involves two people so deeply on various physical and emotional levels.

That said, there are signs. For example, if your partner is late, your initial reaction may be a concern for their safety.

Or, you may begin to miss them horribly when they’re away.

Also, small things may constantly remind you of your partner.


Enjoying Your Partner:-

A true manifestation of love is found in the level of commitment, trust, physical and emotional intimacy, and mutual attachment that you enjoy with your partner.

It’s a confluence of several factors and any one factor does not, in and of itself, represent love.

Some claim that loving your partner is more than mere emotion.

It is, in effect, a choice that you make.

And that choice helps to sustain the relationship during times when any one of the above factors falters.

In the end, falling in love is about enjoying your partner on a level that no other person can hope to experience.

It’s about being vulnerable, yet trusting.

It’s about sharing yourself physically and emotionally, knowing that the commitment will be reciprocated. Falling in love is a natural progression toward a lifetime with your partner.

Behind Sex Pheromones – Mens Health

How Do Pheromones Help My Sex Life

The theory is that humans don’t actually have a lot of choices when it comes to sexual partners and that we are driven by chemicals, and hormones and the power of smell.

It’s been documented across the animal kingdom that a variety of animals and insects use the power of pheromones and chemicals to communicate with each other.


Couple Laying Down Staring Deeply Into Each Others Eyes With Love


Recent studies by Swedish scientists have concluded, through the use of brain imaging, that humans can also communicate through the power of smell.

Similarly to the way that people will subtly communicate visually through the expression of clothes, the indication of arousal through wearing sexy lingerie or outfits.

Further, men and women respond to certain smells in very different ways.

It’s long been debated as to whether humans subconsciously communicate with each other through the power of scent, and one of the strongest pieces of evidence thus far was concluded in 1998 with Martha McClintock where it was concluded that the menstrual cycles of women living together would synchronise as a result of the chemical messages that were being released by the body in the form of sweat.

Pheromone Sprays in nature are simply chemicals secreted by an animal with its main effects being the attraction of the opposite sex. Pheromones are also used to communicate messages between animals throughout the natural world, and including within plants.

The word itself has been derived from the Greek word and it means ‘to bear’.

They are an excreted or a secreted chemical meant to trigger a social response especially in members of the similar species.

Pheromone contains chemicals which act outside secreting individual’s body to affect the behaviour or physiology of the receiving personality.



Naturally, Pheromones are very volatile and odorous substances released by one animal and subsequently detected by another, causing some kind of physiological reaction.

Science has now developed laboratory produced Pheromone Spray’s whose reaction is affected by sexual activity, arousal and behaviour.

Though, it can also affect the level of aggression besides other diverse effects on the target animal or human being. Have you ever noticed that when you first start a new relationship that more people are hitting on you?


Easy Way To Increase Attractiveness | Sexy Colognes To Get You Laid

Pheromones sprays are marketed and synthesized to consumers as mixtures to increase sexual attractiveness.

Primarily, Pheromones are perceived through vomeronasal organ situated within the nose and research studies propose that they are excreted from several parts of the body, including the sweat glands, urine and saliva.

Pheromones are connected to a number of crucial stages in human lives ranging from breastfeeding to mate choice.

Research shows that breastfed newborns have the ability to distinguish between a breast pad worn by a stranger and one worn mother.


The Outcomes Of Wearing Pheromones:

Wearing Pheromones ensures powerful catalysts of sexual attraction.

As individuals secrete the chemicals by perspiration, they, in turn, get detected subconsciously by the brain, nose and nervous system.

In this case, about 10 % of men give off major amounts of sex appeal. Hence these men might not even look sexy, but through pheromone release, they send out powerful attraction signals.

Have you ever noticed a particular cologne worn by an ex and everyone that wears that cologne you instantly find somewhat arousing?

  • The cologne that even in a crowded room you can smell and it gets your heart racing, make you feel a little more passionate than usual, maybe a little flushed and flustered;
  • many colognes use types of pheromones and when you combine that with the emotions that you had for an ex they make a powerful combination.
  • This is how pheromones can work.

Males release pheromones throughout their hair and skin and both males and females excrete trace quantities of it via their urine.

Males excrete up to four and above times as much as women do.

This particular pheromone, produced by the adrenal glands of the two sexes is also found in sweat under their armpits. Besides, it is also present in and secreted by the sebaceous glands of the vagina and penis.

