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Managing Expectations in a Casual Relationship

Go Figure… me? Well, I don’t seem to ever put expectations on most evenings however is that wise? I would say No!

For me after I marry I am not well available.. however, as we age and live together longer who bloody knows.. But, and alwaYS a But, the only way I would dabble in the naughty is with him……. not without….. so that is my difference.. That is just me.. for those that are more open continue reading..

For some people, a casual relationship is nothing more than a one-night stand. For others, it can mean having a long-term sex partner without co-mingling living situations, families and finances. Either one of those options and the variations in between can be had and can be wonderful. It all starts with managing your expectations.

State Up Front What You Want
Be clear about what you want and what your boundaries are. If those things aren’t okay with the person you’re chatting up, don’t try to talk them into something they don’t want to do or say anything – especially if they’re outright false promises or lies – just to get them into bed. That’s something desperate losers do.

Don’t Expect People to Change
There are a lot of people, especially women, that believe that if the sex is great, that the other person will keep coming back for more or want to develop something more than just a casual relationship. Luring someone in by entrapment never works out or ends well. It’s also dishonest.

Don’t Make Too Many Compromises
Be completely comfortable and accepting with what the other person wants and has to offer in a casual relationship. If you give up too much, you’re going to regret being in the situation you got yourself into. You are entitled to have your casual relationship be a good and happy thing, sexually and otherwise.

When Emotions Get Lopsided
As much as people can tell themselves that a casual relationship is “just sex”, sex is loaded with emotions. After all, sex feels great. Right? A lot of those “feel good” emotions can lead to attachment. That’s why open communication is so important. Talk about your casual relationship as it evolves. If feelings for and expectations of each other aren’t mutual, it’s easier to deal with the situation sooner than later.

Be Friends
Like the person, you’re hooking up with. Be decent, kind, thoughtful and respectful. If you can’t do or be those things, don’t expect a hot sexual vibe in return. If you feel like that’s a chore or obligation, the other person will sense that and think you’re an asshole, and no one wants to have sex with an asshole. And if you don’t like the person you’re hooking up with or if you’re not having fun like friends of any other type do, your sex is not going to be fun.


If I turned around so many things would have been different, would it? Probably, maybe, who would know, maybe better than you think!

A Word About Respect
I recently came upon a blog discussion thread where a bunch of men were complaining about the way women disrespect them. Everyone is entitled to respect but it’s earned both ways. If you don’t treat people well, hold up your responsibilities, or keep your word, the other person has every right to be pissed off with you. Being in a casual relationship doesn’t mean that you can be casual about manners and courtesy.

Finding a Casual Sex Partner isn’t Necessarily Immediate or Easy
Even if there are hundreds or thousands of potential casual sex partners on a casual sex dating site, it doesn’t mean that you should expect sex on demand or instant gratification. It might take weeks or months to find or cultivate an eventual hookup. Remember that you’re dealing with available people and not just available bodies. Just because someone is available for a casual relationship doesn’t mean that they owe you sex.cropped-images-62.jpg

Funny Pick up Lines…

Love this very much so here are a few Pick UP lines… for you to use…However, I highly recommend YOU, watching this Video… it’s a scream……which means it’s funny…

Just Bloody well watch it…god damn it!!!

Your name must be Coca Cola, because you’re soda-licious.

You’re hotter than the bottom of my laptop.

If you were a chicken, you’d be impeccable.

I would flirt with you, but I’d rather seduce you with my awkwardness.

I have amnesia, do I come here often?

I’m not a photographer, but I can picture us together.

I don’t need Twitter, I’m already following you.

Do you know the essential difference between sex and conversation? (No.) Do you wanna go upstairs and talk?corny-love-quote.jpg

Do you sleep on your stomach? If not, can I?

Somebody call the cops. It’s got to be illegal to look that good.

I’ve had such an off week but seeing you just turns me on.

Your body is a wonderland and I want to be Alice.

I’m going to kiss you now. Say “Kiss me” now if you want me to stop.

Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?

Your lips look lonely. Let me introduce them to mine.

The Funniest Pick Up Lines Ever - Is There A Mirror

Is there a mirror in your pants…? I think I can see myself in them..

Hi, I’m doing a survey …What’s your name? What’s your phone number? Are you free next Saturday?

Kiss me if I’m wrong, but dinosaurs do still exist, don’t they?

I’m going to give you a kiss. If you don’t like it, just return it.

I think there’s something wrong with my phone. Could you try calling it for me to see if it rings?

My magical watch says you aren’t wearing any underwear! (I am.) It must be an hour fast.

1r10kp.jpgYou must be a keyboard, because you’re just my type.

You’re so hot, if you ate bread you’d poop out toast.

If I had to rate you from 1 to 10, I’d rate you as a 9 because I’m the 1 you’re missing.

What do I have to do to get on your drunk dial list?

You make me wish I wasn’t gay.

Are you accepting applications for your fan club?

If you were a basketball, I’d never shoot because I’d always miss you.

Are you related to Jean-Claude Van Damme?

Because Jean-Claude Van Damme, you’re sexy!

I'm New In Town - Chat Up Line

I’m new in town. Can I have the directions to your house please?

My feet are getting cold… because you’ve knocked my socks off.

There’s something wrong with my mobile. It doesn’t have your number in it.

It’s a good job I brought my library card, because I’m checking you out.

I’m not drunk… I’m just intoxicated by you.

I lost my teddy bear. Will you sleep with me instead?

Is your second name Jacobs, because you’re a cracker?images (35).jpg

Did you get your licenses suspended for driving all these guys crazy?

If you were a bogey, I would pick you first.

You’re hot, I’m ugly. Let’s make average babies.

Excuse me, but I think I dropped something… my jaw!

Are you wearing space pants?

Because that butt is out of this world.

Was your mother a beaver? Because DAAAAMN girl!

Are you a parking ticket? Because you’ve got FINE written all over you.

I bet you $10 you’re gonna turn me down.

Roses are red, violets are blue, I have a gun, get in the van.

There’s a huge sale going on in my bedroom right now. Clothes are 100% off!

Here I am. Now what are your other two wishes?

Remember me? No? Oh that’s right, I’ve only met you in my dreams.

Hey girl, you’re gonna have to stop eating magnets; you’re making me attracted to you.


But, wait there is more


Roses are red, bananas are yellow, wanna go out with a nice little fellow?

You wanna know the best thing in my life?

It’s the first word of this sentence.


If you’re here, who’s running heaven?

Kiss me if I’m wrong, but dinosaurs still exist right?

Do you have a name? Or can I call you mine?

Are you an alien because you just abducted my heart?

Let’s commit the perfect crime. I’ll steal your heart and you can steal mine.

Where do you hide your halo?

