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CANDII KRUSH DATING SITE is a part of a major dating network called Dating Factory. Our system combines years of experience in online dating and the latest technology to create safe, enjoyable and easy to use dating websites.

Our main priority is to keep our members happy. Advanced technology and communication features give you instant access to millions of members worldwide and hundreds near to you.

An Advanced search function helps you to find exactly your type of person.

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What is the difference between a free member and a paid member?

CANDII KRUSH DATING SITE has two types of membership – Free Trial and Gold Members. Gold members can also subscribe to VIP.

Trial members can:

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Gold members can:

  • have all the features that Trial members have
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VIP members can do everything a Gold member can do plus:

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How I can get Gold or VIP membership for free?

We try to give everyone a chance to see the full functionality of our website. You can get Free or Discounted Gold or VIP memberships if you keep an eye on our news and special offers that are sent to your mailbox or announced on the website.

What is the benefit of becoming a VIP?

VIP members can do everything a Gold member can do plus:

  • be highlighted in all of the other members’ search results and galleries
  • be featured on other members’ home pages
  • be highlighted in members’ mailboxes
  • can communicate with both Gold and Trial members
  • have a priority listing on the website
  • get listed in dedicated Featured profiles galleries

How long does it take to get my membership activated?

Normally your membership gets activated instantly after you have paid. In some cases, payment can be passed to our risk management team for manual activation. In this case, it may take up to 24 hours to get processed and we may require your signature to confirm the payment.

Some payment methods require a long activation period, e.g. bank transfers, cash payments. Please contact our Support team if you need more detail on a specific payment method.

How do I cancel recurring billing?

Canceling your paid subscription will put restrictions on your profile and you may miss an opportunity to get to know that special someone out there. If you still want to stop billing go to Profile >> Account details >> Cancel billing, and choose the subscription you want to cancel. Then follow the procedure on the website.

My username/password is not working?

If you have received a system message on the screen saying that your username (email) or password is incorrect please check the following:

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If you still experience difficulties please contact our Customer Support team quoting your email address and website URL.

How to contact the Customer Support team?

Our customer support team is available for you Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. We aim to answer all emails as soon as possible. You can contact Customer support through the form on the Contacts page, or by clicking on the relevant link placed at the bottom of every page.

What if I have technical issues with this website?

If you have technical problems while using this website, please check first to see if your computer has any technical faults or your software needs updating. If you still experience difficulties accessing some pages of the website, please make a screenshot and email it to our Customer Support team together with the name of the browser you are using. Our technical experts will contact you shortly and come up with a solution on how to fix the problem.

Why have you deleted my account?

Click here to contact our support team.

Why Drag Queens are Important for Society

It is all about the Drag… let me entertain you about our past years 20 years in fact… taking those back to those times…

It certainly doesn’t stop the glamorous drag queens that you might’ve seen at your local Pride parade or The Court Hotel in  Perth,  from going on being themselves.



Not only do these high heeled and glitter-clad Queens prove some undeniably fun entertainment, but drag queens also represent the need for change in social stigma as well as the gender binary that is still enforced in the world today.

I personally think they are simply beautiful individuals with alot of talent, put most women to shame to be perfectly honest especially these day…

When I was a fag hag in late 1997-9 I must admit they always made me go wow, in totally amazement they are the best people you will ever meet.

A long time ago or not so long ago the times of Electra and from my memory was another one Named BarbieQ, Carlotta??? if my memory recalls, apart from that it was either trade night on a thursday night or house parties with good music and alot of boys with other boys.. many parties…


I do remember those days at Trade one a Thursday night, watching my dear friend Mark Qxxxx who had an alas his real name was Stef, dated him a few times even though I knew his real flavour was males, males, males.

Whichever, I loved it back in those days.. the clubs where gay and the straight clubs where straight.. no offense but, I prefered the gay clubs being gay.. cuz, it was a hoot and kept those straight opinionated men out…

Adian, “oh, where out thou” , Jason, Lisa, Mark, Steph, GG, Glenneth, Prozac, CLinton, Monkey, Sammy, Diego, Daniel, the posh bois, Tim,  oh gosh, so many that I loved and now cannot find… and to many more that I cannot recall anymore due to loosing there contact I will try and locate those wonderful beautiful times of fun, dance until you drop and smile until your face could not take it any longer…

Love lil’gal, fifi, franny xxx


I wish Labels would go away…

Labels like ‘gay’, ‘straight’, ‘female’, or ‘male’, just don’t fit-  nor matter – in the world of drag queens, labels like Moschino and McQueen do, however, matter quite a lot.