Studies also found that females secrete at least one other attracting pheromone from their vagina with the presence of copulin (pheromone present in these fluids) and that the appearance of these chemicals correlates with hormonal variations matching the changes in the female menstrual cycle.


Couple In New Relationship Produces Higher Levels Of Pheromones Making Them More Attractive To Other People


The Establishment Of New And Intimate Relationships

The study of the science of smell research is Osmology; it has determined that both men and women are mutually attracted to each other through selective chemical couriers called pheromones.

The pheromones stimulate sexual readiness, sexual desire, fertility, hormone levels and the deepest emotions.

Though it’s not just limited to the young or the heterosexual. Studies have shown that pheromones can help mature gay men on the dating scene and find love and long-lasting relationships.

These studies confirmed that pheromones are commonly used by several in the perfume industry.

Even though companies claim to use the compounds simply as a carrier of the fragrance but the added pheromones are likely to have the secretly seductive ingredient.

However, the issue is that some of these companies will use pheromones from animals, which may or not cause attraction in humans.

Because perfumes are basically marketed based upon their aptitude to appeal to the opposite sex, the pheromone sprays and perfumes combination make them perfect scents.


The Benefits Of Using Sex Pheromones And Sprays

What to expect when you use pheromones products. Using pheromones have reported a broad range of benefits;

  • A heightened state of ease and relaxation especially in social situations.
  • Enhanced confidence and working relationships.
  • More romantic relationships and the frequency of sexual intercourse.
  • Feeling happier and more attractive.
  • Less anxiety and Empowered.
  • Revved-up sex life and added frequency of dates.
  • Increased well-being sense.
  • Increased frequency of affectionate gestures.
  • Increases frequency of foreplay and more romantic partners.

Raised mood: 

  • Studies showed that both males and females who portray themselves as depressed testify an overall sense of positivity, well-being and energy, on wearing pheromones and that the therapeutic advantages of using human pheromones are now under clinical trials of their use to go further to alleviate mood disorders and panic attacks.

Increased working relationships: 

  • A reporter explores human pheromones tried them to personally see for himself the end results. Later he realized that he was making more eye contact with people of opposite sex and sending a message of confidence.

Sexual attractiveness:

  • In a study test on human pheromones, about 20 women obtained topically applied pheromones approximately three times a week.
  • The females receiving the pheromones show a significantly higher rate of sexual contact with males than a different control group.
  • The same study conducted with males had the same results, additional sexual contact with females than the males who applied the placebo spray.


Precautions And Safety

Pheromones sprays are usually considered safe and without no known side effects; nevertheless, they may cause biased unwanted effects.

For instance, the use of a pheromone formula might bring in the attraction of undesirable associates of the opposite sex.

Thus, careful and calculated use of the compounds should be exercised at all times.  However, it is also important to remember that not all commercially accessible formulations of pheromones products are equal!

Unluckily, the unprecedented attention in pheromones has spawned the industry of unscrupulous pheromone sellers with their worthless pheromone products to unsuspecting clients.

Whereby, a number of these companies still create fake product appraisal sites, written testimonials and videos. So don’t be tricked!


Man Spraying On Pheromones On His Bodies Warm Spots The Neck Behind The Ears And Wrists


Dosage And Timing

Common Perfumes may or may not have pheromones contents (since vendors are not needed to list them on the product tag).

Therefore, early applications may be tested in little dosages of 1 or 2 quick sprays. When pheromones are bought separately, they can be inserted to a favourite perfume or cologne in quantity recommended by the manufacturer.

Therefore, to heighten the sexual experience passion, pheromones may be applied strategically in erogenous zones just a moment before the encounter.

Also, they may be used to build up to sex, in which case they should be applied one hour or two beforehand and in case the desired effect is not observed, the amount can be amplified in small increments.

The scent of attraction is very factual and human pheromones spray play a powerful role.

For whoever wants to boost confidence and increase attractiveness to the opposite sex, human pheromones may be just what one is looking for.

Pheromones sprays have been demonstrated in a large number of organisms ranging from fish to mammals to amoebas, including primates.

However, the issue of whether human being olfactory signals exist has been in question with much debate. Whether or not pheromones work, one thing can be certain is they’ll definitely increase your confidence.

Men’s Diet For Better Sexual Performance

The truth is out.

Sex experts, cardiologists, and psychologists are in agreeance.

Your diet has a huge impact on your sexual performance and can help alleviate erectile dysfunction, and improve your sexual health when you’re consuming the right foods.