You’re pretty and I’m cute.

Together we’d be pretty cute.

You look familiar – did we have class together?

I could have sworn we had chemistry.

You’re like a dictionary.

You add meaning to my life.

If you hold 8 roses in front of a mirror, you’ll see 9 of the most beautiful things in the world.

If I had a star for every time you brightened my life, I’d be holding a galaxy.

Do you have a Bandaid?

Because I just scraped my knee falling for you.

Is your body from McDonald’s?

Because I’m lovin’ it.Epic-Rumi-Quotes-spiritual-poems.jpg

If I were a stop light, I’d turn red every time you passed by, just so I could stare at you a bit longer.

Your eyes are bluer than the Atlantic ocean and baby, I’m all lost at sea.

There’s 21 letters in the alphabet right?

Oh wait, I forgot U R A Q T.

Can you kiss me on the cheek so I can at least say a cute girl kissed me tonight?

You are so beautiful that you give the sun a reason to shine.

I’ll give you a kiss.

If you don’t like it, you can return it.

Beautiful Quotes….

I have borrowed these from a great Blogger link below to the person who inspired most of these quotes…life-quotes-inspiration-i-just-want-friendship-we-have-something-so-special-and-both-be-through-so-muc


“Never ruin someone’s life with a lie, when your world can be destroyed with the truth.”

Tell them…

“If you love someone, tell them. Because hearts are broken by the words unspoken.” 

Enjoying sex…

“Enjoying sex doesn’t make you a whore, just like being a virgin doesn’t make you saint.” 

A good man…

“Allow a good man to ruin your lipstick, not your mascara.” 

Sex and Marriage12ba5c1805debdfd1dbfa06d77882a0d.jpg

“God created sex. Priests created marriage.”
– Voltaire

Lay me down…

Lay me down,
get ready to play,
clear your calendar,
to make love all day.

Start with kisses,
touch me low,
caress me tight,
as we take it slow.

Cat fight


“No matter how much cats fight, there always seem to be plenty of kittens.” – Abraham Lincoln6dd056fa77d441b87e2deffa867f35ef.jpg

Master Your Passions




“The happiness of a man in this life does not consist in the absence but in the mastery of his passions.” – Lord Tennyson Alfred




Welcome to October, Aries. This month many of you will be celebrating your half-birthday, making it a period of reflection when it comes to who you’re evolving into and who you’re allowing in your life on a physical, mental, emotional and sexual level. One of the biggest reasons for this heightened level of self-awareness is the fact that Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, will have just ended its retrograde in your social status and reputation sector as the month of October begins. People think they know you, Aries. They love to characterize you as a confident, sometimes cocky, popular and sexual being without a care in the world. But there’s so much more to you than those stereotypes, and the month of October will have you delving more deeply into exploring your sexual and emotional nature than ever before. One of the questions you may be asking yourself is how much you’ve been focused on how you are perceived in relationships or while having sex, as opposed to simply letting yourself feel sexually liberated and going after your desires without second-guessing yourself.

On October 5, Venus goes retrograde in the sign of Scorpio, and this lights up your intimacy and merging sector, further intensifying this soul-searching part of you. Your sex partner(s) may at first feel weirded out by how much more emotional and sensitive you’ll be during Venus Retrograde. You may also be weirded out too, because as a Fire Sign, your first instinct is often to run away from things that get too deep and to simply live in the moment But this month, the Scorpio energy will force you to reveal your deepest feelings in order to feel sexually empowered and at peace. Venus Retrograde may lead to you thinking about some of your best sexual experiences from the past, as well as some of the most challenging or unfortunate ones. People from your past are likely to resurface during Venus Retrograde as well. Perhaps you’re seeking closure, or they are, but don’t immediately run or react to their appearance. Ask yourself, “what is the Universe trying to teach me?” Think carefully before partaking in sexual experiences with someone who has broken your heart, Aries. And avoid trying to get revenge on someone by being sexually manipulative. Take the high road if you can, and only sleep with people who make you feel safe and secure. That doesn’t mean the sex will be safe and secure though — quite the opposite. Once you feel comfortable enough to let down your guard, your naughtiest sexual qualities will come right out and please both you and your partner(s) in ways beyond your imagination. S&M, anyone?

Since the Sun will be in Libra for the first three weeks of October, your partnership sector will be highlighted, so love and relationships will be on your mind. You’ll be in the mood for major sexual healing, but make sure you’re not using sex as a way to fill an emotional void if there are lingering issues in your relationship(s) that you must discuss. Libra Season is ideal for clearing the air, and the Sun in Libra will balance out the all-consuming sexual energy of Venus in Scorpio, because it will allow you to think with your head and not only your body. Having heart-to-hearts with people you’d like to merge with is the name of the game from October 1st – 22nd, Aries. You may sometimes be tempted to mince your words, but simply take time to think them through and make sure you’re not blaming others for any challenges you may be going through romantically. Once you set boundaries and let people know how you’re feeling, your sex life will benefit greatly from this initiative and you’ll be ready to please and be pleased.

The last week of the month leads to a major shift in your sexual mood once the Sun enters dramatic Scorpio and activates your sector of depth and mysticism. If you were previously indecisive about whom you should give your attention to (for single Aries’), or what you should express to your sexual partner (for Aries’ in a relationship), the Sun in Scorpio, combined with Mercury, the Planet of Communication, also being in Scorpio, will make you feel more sure of what to do next. People will find your increased confidence and bold nature to be very irresistible, so even if you act a bit mysterious or elusive, they’ll be drawn to your aura and want to merge with you and be consumed by you. You may at first be overwhelmed by their more attached and obsessive tendencies towards you, but you might as well take it as a compliment, especially around the Taurus Full Moon on the 24th. Your security and abundance sector will be activated, which means that a connection in the days preceding or following the Full Moon will deeply boost your self-esteem and make you feel more sexually free, allowing you to indulge in some deep, dark, fantasies. Ooh la la!



When it comes to sex, Aries, you are known as the fiercest, boldest, and most fiery sexual partner out there. This is largely due to the fact that you are the first sign of the zodiac, and you are ruled by Mars, the Planet of Action and Passion. When you’re turned on sexually, you can become quite impulsive and driven to get what you want. Of course, there are many kinds of Aries in the world, and if you’re among the shyer types, you may have to work your way up to this level of sexual prowess. But for most Aries, you come off as one of the most confident, sexy, and irresistible sexual partners. People can actually be a bit intimidated by you, because you give off an impenetrable aura, and they may think that they don’t even stand a chance. Your ability to portray this super sexy confidence is what makes you one of the most irresistible lovers of the zodiac, Aries. For the lucky people who do get a chance to connect with you sexually, they quickly realize that they must up their game to keep up with your sexual stamina.