I hate, detest, revolt, every word under the sun LABELS, take away the damn labels and put us all as SEXUAL…. help with bullying with children at schools…


Anyway, back to DRAG QUEENS

Drag Queens are Beautiful, to say the least, I remember a very long time ago, when I was at the Court Hotel, that I was not allowed to go into the ladies if other LADIES, wherein there, they stood 7 foot tall and they if I can recall, “the door was either locked or manned no go into the loo….

So, I did recall testing this fact… yes, indeed, I was told to leave until they were all finished.. plus, apart from thinking OMG, well, I was on their turf at the time…  Our toilet time now piss off…

WOAH, lol, fair enough, taller, priettier, where really men, so not going to argue with them.. plus, that was 1997 back in those days…

Drag queens thrive to push the envelope of gender and force the audience to realize the extensive complexity of gender representation and sexuality.

It will never just be male or female; it goes deeper than appearance, and drag queens are a walking and talking symbol of that idea.

  • Beyond their bold makeup and ridiculous flexibility (that I still envy time to time), drag queens are standing up for the right to play and tease with gender and strip away the ‘traditional’ American views of what gender is.

So before any Kardashian ever broke the internet, drag queens have been breaking down borders and rules since day one.

These Queens are the change that we need in this world, to shape a society that breaks the gender binary and offers a colourful array of what each human wants to be in this world.

Plus, us women need a good kick up the gooohooosie…. get your heels back on ladies, and go back to being women…(talking about women who wear flats and stupid nighties to clubs these days..)

Whoopsie… did I just say that…  Enough of me… Franny gaL XXX


Me in the middle all those years ago…

Don’t be a Drag, just be a Queen!



“Secret’s of Perth”… r u ready?

Shhhhhh, wanna hear some really interesting, stats about our Perth, City?………. this information later… you will be shocked!!

Now to give you an idea what I am telling you about firstly I want to share with you a what is a………….

“Unicorn is” – refer to a female however, a male could be referred to this as well if you like it like that…

Slang for a single, generally bi-sexual female that participates in the lifestyle. Referred to as a “unicorn” because they are so rare.

Ever wonder where the adults go?

My mouth is sealed thank you, you know who u r, much warm thanks to you…for this information……….

So, what am I referring too?

Why am I telling you?

Perth Nudists

Well, it comes a time when a girl has to do what a girl has to do!!!

And that is share my friend…. share….he,he,he,he

70, 000 Perth people have been doing what most would shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it’s not about Pubs, Clubs, it’s not about Strip joint’s anymore…

However, I have been to some places where I had no idea MEN look at naked virgin’s like they are the lost planet of Mars!!!

Go Figure!!


Here are some little bits of Information that I would like to share with you

Believe it or not, it’s said that 3% of Perth’s population are Swingers, which is about 66,000 people; so just how exactly do these secret gatherings function?

Heidi, Xavier & Ryan sat down with a 36-year-old insider (whose identity has remained anonymous) in their Do You Mind If I Ask? segment and dived into everything from where they are held, what people wear, safe sex and yes, what happens if you see someone you know.

Where are they?

“There’s clubs around Perth and around Australia. There’s also house parties or Envelope Parties where you receive an envelope from someone”

What happens if you see someone you know there?

“There’s quite a few codes.

You don’t talk about what you experience.

You basically don’t say any names.

You meet somewhere very private and you talk about it if you want to talk about it or you basically just nod your head.

“If you’re passing someone by like ‘hey I know you and you know me’, that’s it. That’s all it is. Actually, you wouldn’t know the difference of a swinger… they basically have a duel life; a duel personality.”


His No. 1 tip for anyone thinking of swinging? 

“Number one, you have to get there early.

Never ever get there halfway because you’d be like a deer in the lights.

Truck’s coming your way, you don’t understand which way to go, what to do, who’s with who.”

Take a listen to the full interview below for more exclusive details:

Listen for yourselves…..


What are the different types of swingers?

Hey Peeps it’s Randy Candii,

Well, just before I end tonight with my head on the pillow into snorey land… I wanted to put you to sleep with some Randy Ideas for Perth City Swinging sets…  Everything seems to be the go these days with couples being the most popular…

Yes, I said, that couples are the favourates it seems…..