Any kind of food that benefits your heart can drastically improve your sexual performance, in this article, we will explore what kind of foods that you need to be eating to give you the sexual performance edge.


So let’s explore that foods are going to give you this edge. In the below list of foods, you’re going to find foods that you should include in a well-balanced menu that will help prepare your body and your mind for sensational performances in the bedroom.

Building upon this list, and changing your diet and lifestyle can give you the performance boost that you’ve been looking for, and let’s face it this could the easiest and tastiest way to boost your lifestyle in the ways that you need it the most.

Green Vegetables And Spinach Help With Blood Flow

Green Vegetables And Spinach Contain High Levels Of Magnesium And Are Recommended For Improved Sexual Performance By Mensextoys


It is well known that spinach and other green vegetables contain high amounts of magnesium.

This essential mineral is very important to human metabolism and is responsible for over 300 chemical reactions in the human system.

It’s also one of those minerals that are usually undereaten, American studies indicate that the average adult only gets half of their daily intake of magnesium, leaving many adults short of the recommended daily level and that’s even with taking vitamin supplements.

By increasing your consumption of leafy green vegetables, nuts and seeds and legumes, you can effectively reach your daily requirement of magnesium.

Why is magnesium necessary?

  • Magnesium, according to Japanese researchers, helps in the dilation of blood vessels. This increased dilation can have a positive impact on the male genitals and it can create greater arousal levels in both men and women through the increased level of blood being delivered to the genitals.
  • Other sources of magnesium include broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, cabbage, and Bok Choy – all of which contain very healthy amounts of the required mineral as well as containing our favorite sex nutrient – folate.

Folate is a healthy nutrient which is useful in the promotion of sperm viability. Increased levels of folate have been linked to the production of healthy sperm.

It’s also responsible for the maintenance of the heart and can decrease heart issues and cardiovascular diseases and can actively reduce the risk of stroke.

Unsweetened Tea And The Antioxidant Catechin

Iced Tea With Green Herbs For Relaxation Mind Focus And Promotion Of Blood Flow To The Penis For Stronger Erections


Unsweetened tea contains high levels of the antioxidant catechin. Catechin is responsible for the promotion of blood flow throughout the body and is useful for sexual prowess and brainpower.

It is a useful antioxidant for reducing blood pressure and cardiovascular disease and has often been linked to memory improvement, mood, and an increased ability to focus. Especially useful in green tea, which has also been linked to increasing the body’s ability to burn through fat.

Studies have shown that over a period of 3 months, people who regularly consumed tea showed an ability to reduce their body weight by over 5%. It is important to remember that it must be freshly brewed and that there are a number of additives in bottled tea which negate the effects.

Peaches And Other Forms Of Fruit

Watermelon With Peaches Will Improve Sperm Count And Sperm Motility For Sexual Health


If you’re looking to make your sperm count more potent, then you should look at eating such things as peaches, oranges, and grapefruits.

Studies have indicated that men who consume more than 200 milligrams per day of vitamin c have a significant increase in their sperm count and the motility of their sperm.

In a study conducted by the University of Texas – the consumption of vitamin c on a daily basis was found to significantly boost the quality of their sperm and in a later study, a small group of seemingly infertile men was able to become fathers after 2 months of vitamin c supplements.

Watermelon is also a good sex drive improver with watermelon being full of nutrients that are good for your heart and for sex. Studies, again by the University of Texas, showed that watermelon was converted into an amino acid called arginine which is responsible for the relaxation of blood vessels and often has the same effect as Viagra.

Consumption of watermelon can be useful in the treatment and prevention of erectile dysfunction.


Poached Eggs With Avocado On Toast Daily Will Help Improve Your Sex Life


Eggs aren’t the most seductive of foods, but they are incredibly healthy for you. Eggs are actually extremely rich in vitamins B6 and B5 which are beneficial for balancing hormone levels, the easing of stress and a healthy libido.

In terms of calorie counts, eggs deliver the best usable protein content of any other food including beef and other meats.

They are also essential foods to be used for weight loss thanks in part to their protein level and the levels of B12 that they have. The B12 vitamin is responsible for the breaking down of fat according to numerous health and wellness studies.

In fact, the International Journal of Obesity found that people who ate eggs five days a week lost 65% more weight than those that didn’t.

Red Wine And Lean Red Meat

Beef Steak In Red Wine Sauce With Glass Of Red Wine For Enhancing Sexual Performance


When it comes to meat and wine the Italians have it made.