You are a partner that has high demands when it comes to your sexual pleasure. First off, once you get turned-on you are on a mission to fulfill your sexual urges, and you can get cranky when you don’t feel sexually satisfied. One of your evolutionary lessons is to learn how to take your partner’s needs into consideration, and not be too selfish in bed. Yes, you have amazing moves and you know how to take control, but if you’re with a less vocal partner like a Water or Earth sign, you may find yourself having to slow your roll and tune into their more intuitive and subconscious sexual desires. While you’re the type of sign that likes to be direct about your sexual preferences, not everyone is up to speed, and as you learn to be more adaptable to the needs of your various partners, you will experience a much more fulfilling sex life.

If you’re with a fellow Fire sign or an Air sign, you may find that you both view sex as a complete adventure and it can be harder to take each other’s emotions that seriously. While it can be wildly fun at first, eventually you may feel like you’ve gone from 0 to 100 a bit too quickly, and the initial interest may faze out. As an Aries, you’re someone that likes to live in the present moment, and you want your partners to do so too. You may therefore feel most compatible with a Fire or Air sign, but make sure that it’s not because you’re running away from your own feelings or emotions. You are quite the passionate sign, so indulge in that aspect of yourself and admit when you’re starting to fall for someone. There’s so much more to you than your bold sexual nature, and Water and Earth signs may draw that depth out of you more easily than you’d like to admit…

One thing’s for sure, when people engage in a sexual relationship with you, Aries, they never forget it. You’re the type of partner that fulfills people’s wildest fantasies, and you enjoy seeing the ecstasy on their face as you bring them to climax. However, you are also one to prioritize your own climax first and foremost, and that is to be respected. While others can sometimes be harsh on you for this quality, as long as you’re reciprocating the fulfillment, all’s well that ends well in your eyes! Ultimately, you want to feel like you’re the center of your partner’s world, and you crave the attention and admiration you get when they have sex with you. Your desire to dominate in bed and be seen as a sexual conquest is palpable to many, and you’re attracted to partners who won’t shy away from your domineering tendencies, but instead be drawn to it. You want someone who is as carefree and fun as you, both inside and outside of the bedroom. You don’t want to be bogged down by intense, super emotional conversations when you could instead be getting it on without a care in the world. People who want to sleep with you must understand that about you, or else it won’t last long. That may be why you earn the reputation as a major heartbreaker, Aries. But people can’t get enough of you.




Welcome to October, Gemini. This month is a blend of light-hearted, adventurous and fun energy in your sex life, and more serious, emotional and dark energy. This is due to the fact that it’s Libra Season for the first three weeks of the month, and then the Sun enters the ultra-sexy sign of Scorpio, leading to some of your sexual skeletons coming out of the closet. Venus, the Planet of Love, will have already been in Scorpio for several weeks, and it remains there all month long. The energy of Venus in Scorpio activates your health and wellness sector, Gemini, and this may lead to you seeking more monogamy and intimacy in your sex life than people may be used to. Even if many people come your way and give you attention this month, your desire for exclusivity and cuddle sessions with your one-and-only will outweigh your desire to play the field.

As a Gemini, you are a sign of twins though, so you may feel this way one day and completely different the next. That’s where the energy of Libra Season comes in. When the Sun is in Libra from October 1 – October 22 of this month, your sector of adventure and youthfulness is activated, and this can make you feel a complete contrast to the commitment-oriented vibes of Venus in Scorpio. Libra is a fellow Air sign like you, and it doesn’t like to take things too seriously or look too deeply into the future. So for single Geminis especially, while one twin may have their mind set on slowing things down and having sex with just one person, the other twin may be open to exploring several options, going on multiple dates with different partners, and harmlessly flirting your way to hooking up with them. This can leave you a bit confused when it comes to what you really want, Gemini.

On top of all this, Venus will be retrograde in Scorpio starting on October 5th, and when the Planet of Love backtracks in the cosmos, you may find yourself second-guessing your own intentions and living in a fantasy world. It’s essential that you don’t simply give your partner(s) what you think they want, or tell them what you think they want to hear… You should spend time on your own during Venus in Scorpio and figure out what would truly please you sexually. If you’ve been spreading yourself too thin at work, in your social life, and in your romantic life, it may be time to spend more time alone this month and evaluate what you need to be more balanced and less all over the place. You can indulge in sexual pleasure on your own just as much (if not better) than you do with someone else, so embrace masturbation and self-pleasure this month as much as you desire. This will deepen your connection with yourself, and once you feel more centered emotionally, it will also heighten your sexual bond with those you merge with.

Fortunately, the Libra New Moon on October 8th leads to a much-needed change of pace when it comes to the sometimes overwhelming energy of Venus in Scorpio. Once again, Libra will lighten up your mood and bring out your more spontaneous side. The ten days following a New Moon are perfect for morphing into a new version of yourself, with intentionality and optimism. If you’ve been having romantic or sexual fantasies but have kept them to yourself because you weren’t sure if your partner(s) would be down, you may feel motivated to speak your truth without holding back around this New Moon. You can start off by writing down your fantasies in a journal or sharing them with someone super close to you, like a non-judgmental best friend. You’re the sign of communication, so the worst thing you could do this month is keep your true sexual desires to yourself!

On October 23, the Sun shifts out of Libra and joins Venus, Jupiter and your ruler Mercury in the mysterious sign of Scorpio, intensifying your self-care sector. The last 8 days of the month will have you digging deeper in your sex life and making sure that you’re not connecting superficially with people. There’s a side of you that not many people are aware of Gemini, and that’s the side that’s constantly seeking your soulmate and other half. If you’re already in a relationship, Scorpio Season will help you get closer and more intimately involved with your partner. Take a break from technology at night, or if you must engage in it, watch a sexy movie with them as a form of foreplay, then turn off your phones and commit to making each other cum. If you’re single, dare to peel back the layers when conversing with people you’re dating or talking to. Dare to get vulnerable and naked, both literally and figuratively. Then watch how much your sex life explodes for the better.



Gemini is symbolized by the Twins and is ruled by Mercury, the Planet of Communication. This makes you one of the least predictable signs of the zodiac, and the king or queen of experimentation when it comes to sex. Easily bored, you absolutely hate routine in the bedroom. You’re the sign that’s always down to try something new, and you’re likely to get your partner(s) to be up for it too. You also aren’t one to be pinned down to just one sexual partner, unless that partner has what it takes to keep you interested for the long haul. For you, sex should be a constant adventure and roller-coaster ride. There are plenty of fish in the sea, and you want to be able to swim with them all. One of your lessons as a Gemini is to focus on quality rather than quantity though. Also learn how to let sensuality and vulnerability become infused within your sexuality, so that there’s more to it than just sleeping around. With time, your sexual partners do realize that as an Air Sign, you are a sapiosexual — you’re someone who’s attracted to people’s minds more than their physical bodies. This may surprise many people who have characterized you as a shallow and flakey sign. But in reality, you want to be able to not only have many rounds of sex, but also have plenty of discussions with your sexual partner(s) about all topics under the sun.