So, if you two naughty husbands and wives, partners in crime and those that just live together and maybe bored on a Friday or Saturday night, grab your flat mate or partner or some good looking random off the side of the classiest club you find (was going to say some GUY off the street..which I would not do myself..) but, thought I better be a little classy with my assey…

Personally, I prefer my parties a little more private… like in another planet or perhaps high end penthouse on top of a Piano… (ha) there was a bit more to that joke moving alone…

Next, anyhoo I have slapped some more news for you if any of you Sassy couples that want a bit of extra to keep you two company.. then read on….

Until next time… oh yes, in the mean time please update me if you do get it on with a hotty, cuz I love to hear sexy shit like that… why?:

I might even write about your night with some hot stuff and make it real life for you… so get writing and I will find that video camera…. now where did I put it…mmmm

Love Candii, who apparently is … randy…. xxx


So, what type of Swingers do we have…

Much in the same way that you can’t stereotype swingers in general, no two swinger couples necessarily play the same way either.

The common assumption is that swinging involves partner swapping for sex.

However, the more swingers you meet, the more you realise that swinging doesn’t have set rules.

Here are some types of swingers, or ways to engage in swinging:

Soft Swapping/Swinging

Many new swinger couples opt for soft swapping as their first swinging experience. While seasoned veterans may eschew soft swinging, this gentle introduction to group fun is perfect for couples are who aren’t sure how far they want to take things. Soft swinging may not involve any level of partner swapping at all (ie – same partner, same room sex) with the thrill being from being able to watch another couple have sex. Some couples may be comfortable swapping some foreplay before returning to their own partner for intercourse. Soft swinging may also just involve the women playing with each other while the men watch.

Full Swapping

Full swapping is still the default objective of swinging and if you approach another swinger couple at a swingers club or via an online swingers dating site, then you can assume that is what’s going to happen if you hook up. Full swapping still happens in the same room however, with the enjoyment factor mainly being that all four of you are on the same bed with full access to all body parts. If all partners are bisexual then you can imagine this type of swapping leads to a giant tangle of arms and legs, and big, big smiles.

Open Swinging

Open swinging takes things up another level. Some couples are content for each other to enjoy whatever fun opportunity comes their way without the other partner being present. Many prefer full swapping but in separate rooms for maximum enjoyment of a new partner. It’s not so much that they do not enjoy watching their partner with another person but they understand it’s not always practical to ensure everyone’s other half are present without breaking the sexy mood. This is probably more common at swingers clubs and swingers parties where it’s not unusual for one partner to be socialising whereas the other has found an opportunity to play. As long as it doesn’t put anyone off, this is a popular option for the more confident swinger couple.

Open Relationships

Swinging is essentially the act of two or more couples sexually interacting with each other so open relationships are technically not a type of swinging.

However, many swinger couples dabble in having an open relationship as another element of naughty fun.

A lot of couples find the party scene a bit too much and the task of finding a compatible couple daunting. As such, it makes sense for them to seek out partners they are individually attracted to have fun like a single. Some swinger couples frown on open relationships but couples who like to play openly are just as committed to each other.

Swingers Clubs in Australia

Swingers Clubs in Australia

It’s a hard task to name the best swingers club in Australia. You can search Google but since you’ve found Swingers Australia, then search no more. Swingers Australia has the biggest, comprehensive listing of swingers clubs in Australia.

Visiting a swingers club is great fun for both sexy couples and adventurous singles. You have the chance to meet and maybe have sex with other swingers from your area. Our swingers club section will allow you to search your area and find other swingers.

For those of you that don’t know, a swingers club is where married or otherwise committed couple swingers go to meet other swingers and actively engage in recreational sex with other swinger couples.

Some swingers clubs in Australia are actual night clubs that include private and public places to have sex if singles and couples so please. Other swinger club activities start at a regular night club that will host a couple or swingers night for sexy people to meet and then those couples go to another venue to have sex.

Even if your preference is to meet swingers via adult dating websites, it can be a lot of fun to arrange for a few couples to meet for the first time socially at a regular bar, before heading to a swingers club to take a look. Especially those who may be unsure about clubs and swingers parties, being in the company of people you’ve already met and click with will make your first time experience a lot of fun and stress-free.

Swingers Australia is the place to find out about the best clubs and parties in your area. Whether you live in Sydney or Brisbane, we’ll let you know where the action is at.

Swingers Clubs in Sydney
Swingers Clubs in Melbourne
Swingers Clubs in Perth
Swingers Clubs in Brisbane
Swingers Clubs in Adelaide

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