It’s, therefore, no surprise then that Italian researchers looked at the benefits of red wine and steak when it comes to sexual performance.

The Italian researchers discovered that the antioxidants and alcohol that are present in the wine can assist with the triggering of the production of nitric oxide in the blood.

Nitric oxide helps the arteries to relax and therefore will increase the blood flow to the genitals. Just ensure that you’re limiting yourself to a small glass or two, as too much wine can have an adverse effect on sexual performance.

If you’re not a drinker – then consider getting some dark grape juice which has almost the same levels of benefits that drinking wine can provide you.

When it comes to meat – you’ll find that lean red meat contains healthy amounts of zinc. Zinc is a mineral which limits the production of prolactin in the body.

Prolactin, at high levels, can severely limit sexual performance, and surprisingly it is one chemical that is released post orgasm to allow the body time to recover for a second session.

Nuts And Seeds

Almonds And Pumpkin Seeds Contain Healthy Minerals Which Will Help Men Perform Better In Bed


Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, and pretty much all other nuts contain monounsaturated fats.

This specific type of fat helps in the production of cholesterol, an essential component of sex hormones.

Walnuts are the perfect sex building love snack. Not only do they look like male testicles, complete with a vulva like a nut inside, but they are high in protein and filling fiber.

They are a very important heart healthy, calorie dense, treat.

If you’re looking to reduce your level of unhealthy cholesterol, then the best kind of nut that you can eat are pistachios.

Whereas Brazillian nuts are the richest in selenium – a mineral that is often linked to the reduction of prostate and colon cancers.

Pecans can deliver the highest amount of antioxidants of any nut and the addition of them to your snack plate can reduce your risk of cancer, Alzheimer’s as well as heart diseases.

Fatty Fish

We mentioned earlier that whatever food is good for your heart is also good for your sex life and sexual function.

There are few foods that benefit your heart more so than fatty kinds of fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines, and tuna, and these fish should feature on your eating plan at least once a week.

Fish are responsible for omega 3 fatty acids such as DHA and EPA and these will help raise your dopamine levels throughout the week.

Dopamine is linked to the triggering of arousal, and it will suffer the most during stress, anxiety, and depression. By raising your dopamine levels you can be well on your way to a healthy and active sex life.

Fatty fish also have anti-inflammatory properties and can fight blood clots, as well as leading to improved brain function and fighting off dementia.

Fish is one of the many foods that also contain the amino acid L-arginine, and this is a chemical which is responsible for the production of nitric oxide in the body.

Considering that Nitric Oxide is important for erections, and indeed one of the critical components, then you should definitely be including more fish into your diet.

Oatmeal And Other Whole Grains

Oatmeal With Bananas And Berries Will Help Men Improve Their Sexual Performance


Do you know how to naturally increase the level of testosterone in your body?

  • We didn’t either, and one of those ways is through the consumption of oatmeal. This is an essential male hormone and it plays a very critical role in the male sex drive, strength of orgasm and erection performance.
  • It should be noted that it has numerous benefits for women as well!

Oats, like many of the other foods in this list, have high amounts of L-arginine, which is often used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction through helping the blood vessels relax and aid with dilation.

Oatmeal and other whole grains have the added benefit of being slow-burning, complex carbohydrates that won’t be responsible for sending your sugar levels through the roof.

Before your next session, try eating a bowl of oatmeal with bananas, fresh berries and a drizzle of natural honey.

Oysters And Shellfish

Oysters Have Incredible Aphrodisiac Qualities And Are High In Zinc Recommended By Men Sex Toys For Better Sexual Performance


Oysters are well known for their aphrodisiac qualities, though raw oysters do actually provide benefits to sexual function.

Oysters hold one of the highest levels of zinc per any group of food. Zinc is believed to help the libido through the increase of testosterone, which can increase levels of desire.

Zinc is said to be crucial to the development of healthy sperm and increased blood circulation.

You don’t necessarily need to eat a lot of them to provide a significant benefit. Just eating around six of these tasty morsels will provide the recommended daily dose of zinc at 15mg. If you want to spice it up a little, add a dash of hot sauce.

Dark Chocolate – The Hidden Aphrodisiac

Dark Chocolate With Mint Known As Natural Aphrodisiac And Considered To Be Better Than Sex


Dark chocolate is also hailed as an aphrodisiac that is often linked to sex and sexual activity.