In fact, since talking is your area of expertise, you are known as being very verbose in the bedroom. When you’re turned on, you want to let your partner know, and you want them to vocalize what they’re feeling sexually too. If you’re with a fellow Air sign or Fire sign, that communicative nature may be compatible with their expressive nature. Earth and Water signs tend to want to just feel things in the moment and may need some time to adjust to your more expressive and wordy sexual tendencies. You really can’t help yourself though. Since you’re ruled by the Planet of Communication, you’re constantly asking yourself, “How am I doing? Do they enjoy this? What can I do to make them enjoy it even more? What are they thinking right now?” One of your evolutionary lessons as a sexual partner is to just be in the moment and shut off your constantly racing mind. It will take practice, but it’s definitely going to increase your sexual stamina because you’ll be able to focus on pleasing and being pleased.

As a Gemini, your idea of foreplay is sending your sexual conquest an impromptu sext letting them know they’re on your mind, and daring them to spontaneously meet you at the nearest location for a quickie. People never know what they’re going to get with you, and you keep them on their toes, so they view you as an elusive, charming, flirtatious and witty sexual partner. But they also feel like just as they’re starting to get to know you, you morph into someone new. Ruled by the Twins, you are known for being dual-natured, or honestly, infinitely natured. You change every day–every hour, really. So do your sexual needs. One moment you may be craving a long, drawn-out sexcapade, and the other you may want to simply masturbate by yourself and take care of your own needs without a partner in sight. You vacillate between introversion and extroversion, and people can never truly tell how into them you are until you finally spill the beans and don’t shy away from human connection.

Another plus of being ruled by Mercury is that you make incredible use of your lips. Geminis are known for being formidable kissers. Not only will you want to make-out with your sex partner(s) and leave them wanting more, but you give life-changing, orgasmic oral sex, and you often do so with a great amount of pleasure and generosity. There’s no oral like a Gemini’s oral. This is often your way to get your partners completely hooked and smitten by you. They’ll endlessly daydream about the times you went down on them and be left craving more. The same goes for your use of your hands, which is the body part you are ruled by. Fingering is your forte, as well as handjobs. You are a master at the art of touch, and you love being touched absolutely everywhere. You also love to surprise your partners with new sexual positions that you may reveal when they least expect it. For you, boredom is never an option, so you’re always game to try something completely out there that other signs may at first be too shy to engage in. Ultimately, Gemini, you are a very energizing and exciting sexual partner, although you can also be flighty and a bit all over the place when it comes to where you direct your sexual energy. When you do decide to commit to one person though, they will feel like they have ten sexual partners all in one, and as long as they’re down for the ride, you both can have the time of your lives exploring and fulfilling each others’ deepest fantasies.



Welcome to October, Cancer. Your sexual moods may vacillate quite a bit this month due to the contrasting energy of Libra Season and Scorpio Season. Plus, you tend to be moody in general (which is completely normal since you’re ruled by the Moon, which is affected by the ocean’s tides), so you’ll be taking time this month to process all of your emotions. Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, finally ended its five-month retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. Pluto’s now direct in your partnership and marriage sector, giving you so much more clarity when it comes to what you want from love and sex! There will still be a post-shadow period of Pluto Retrograde though, so you may still be healing from past hurts or disappointments in your present or past relationships, but all in all you’ll feel much more at ease with how far you’ve come, and not only will this boost your morale but it’ll heighten your sexual drive. You’ve put in the work to become a more empowered version of yourself, and it’ll pay off this month — you’ll be able to have sex without overthinking every little thing.

It is important to note that Venus, the Planet of Love, will go retrograde on October 5 in the sign of Scorpio, so you won’t be completely off the hook when it comes to matters connected to sex, love, intimacy and your past. But Venus Retrograde won’t last nearly as long as Saturn Retrograde did, so out of all the zodiac signs, you’re the most equipped to deal with this transit. As they say, “know better, do better”. No more falling into the familiar traps of people who are emotionally unavailable or who are simply playing mind games to get your attention. Venus in Scorpio will have you feeling extra selective when it comes to whom you make love to. If you’re already partnered up, you’ll be more clear about your expectations in love with them, and if they’ve hurt or disappointed you in any way, you won’t hesitate to let them know. Just make sure that the conversation goes both ways, Cancer. You aren’t perfect either, and you’ve made mistakes (perhaps unconsciously) that may have hurt them too. Avoid getting defensive if your partner calls you out on them during Venus in Scorpio. View it as a growing experience and watch how much closer you two get sexually as a result. You both will want to merge with each other soulfully and physically once you’ve gotten to the root of what may have caused previous blockages or bitterness in your sex life.

On October 8, a fresh start awaits as the Libra New Moon activates your domestic and values sector. You’ll feel this energy for 10 days, so from the 8th to the 18th you’ll be thinking about what you need to feel secure in your skin and with your sex partner(s). You’ll also be more in a homebody mood than usual, so create the right setting and invite your lover over to have sex at your place — set up the mood just how you like it. The more comfortable you are in your environment, the more you’ll open up to them and let out your inner freak. This New Moon will help you take yourself a bit less seriously, because Libra energy is all about letting loose and focusing on creating balance between the partners. You’ll be focused on their pleasure and happiness, and they’ll be focused on yours. It will be refreshing for you to take a break from letting your emotions cloud your judgment. Indulge in carefree and uninhibited sex, Cancer!

From the 23rd onwards though, you may find yourself vacillating between keeping things nice and chill, and getting down and dirty sexually. The Sun will have joined Venus in Scorpio for a month-long stay, and you’ll feel more horny than ever with these planets in the sex sign of the zodiac. You’ll have extreme sexual fantasies during Scorpio Season, and the Taurus Moon on October 24th will activate your networking sector, meaning that if you’re single or mingling, a friend may end up making advances on you around the last week of the month — or vice versa! Before you know it, you may end up in each other’s beds, and this can lead to the “what are we?” conversation taking place. It’s hard for you to have casual sex unless you’re truly in the right mindset, so be honest with yourself about how far this situation can go. But it’s quite likely that the sex will be so hot that you won’t be able to extricate yourself from that connection that easily… Maybe you should wait and see where it all leads to…



When it comes to sex, Cancer, you are a pro at sensuality and intimacy, and you take this physical act very seriously. For you, everything sexual is first connected to your emotional world. You have to feel good in your skin and you have to feel good about your sexual partner(s) in order to let down your guard and come out of your shell. Once you do, you become one of the most unforgettable sexual partners of the zodiac. While many signs like to verbally express their sexual desires, you like to communicate through innuendos and eye contact. This makes you ultra sensitive to other people’s vibes. You can easily pick up on how they feel about you, and you make it clear when you’re interested in them sexually too. But for you, sex is never just sex. It has to be tied with a powerful emotional bond, one that may take weeks, or even months to fully develop. That doesn’t mean you won’t ever partake in a one-night stand or quickie, but you much prefer the type of sexual relationship that evolves over time. You want to feel like your partner has exclusively chosen you to savor and please, and vice-versa. For this reason, you can get easily attached to your sexual partners, and you are known as being one of the most emotionally dependent signs of the zodiac.