Dark chocolate can release a chemical compound called phenylethylamine which aids in the releasing of the same endorphins released during sexual activity, just without the orgasm of course.

Research by British scientists also reports that the consumption of chocolate can result in a longer and more intense feeling in the brain than what kissing provides.

This study saw the analysis of people eating chocolate and engaging in kissing as scientists studied their heart rates.

The brains of people kissing showed a lesser period of stimulation than when chocolate was melting on their tongue.

If you’re worried about weight loss – then eating a small 2 inch square of chocolate won’t mess your diet up.

Ceara Lynch – Humiliatrix

Hey Candii here,

I selected Ceara, for today’s post because I found character very assertive, she enjoys her role and has a lot of fun.  I remember when I did “Phone Sex Calls”.

I worked for 4 Companies one 3 at home one was for Mistress Brit, all her calls where BDSM, Dominatrix, calls, all mostly men, rarely women.

Their main reason for calling me and of course Ceara Lynch, she too has the same mind-set I had it rolled off my tongue well after a few weeks never fazed me just like her there is a sexual addiction and compelling luring aspect of wanting a strong female humiliating submissive men that got off being abuses.

Who is Ceara Lynch?

When I was 17 years old a random fetishism online offered to buy a 12 oz bottle of my urine and a pair of pantyhose for $250. It immediately occurred to me that there must be more men like him out there. Today I run a lucrative business as a freedom performer and professional humiliatrix;

Links to her website and her Podcast – have a listen 

  1. https://www.cearalynch.com

Ceara Lynch’s podcasts worth a listen see below

  1.  “Thank You, Princess”

The above podcast called “Thank You, Princess”, you can hear her talking and humiliating her male callers.

In other words Dominatrix  her actual role name is called a “Financial Dominatrix” she was drawn to this role because there was a luring obsession to put men down she likes it and makes a lot of money doing it.

She Humiliates her callers puts them down, she ignores them, she threatens to call their wives, steal their money all those kind of nasty things..is what the role expects sorry I should say the caller actually directs the Sex call operator on what his desires, kinks are.. many men like different things..

Interesting listen give yourself a bit of time and have a listen




The 10 kinds of Men’s Mamouth Members… women love


There are different kinds of dicks and they provide women with different levels of pleasure,

Not all penises are the same, and not all of the pleasure a woman the same way.

There are different kinds offering different levels of pleasure.

Lovepanky reveals what women love and why.

1 The Grower. We all know this as one of the two most-prominent classifications of the penis. This is the more discreet type, because you never know just how long and big it can go unless you go all the way with the guy.

At first, it might seem small, but rub it just a little and it grows 2 to 3 times its flaccid size. Magic!

2 The Shower. These are those dicks that seem mighty impressive and imposing even while in pants. The shower types are really showy, but when they get hard, the initial size and length aren’t any different.giphy (5).gif

3 The Banana. Well, the name is a giveaway. This kind of monkey pole is shaped and bent just like a banana. They may be dangling straight out when flaccid, but when they get hard, they bend down. This may make it appear small, but try it out for size; you might be surprised by how perfectly it rubs against your clitoris, and even your G-spot, with every thrust.

4 The Thor. This penis isn’t all big and ripped like the comic book hero. We called this penis type Thor because it’s shaped like a hammer. The head is big and the shaft is small, like a mushroom. This dick is perfect for touching the entirety of your vaginal walls—and, with shallow thrusts, your G-spot.

5 The Shroom. The mushroom manhood looks much like The Thor, but with more, shall we say exaggerated features. It is typically smaller in size, and the head is more rounded, like an umbrella or a mushroom cap. To get the most of it, you’d better opt for doggy to allow for deeper thrusting, while making the base gratifyingly rub against your clitoris.

6 The “S.” This is a seemingly slithering purple monster because it bends to one side and the other in an “S” shape. Despite its distorted shape, don’t write off this schlong as a freak of nature, because it may just make you a freak in bed. Depending on him and how he can make the most of his package, you can achieve “O” due to the tingling effect this shape brings.

7 The Chode. Wider than it is long, it is the Danny DeVito of penises. But don’t be turned off by this stump just yet. Though it can be very wide and typically stands at 4 to 5 inches, it can be very pleasurable, as it will satisfactorily fill every nook and cranny of your vagina. With deep thrusts, you can achieve maximum climax with this little fellow. Just be sure to have enough lubrication.

8 The Pencil. This love rod is, indeed, as straight as a rod. It appears straight and slim like a pencil. Its head is also almost the same width as the shaft, making it look very sleek and elongated. While this can be long, “wide” ladies won’t get much of that friction they need to get off. It can also poke your cervix, making sex painful. A woman on top and spooning are good positions.


9 The Carrot. The Carrot is perhaps the most desirable penis for women. It is slim in the end and gradually becomes thick at the base. The head is smaller and the shaft is bigger, forming a soft triangular shape that gives gradual pleasure to any woman in any position. Penetration is easy and sleek, but as the stiffy goes in deeper, the “ooh la la” sensations increase.

10 The Angry Wrestler. This penis seems angry when erect because it has veins popping out all over it. It looks veiny, but a sexier way to put it is “angry.” So this angry old chap can turn you on as you take in the veins lining up its length. There’s something primal and raw about this member, and you may even feel a slight, yet surprisingly awesome-feeling, throbbing of the veins inside you, giving you a subtle vibrating effect.

Why women love your penis just the way it is

It is a known fact that men are weirdly obsessed with their penises. They worry about the size, shape and even girth.

We have news for you: if your woman keeps coming back for more, even though you find your penis unappealing, it might be because she loves it for the reasons below.

MensHealth presents the hidden benefits of the ‘imperfect’ penis below;

Penis Predicament: Too Smallgiphy (1)

The Advantage: There are two positives to having a small dick. One, it may make anal easier on her. And two, it can make her more enthusiastic about oral sex.

“I love anal, but I’ll only have anal with small guys because I’m not a freaking masochist,” says Michele, 37.

And small wieners are easier to fellate. “Giving a normal size penis a blow job is hard on your neck, jaw, and lips,” adds Michele. “But I can go down on my small guy for as long as it takes.”

Penis Predicament: Too Thick

The Advantage: Your massive man-meat may intimidate her at first. But if you spend enough time in foreplay, not only can you fit, but you may actually feel better to her.

Girth is perhaps the most important part of the penis when it comes to pleasure in women. More girth leads to more vaginal satisfaction, as the extra girth increases pressure on the vagina walls.

Amy, 34, couldn’t agree more. “The first time I saw my boyfriend’s penis—it was like water-bottle thick—I said, ‘No way is that going inside me,’” she says. “Then once we eased it in, it was the best feeling ever.”

the ‘O’shot for women- Increases Sexual Response AND… for MEN the “P”shot!!

Just in case you are wondering what that is.. it “Jump Starts a Vagina”, gives life back to your loins…. sounds intesting, not that I require it atm but, something to think about later… or perhaps put it this way… Imagine Vagina on Roids.. wow lol

The O Shot is an all-natural, painless non-surgical procedure that can rejuvenate and revitalize vaginal and clitoral function, giving you dramatically improved sensitivity and significantly enhance your sex life.
Many women lose urine while coughing, laughing, sneezing or exercising. It can be an embarrassing and frustrating problem. Because the O Shot procedure offers rejuvenating capabilities, there is help available without the need for invasive surgery.

Ideal candidates for the O shot procedure are women who seek:

  • Stronger Orgasms
  • Increased Sexual Desire
  • Increased Natural Lubrication
  • Decreased Urinary Incontinence
  • More Orgasms

The injection to the O-Spot® rejuvenates the vaginal tissue to enhance sexual response and cure urinary incontinence.

Genital Tissue Rejuvenation by O-Shot® Australia

The O-Shot® augments and rejuvenates the G-Spot, clitoris and labia.

The O-Shot® Procedure is well-known in the United States for helping intergenerational women of all ages and backgrounds.

The O-Shot® procedure is a simple, nonsurgical, physician-administered treatment. It takes very little time and does not require ongoing medication.

If The O-Shot® procedure is available for women surely there must be a similar procedure for men?

download (2).jpg

There certainly is and it is called the P-Shot® (Priapus Shot after the Greek God of fertility).

The procedure is also performed by a trained and qualified medical practitioner and it is just as quick and relatively painless as The O-Shot® procedure.


So, if the P-Shot® does what it should, then using it on the penis should result in all of the following:


  • Immediately larger
  • Strengthen the penis
  • Straighten the penis
  • Increase circulation within the penis for a healthier organ
  • Make other therapies work better (if you still need Viagra or Cialis, then it will work better for you)
  • Increase sensation and pleasure (helps correct the damage from diabetes)
  • Proven to work in multiple studies
  • Increase size by design (Can place more in base or in the head or wherever makes for best result)
  • No allergic reactions (using your own body’s fluids)
  • No lumpiness
  • Minimal pain (no burning from the PRFM since it’s from your own body)

Remember, both the O-Shot® procedure and the P-Shot® procedure are performed by a trained medical professional so you can be comfortable that you are getting informed, professional advice and care.