One of the first things that people notice about you as a sexual partner is how attentive, affectionate, and compassionate you are. You’re constantly tuning into your partner’s needs, without them even having to say anything verbally. You have mind-reading tendencies and the power to intuitively pick up on what’s not verbally expressed. As the nurturer of the zodiac, ruled by the Moon, your natural instinct is to protect those you care about. You have to make sure this doesn’t veer into you becoming overprotective, clingy, or babying your partner though. One of your evolutionary lessons when it comes to sex is to learn how to give those you’re into some space, even if you want to spend every waking moment with them and want to fully merge with their mind, body, and soul. This is especially true if you’re into a Fire or Air sign, because their love language is very different than yours. You’re into connecting with people for the long-haul, and you often want to know where things are going before you reveal yourself sexually (that’s one of the biggest forms of vulnerability for you). However, Fire and Air signs are much more impulsive and in-the-moment than you are, and they may not want to have “the talk” before trying to get you under their sheets. If you merge sexually with a fellow Water sign or an Earth sign though, you two may end up on the same wavelength, because they’re less speedy sexually.

Any sign that wants to really get you to open up must understand that you also like to be taken care of and nurtured, even if you don’t overly express it. You like to be constantly reassured that your sexual partner(s) are appreciative of you and like (or even love) you, and if you don’t feel that reassurance you may feel the urge to stray or to close off sexually, much like the crab that represents you. The thing about you, Cancer, is that you can be very passive-aggressive when you don’t get what you want. You won’t necessarily let your partner(s) know that you’re feeling a certain way, but your body language and lack of direct communication will do all the talking for you. This can deeply confuse people who are used to a more direct approach of communication, and they may give you space before attempting to connect with you again.

When all is well, though, and you’re in a happy, turned-on mood, you’re into spooning with your sexual partner, cuddling, and giving each other erotic massages. You also love the visual aspect of tantalizing your partner, so showing off your bare skin, chest, cleavage, butt, you get the idea. The more sheer the apparel, the better. And one thing that’s surprising about you, is that although you crave commitment from your partners, you can sometimes be tempted and lured into having an affair with someone else because of your intense sensuality and magnetism! You can be full of double standards, and admitting that to yourself is essential to having a healthy sex life. Truth be told, you’re not as innocent as you may initially seem…



Welcome to October, Leo. Your more driven and go-getter personality will come out to play this month, and this will make your sex life very interesting and quite unpredictable. You often feel at ease during Libra Season, and this month the Sun will be in the sign of Libra from October 1 – October 22. This will feel refreshing for you, especially since your communication sector will be activated by this solar transit. Libra’s energy is flirtatious, light-hearted, charming and intellectual. Those are the themes that will characterize your romantic and sex life. After a more serious Virgo Season last month, you’re ready to lighten up the mood and not take things too seriously when it comes to your love life and sexual escapades. If you’re in a relationship, this is a good month to play hooky from work on a spontaneous day, or go on a roadtrip to keep the sparks alive as you rediscover some of your favorite sexual positions and explore new ones together. If you’re dating or single, people will be very drawn to you because of your high sex appeal and confidence. They’ll want to engage with you, take you out, and woo you. You’ll love the attention! And if you’ve ruled off love for some reason, your mind will still be fantasizing about all the possibilities that exist, and your masturbation sessions may be steamier than ever as a result of your vivid imagination and dedication to self-love.

One potential drawback to the month is Venus beginning its retrograde in the sign of Scorpio on October 5. This will take place in your domestic and values sector, and as much as you may have wanted to indulge in the stress-free, care-free vibes of Libra Season, the retrograde energy will make you have to face some truths about how you process emotions that you may have previously brush under the rug. All of a sudden, flashbacks of an old romance or fling that didn’t pan out may enter your memory, and it may cramp your style when it comes to engaging in sexual connections without too much baggage. The key is to face these emotions that do come up. If they have to do with a current relationship that’s undergoing some drama, Venus Retrograde may lead to you wanting to hash it out immediately, but beware of the intense, stubborn and dramatic energy of Venus in Scorpio. As a Leo, you are a Fixed sign, just like Scorpio, so it’s hard for you to admit your own faults or to hear people out when your mind’s made up about a situation. So if you try to rush into speaking your truth without being open enough to hear the other party’s perspective, everything can backfire and you can end up extremely sexually frustrated. Your pride won’t let you kiss and make up that easily, and no one will be happy. So instead, use the Venus in Scorpio retrograde to vent to a best friend or therapist, work out, and indulge in reflective and meditative activities. Only once your mind is clear and your ego isn’t inflated should you bring up sensitive topics with an ex or current boo. You’ll be proud of yourself for waiting it out, and then if you decide to have make-up sex, it’ll feel really intimate and spiritual because you and the other person will feel seen, respected, and acknowledged.

The New Moon in Libra on the 8th ignites powerful energy that lasts until October 18th, and it will help balance out the intensity of Venus Retrograde. Don’t be surprised if someone slides into your DMs after you post a sexy pic on your social media feed, or if you find yourself hitting it off with someone at a party. You’ll be giving off approachable and charming vibes during this New Moon period, and you’ll be more open to impromptu sexual adventures, perhaps even with someone whom you had previously viewed in a platonic way. It’s also likely that a long-time crush will finally catch your hints and come on to you, and a fantasy that you’ve had forever will finally manifest into reality. Anything can happen around this New Moon, and the magic continues once Scorpio Season begins on the 23rd, followed by the Full Moon in Taurus on the 24th. The Taurus Moon will light up your career sector, so you may end up having a huge professional breakthrough that you’ve worked hard for these past six months. You’ll feel so on top of your game at the end of the month that you’ll want to celebrate with wild, uninhibited sex. Make sure your partner isn’t intimidated by how successful you are, and make sure they can handle you taking the lead in bed and fully expressing your super-charged sexual energy. If they’re game, then you two can end October with one of the biggest bangs you’ve had in a while.