Beautiful Quotes….

I have borrowed these from a great Blogger link below to the person who inspired most of these quotes…life-quotes-inspiration-i-just-want-friendship-we-have-something-so-special-and-both-be-through-so-muc


“Never ruin someone’s life with a lie, when your world can be destroyed with the truth.”

Tell them…

“If you love someone, tell them. Because hearts are broken by the words unspoken.” 

Enjoying sex…

“Enjoying sex doesn’t make you a whore, just like being a virgin doesn’t make you saint.” 

A good man…

“Allow a good man to ruin your lipstick, not your mascara.” 

Sex and Marriage12ba5c1805debdfd1dbfa06d77882a0d.jpg

“God created sex. Priests created marriage.”
– Voltaire

Lay me down…

Lay me down,
get ready to play,
clear your calendar,
to make love all day.

Start with kisses,
touch me low,
caress me tight,
as we take it slow.

Cat fight


“No matter how much cats fight, there always seem to be plenty of kittens.” – Abraham Lincoln6dd056fa77d441b87e2deffa867f35ef.jpg

Master Your Passions




“The happiness of a man in this life does not consist in the absence but in the mastery of his passions.” – Lord Tennyson Alfred

Out Standing right?

Here this beautiful man … A piece of ART in fact.. no face.. but, I would say hands down this face would be beautiful all the same..

So, apart from me and only me… that likes to comment on ART… would you NOT agree has a rather nice I dunno, hmmm, shape, form, muscular?


Would you think he perhaps needs I dunno…… company???
In the shower I mean?????


Apart from a few dirty areas.. I would say… if given a gift obviously to ME and ME .. I would be willing to share this fellow with boy or girl mainly girl…..these days.. why because no other person on this earth knows how to clean anything… so ladies…

I really appreciate it if anyone would like to comment on this rather dirty man that I am happy to share him with……… to clean him ..??????

LOL (sorry I am laughing here…)

I enlarged the picture so hopefully we have women that will comment on this big strong and mainly dirty man that really needs a good scrub!!!

Anyone????? wanna join me????


Competition time to Challenge those that think they can do this…….. more to come later….GRAND PRIZE TO THE WINNER!!!

Hey Candii here,

Competition Time……

I have a Challenge for those who think they are worthy of entering this COMPETITION, this is based on your deepest, hidden, secret, no-one has ever heard this spill from your lips Ever!

More to come… So, get your pen’s out …. I want to hear……. TBC… more to come about this competition… you must be over the age of 21 years.

Are you interested in what I have in mind for those who wish to be part of this Competition, and yes, there is a prize Gift for you.

So, firstly this is OPEN to ALL, so no-one on apart from those who are under the age of 21 years of age, which I believe should be older enough to do this.

What do you think I am wanting from those who wish to take up this challenge and win a gift to the value of $200.00

The WINNER will recieve a GRAND PRIZE, that you will all love so it doesn’t matter if you are a girl, boy, both, none, this prize will be perfect for the one who takes up this challenge and wins First Prise, there are clauses to this competition I do have to have over 25 people to send me what is going to be the most exciting Competition that you will want to enter…

So, watch this space and I will tell you later during the week what you will have to do..

Grand Prize is to be Confirmed… later..

More to come with this Competition later……… Candii xxx

The clauses are:

  • You must be over the age of 21
  • You have a flare to writing well
  • Must understand this site is for those that look out of the box
  • Only those that are worthy will be put into a draw to win the Grand Prize
  • Please only those that are interested in hearing more add your details below
  • Only those that have a KINK level of Sexual only apply
  • Do you want to win a Prize over the value of $250?
  • This isn’t going to be easy… however, that is the thing nothing is EASY, now is it?

Only those that think they can please put your details below this Competition is only valid if I recieve over 30 people, that send me a submission of interest..

Are you worthy of being The First Candii Clubs, VIXON, DOM, Master, Slave, Submissive, Kinksters, Swingers couples, this is all to cum…

So, please share this to your friends facebook pages and word press pages… and if you are not in it… then you will not WIN IT…… TBC on Friday for more information……….