As a Leo, people often dream and fantasize of having sex with you, largely due to all the rumors that they’ve heard. They can already tell that you’re a sex god/goddess simply by the way you carry yourself with confidence and so much sex appeal. Ruled by the Sun, you love being the center of attention, and you definitely attract everyone’s attention as soon as you walk into a room. Even those who are jealous of you secretly admire you and want to experience you sexually or intimately. Your Leo self is symbolized by the Lion, meaning that once you have your eyes on one or more sexual conquests, you will make sure you get what you want. Your sexual style is bold, passionate, powerful, and somewhat intimidating. You’re the type of person to walk up to your crush and tell them to meet you in your hotel room in 20 minutes… or else. Of course, not all Leos demonstrate such sexual prowess, but deep down you must learn to unleash that within yourself and claim what’s yours, just like you naturally claim the throne.

You seek sexual partners who keep you on your feet, shower you with adoration, and make you feel like the sexiest human on Earth. You attract so many admirers that at first it can feel challenging to decide who you want to engage with, but because you have such high standards you’ll quickly weed out any partner who seems overly insecure on unable to keep up with your strong sex drive. You’re a natural leader, so you want to be the best and #1 both in and out of the bedroom. One of your biggest turn-ons is when people tell you that you’re the best sexual partner they’ve ever had. Hearing that will only make you want to show off your skills even more. When people hype you up, your confidence increases. But ultimately you know how to hype yourself up first and foremost.

As a Leo, looking good is essential to you feeling good. You’ll make sure to have a collection of sexy undergarments with which to seduce your partner(s), you’ll take care of grooming yourself, you’ll seek out fresh perfume scents, etc… None of your efforts go unnoticed — your partners immediately realize how hot and attractive you are and will let you know. One of your evolutionary lessons as a Leo is to not simply rely on your looks and confidence to attract sexual partners. Make sure your confidence doesn’t veer into cockiness. If you’re having sex with an Earth or Water sign, they’ll be interested in the spiritual side of you just as much as the physical side, so don’t shy away from peeling back the layers and revealing your emotional depth. As for sex with a fellow Fire sign or Air sign, they will merge with you more naturally, but you’ll want to avoid the flames fizzling out by not rushing the process and also not playing mind games. Sometimes you may want to act too cool for school when in reality you’re obsessed with someone. Let your authentic self shine through sexually, Leo, and don’t be afraid to admit when your smitten. Don’t let your legendary pride or ego get the best of you.

Your dominant personality enjoys position that entail being on top of your partner and watching their eyes widen and moans deepen as you have sex with them. While you sometimes get a bad rap for being selfish, you do have a big heart and care about your partner’s needs, and the longer they are with you, the more they will realize this about you. Behind your super sunny exterior, however, you do hide a penchant for being insecure, possessive and jealous as a lover and sex partner. If you feel like the person you’re with is straying at all, or not putting you first, you can lash out and become vindictive. You may even try to withdraw physical affection from your partner as a way to teach them a lesson, but this can backfire if they don’t get the message and it will only lead to you being sexually frustrated. The truth is that despite how much you love to be chased, you ultimately want to be able to mate for life with a partner who fulfills all your sexual needs. If you connect with someone in that capacity, and they are reciprocating the energy, then all is golden in your eyes. Keep on boldly expressing your true desires, Leo.



Welcome to October, Virgo. As you settle down from the high of your birthday season last month, you’ll find yourself focused on feeling more secure in your relationships and more adventurous in your sex life. This is very much possible this month, since the Sun spends most of the month in your security sector during Libra Season, and then enters your communication sector once Scorpio Season begins. Plus, Venus, the Planet of Love, and your ruler Mercury, the Planet of Communication, will both be in Scorpio this month, allowing you to be bolder and more passionate in your sexual and verbal expressions. Bye bye shy and reserved Virgo, and hello Virgo 2.0, ready to show your partner(s) just how wild you can be behind the calmer, self-contained nature you may outwardly project.

You’ll be thinking naughty thoughts all month long. You may be at work, killing the game, but you’ll be multi-tasking and fantasizing about your next sexual adventure. There will be a total of four planets in Scorpio at one point this month, lighting up your communication sector, so a lot of these thoughts will be internalized at first. But if you merge with the right partner (be it your significant other if you’re in a relationship, or the person you’re talking to if you’re dating), and if you’re in the right setting, you’ll eventually start sharing some of your risqué thoughts and desires with them, and you’ll be rewarded for doing so. “Ask and you shall receive” is the theme for you this month, Virgo. The Universe can’t give you what you don’t admit to wanting, so don’t be afraid to proudly profess your sexual desires, and even take on the role of the teacher or guide if you have to show someone how it’s done. This will turn both of you on more than you realize.

On October 5, Venus in Scorpio begins its retrograde, and that may at first make you bottle up your feelings or second-guess being open with your sex partner(s). There’s something about vulnerability and the idea of rejection that terrifies you, and as much as you’ve been making progress to overcome such insecurities, the retrograde energy may throw you for a loop by making you flashback to moments when speaking your truth led to you getting stung, ridiculed, or ghosted. Plus, all of these planets in Scorpio can have an obsessive feel to them, and it may be hard for you to quiet down your passionate thoughts and desires enough to know exactly how to express them without scaring your partner away. Make things easier for yourself by reminding yourself that your ideal sex partner wouldn’t be afraid of the intensity or the depth of emotions that you want to reveal to them this month. You often put your thoughts and emotions through a logical and rational filter, asking yourself if it’s worth it to share or if instead you should keep it to yourself. But with Venus in Scorpio, it’ll feel like you have an alter-ego who’s forcing you to reveal your deepest desires, and once you do, your sexual nature will intensify, people will be magnetically drawn to you, and they’ll want to get inside your head (and be all over your body) more than ever. There’s strength — and sexiness — in vulnerability, Virgo.

The New Moon in Libra on October 8 activates a 10-day renewal in your security and finance sector. The more secure you feel financially and emotionally, the better your sex life will be. So if you have to take a little break from romantic engagements to bring greater order to your checkbook, do so without shame. It’s important for you to not use relationships or sex as an escape from important responsibilities. You are the most organized sign of the zodiac, and you’re most turned-on when everything is aligned and goes according to plan. But of course, life can’t be fully controlled at all, so the Libra vibes of this New Moon will teach you the power of planting seeds of intention, and then detaching from the outcome. If, for example, you want more commitment and transparency from a partner, both sexually and emotionally, use the 10 days following the New Moon to plant the seed of desire, drop the hint and let them know how you’re feeling. Then back off and create space for the seed to bloom naturally on its own. By the time Scorpio Season begins on the 23rd, followed by the Taurus New Moon on the 24th, you will be in awe of how much this tactic leads to people being all over you. You’ll end the month feeling unstoppable, very sexually empowered, and ready for the ride of your life.