What would you say on a dating site…

Perhaps I would say this…..or would I????

Although we are new we are not new if that makes sense, to this scene without going on about us as a couple I wanted to share with you a few things about me.

I am a very open fun and at times to some a little crazy, however, that is me, I have always been like this since time began…   I do drive my husband nuts, however, that is my observation of me, not of what he thinks of me…

If I do then he will tell you, and I will probably tell him to go for a flying leap of the next cliff (lovingly of course)

Why are we on here… hmm, interesting question… I really had no idea this was place was so bloody open… never heard of so many men wanting (xxx) with married couples???

…that was a shock to me… to be perfectly honest… to think I had thought we as a couple would be unique and to find out …. There is millions of you everywhere… where have I been?

I said, to my husband the other day, to be a “swinger as a man” so easy for you guys, let’s face it, it was your single life!!!

For me swinging isnt my thing nor hubby however, I think men would say those things to stop you from going…ooooooahhhhhhhhhhhhhh did you just say that??

How… funny?!

One-night stands… even us girls at times… well, a few for me but, geez, once, twice… shrug…

But, for men… simple Simon… and bang… I remember those days, men just could do this… women however, not so easy!!!

So, here we are.. hubby and I… sigh, well, this is the most honest I have broken down our “intro”, so many times, and I am still doing it…

“To answer your question… we have not had a XXX, yes it interests us, does it? yes, of course it does, silly me, lost my head for a momento….however, for me, I am struggling with it, why?

Because, my wiring is a little different … let’s just leave it there… oh, yes, a lot picky btw…

Perhaps a little old fashioned, nasisitic, passive aggressive, what else can I put…sheeesh… I am sure I will find something…

Call me what you like… crazy, weird, picky, whatever, I am what I am… so be it…..get over it…

Now… if my husband wants to add something well that is up to him………………….the above is me… his painful, loving, stubborn assed wife, winging, moaning, open, crazy, funny, real wife… ME!

How interesting if I did put the above …. just testing the field.. what is out there.. how people tick and what other thing I can add to this platter of latter….

Psst…However, if I had my choice….. you know who I would pick, but, No, means no right ?!


Husband it is your turn …………………TBC…


Now that would be an interesting dating site intro…. however, would I ever really put such things….NEVER…???.

Fran’s thought for today.. Embrace your Life… and Live it…. xxx

Imagine a life that you are so loved and appreciated for who you are it would be perfect right!

Alot of us including me have said alot on here but, I am going to share some fact about what I am about, I love people, love them to bits, I cannot and will not ever understand why people want to be something they are not!

We start our journey when we are born and sometimes it’s bumpy, horrid, happy, amazing, funny, and sometimes there are alot of our past that means so much with amazing memories.


However, I seem to see us all dwell on those times that have given us grief but, we seem to forget those other times that makes us “smile, laugh, giggle, roll around on the ground with fits of laughter”, those precious moments with your family, friends, those moments that where amazing, rediculous and darn right shocking!

I believe this, sometimes we see beauty, love, great amazing moments with loved ones but, those times when we feel so damn sad it breaks our hearts, and stops you in your tracks with dispair.

I should know I felt every, bit of them these last few months however, that noise that once was so loud, horrible that made me want to crawl into fetal position on the ground seem like a dim memory thank god!

As time goes on for me I believe that this feeling I used to feel will pass and hopefully with beautiful thoughts of walking forward will be the best times, well that is what I am hoping for.. and why the Hell not!

I wish I could fix everyone and hopefully with time and understanding maybe those few that I come across I will do my best to help them of course we cannot fix the world even though I once thought in my tiny “big ideas franny” head.

I am just a very simple chick with an open heart that cares alot about people and I share things not to shock you more to open your eyes to possibilities that you may never have thought possible or even thought before about.

It’s not that I want you all to go out there and do all those things I write about its more about awareness of what is out there, what could be something possible without those darn labels, rude remarks and slandours comments some people use when they don’t understand something or are afraid to even possibly think is possible.

We all have a right to live our lives the way we want to.. if that means that I like hanging naked upside down with a pink bikini then I will and if I want to share with you pictures I will…

Laughing, which I don’t and probably more likely wont, but, you get what I am saying I hope..hehe, just live your short beautiful life and a happy, smiling, loving and open mind.

Our minds and our hearts are the breath in our souls..

Remember that… our hearts beat, and our souls live forever….

Enjoy every moment… because before you know it .. it will be gone..


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