As a Virgo, people often mistake you for a prude when it comes to sex, but you are actually one of the freakiest and naughtiest sexual partners. Symbolized by the Virgin, you vacillate from seeming sweet and innocent sexually to being wild and fanatic. You’re ruled by Mercury, the Planet of Communication, so you like to plan out your sexual escapades. You want them to be perfectly executed and well-organized so that you don’t have to deal with any mishaps or mistakes. This may seem a bit too forced for some people’s liking (such as the spontaneous Fire signs and carefree Air signs), but for others, they’ll appreciate getting to sit back, relax, and letting you take care of creating the ideal vibe.

Most Virgos don’t like having sex in a dirty environment. They are quick to spot the mess and they’ll spend too much time focusing on it, making it hard for them to truly tune into the sexual experience. You tend to be a worry wart in general, Virgo, and one of your evolutionary lessons is to make sure your perfectionism and super high standards don’t stop you from letting in sexual partners who may not at first seem like your type. There’s magic in expansion, and once you step out of your comfort zone and release all of the expectations you place on people, your inner control freak can calm down and the sexual floodgates can rush open. This also means that you should work on not letting your insecurities get the best of you in bed. As a Virgo you can be very self-critical, always noticing parts of your body that you could improve, and sometimes comparing yourself to others and wondering how you can be a better lover. But most of the time, you’re your worst critic and your partners hardly notice (if at all) the things that you give yourself a hard time about. One of your evolutionary lessons is therefore learning how to embrace those parts of you that you’d rather change. More often than not, people will view them as quirks that turn them on.

For you Virgo, sex is an essential part of life, just like eating, drinking, showering and purifying oneself through healthy habits. If you don’t have sex regularly and consistently, you can end up feeling cranky and irritable. It’s a way for you to connect with your body’s urges, and as a Virgo you are ultra sensitive to your physical needs. Of course, masturbation is always one of your favorite pastimes because you know better than most exactly what your needs are and you can be very picky. But you still have strong desires when it comes to combining sexual forces with someone else, and in many ways you view it as a stress-reliever. You feel infinitely better and regenerated after a great sex session where you can let loose uninhibitedly.

As for who you’re attracted to sexually, you tend to not go for outwardly sexy partners who draw too much attention to themselves. The simpler, the better. You often can look past someone who’s wearing plain clothes, and you see something deeper that catches your eye. Simplicity is sexy to you, and you often think the shyest types are the freakiest, so it becomes a fun game to you to seduce the class nerd or local introvert. You like to surprise them by letting them see your freaky side and encourage them to let theirs out too. One of your greatest qualities as a sexual partner is how attentive and compassionate you are. There’s a reason why your sign is associated with service — you love figuring out how you can make sure those you care for are taken care of. You’ll notice every little thing that your partner needs. You’re the type to ask them if the temperature in the room is right for them, if the sheets are soft enough, if the lighting is dim enough, and if your sex is orgasmic enough. Just make sure you’re not prying too much or else it can easily ruin the mood. Learn to assert yourself more as a sexual partner and put yourself first a bit more, Virgo. You’re so giving to others but you deserve for all of that attention to be reciprocated equally, so don’t let your wallflower tendencies deny you your right to fair sexual fulfillment. Once you decide to be a bit more selfish with your sexual energy, a whole new world will open up to you.



Welcome to October, Libra. The first three weeks of the month are all about you, with the Sun being in your sign and highlighting your sector of self. You’ll be feeling yourself, and others will be feeling you! It’s an amazing time to give yourself a makeover, to say yes to outings, to throw your own kickbacks and parties, and to indulge in the intoxicating magic of your birthday season. What Libra wants, Libra gets is the name of the game, especially from October 1st – October 22. The only potential caveat is the fact that your ruler Venus will be retrograde in Scorpio starting October 5, and this can make you feel a bit conflicted when it comes to what you actually desire. If you’re single, for example, you may be torn between focusing on yourself and entertaining past and current options. Retrogrades often throw us back into the past, so don’t be surprised if you end up feeling nostalgic about a past lover or fling and falling back into their arms (or bed). Your powers of self-control won’t be as strong as usual under the influence of Venus in Scorpio, so tread carefully when it comes to past encounters. Yes, the sex may be amazing, but what about the baggage? Is it worth it? Take time to weigh your options carefully and think about the long-term ramifications of the sexual decisions that you make this month.

For coupled Libras, although you love to keep the peace and you sometimes even compromise your own needs a bit too much when in a relationship, Venus Retrograde will have you thinking about the times when you made too many sacrifices in order to please a partner. The New Moon in your sign on October 8th is the perfect time to make a vow to yourself to put your sexual and emotional needs first. Making yourself a priority will be more important than ever during Libra Season, and this may mean cutting off energy drainers, no matter how good your sexual connection may be. This doesn’t have to be a permanent break-up, but simply take more time solo to recharge your own batteries and figure out who you are outside of your relationship. Alternatively, if things have been good in your relationship, Venus being retrograde in your security sector may lead to you thinking back to when you and your partner first connected, and the New Moon in your sign may inspire you to bring out some old tricks. Get lost in pillow talk about what first turned you on about your partner(s), and what sexual positions and adventures you most liked. Chances are, talking about it will make you all want to re-enact the sex again, and it’ll be steamier and sexier than ever. Take time between October 8 – 18th (the New Moon’s energy is strongest during these dates), to specifically visualize the direction you’d like your sex and love life to go these next 6 months. You can be the queen/king of indecision and wishy-washiness, but the Scorpio vibes in the air will help you become more committed to your sexual decisions.

Speaking of Scorpio vibes, the energy intensifies October 23 throughout the rest of the month once the Sun shifts out of your sign and enters Scorpio for four weeks. All of a sudden, you’ll feel more emotionally in tune with yourself and your sexual partner(s). You may feel the need to hear them express how they feel about you and how committed they are to your union. This will be the case whether you’ve been with someone for years or if you’re still getting to know someone you recently met. This desire for greater exclusivity in your sex life may catch you off guard if you’re used to playing it cool and having the “no strings attached” lifestyle. But even though people think that you’re a shameless flirt who plays with people’s hearts, Libra, deep down you’re a hopeless romantic and you dream of bonding with people on a deeper level than just amazing sex. You want amazing emotional connections, exciting adventures, intuitive connections and mind-blowing conversations. You want people to get inside your head and give you great head. And that’s exactly what’s in store for you as October rounds out. Use the Scorpio magnetic energy to confidently go after your sexual and romantic conquests, while letting them know that you’re not in the mood to hit it and quit it. After a wild Libra Season, you’ll be seeking more emotional security, and that will deepen your sexual bonds and stamina, leaving your partner(s) wanting more.



Ruled by Venus, the Planet of Love, you are the type of sexual partner who can attract people from all walks of life. Your ability to generate so much attention can make it hard for you to choose just one, so you often don’t. You view life as a constant adventure, and each day is a new opportunity to attract a new sexual conquest. As a Libra, you’re often very well dressed and magnetically attractive. People have been telling you this since forever and you may have let it get to your head at times. But it’s all fun and games and as long as you don’t let yourself become cocky about it. You know how to utilize your good looks to your benefit — you’re the zodiac sign who most easily gets what you want because you’re a social charmer full of charisma and finesse. You have earned the reputation as the flirt of the zodiac. Even when you’re just being friendly, you tend to lead people on (either intentionally or unintentionally), and leave them wondering if you’re into them sexually. The truth is, you’re into so many people at once, and you love that so many people are into you too. You’re the zodiac sign who is most known for engaging in multiple sexual relations at once, and not readily choosing monogamy until you’re head over heels in love.

Your sex style is quite adaptable to your partner’s needs. As an Air sign, you know how to shape shift, so if you’re with a partner who likes things soft and sensitive, you’re able to draw out your inner romantic and decorate the bed with rose petals while lighting scented candles. If you’re with a partner who prefers more spontaneous sex, you’re game for that too and would be down for an outdoor adventure or an escape to the nearest car for a quick ride (pun intended). People appreciate how adventurous you are, Libra, but as they get to know you they also sense that you can be delicate. You like to feel well taken care of and seduced. You may be the charmer but you enjoy being chased.

You are the sign of relationships, Libra, so the truth is that you often like having someone by your side rather than being alone. You need their company to feel balanced and harmonious. But because you get along with so many people, you like to keep a variety of people around. Your sex life is therefore a bit unpredictable, and who you invite into your bed all depends on your mood that day. One day you may be in the mood for cuddling, pillow talk, and feeding each other chocolate-covered strawberries, and the next you may be in the mood to role play, and give each other 69 before calling it a day. With Libra, balance is key. You will prioritize your partner’s pleasure, and you expect them to know what you want. As an Air sign, communication is your forte, and you have no problem expressing your needs in a way that’s open and loving. But you also tend to be an idealist and hopeless romantic, so beware of letting the fantasies from movies become your standard in love — that can cause you to be easily disappointed if you’re not constantly swept off your feet by your partners.

You’re not one to want to take things too far in sex, because you’re represented by the Scales and would rather keep things on an equal playing field, where role-playing leads to mutual sexual satisfaction rather than one partner having power over the other. This can make you more picky than people would initially assume, and less prone to spontaneous quickies if the setting and overall vibe of the setting isn’t right. For you, Libra, aesthetic is everything. You’re very visually stimulated, and you tend to be a bit more shallow when it comes to choosing your sexual partners than other Air signs. You do care about their brains, but their looks are equally, if not more, important to you. They must be well-dressed, smell nice, be funny, popular, and hot for you to want to give them a chance. But who’s to blame you, considering you often get advances from so many different people, and you have so many people to choose from? High standards never hurt anyone! Just be honest with your partners if you’re not seeking monogamy, because they can never really tell what you’re feeling emotionally and it’s best to be upfront than to string them along.



Welcome to October, Scorpio. Scorpio Season begins this month, and Venus, the Planet of Love, spends all month in your sign, so you’re truly the celestial favorite when it comes to sex, relationships, and being on people’s minds. What will you do with all this energy, magnetism and attention? Whatever you want. This is the theme of October for you Scorpio: don’t overthink it, just do it. Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, has finally ended its retrograde in your communication sector. You are ruled by Pluto (along with Mars, which ended its retrograde at the end of August), so are feeling these transformational vibes more than anyone right now. All of the pent-up feelings, anger, bitterness or sadness that you experienced during Pluto Retrograde are ready to be released. And what better way to release them than through soul-stirring and transcendental sex?

Pluto being direct isn’t the only reason sex will be a prominent theme this month (if you allow it to be without micromanaging every interaction). Venus, the Planet of Love, will also be in your zodiac sign all month long. However, on October 5th, it does go retrograde in your sign, and that may tempt you to fall back into familiar patterns when it comes to your romantic interactions. Think: being overly possessive or obsessive, letting jealousy cause drama or insecurities in your interactions, and getting clingy with people in an overbearing way. But the flip side of Venus in Scorpio and its retrograde can lead to you learning from past situations where you’ve let your extreme emotions cause hurdles in your sex and love life, and not falling into those familiar patterns anymore. The choice is yours, Scorpio. Remember? This month is about doing what you want, so what is it that you want exactly? And most importantly, why do you want it?

The New Moon in Libra on October 8th may bring you the clarity and “aha” moment that you’ve been waiting for when it comes to answering these existential (and sexual) questions. From October 1 – 22, the Sun will be in Libra, lighting up your spirituality and healing sector. The New Moon energy lasts from the 8th to the 18th as well, so you’ll be focused on setting intentions surrounding these themes in your life. Your ability to soul-search without taking things too far or being too harsh on yourself and your sex partner(s) will increase due to the Libra vibes, and you may even end up laughing at some of your previous emotional reactions to your relationships. Be willing to talk things through with your boo, wannabe boo, or past and current lover. Don’t let your pride or ego stop you from clearing the air if you’ve kept things bottled up for too long. Once you do, your sex drive will be through the roof, and you’ll also want to voice the desires that you’ve kept to yourself for far too long. Prioritize your spiritual healing this month if you want to feel satisfied sexually and emotionally. Only merge with partners who can handle your intensity, Scorpio. Dim your light for no one, and don’t pretend to be okay with certain situations in your love and sex life if you’re not. The more honest and upfront you are during Libra Season, the more empowered and happy you’ll be once Scorpio Season begins on the 23rd.

And that brings us to the most exciting moment of the month — the Sun entering Scorpio on October 23 and joining Mercury, the Planet of Communication, Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, and Venus, the Planet of Love in your sign. By month’s end, 4 planets will be in your sign, so that definitely solidifies the heightened sexual, emotional and intuitive energy in the cosmos. Rely on your intuition when it comes to how much sex you have, who you have sex with, and where/why you have sex. There’s no need to plan things out too much during Scorpio Season. Jupiter will be spending its final full month in your sign this month, so your sex life is going to expand beyond your wildest dreams. Jupiter’s energy will teach you to reach for the stars when it comes to what you deserve. If you want to orgasm multiple times a night — ask for it and don’t be afraid to take the lead to show your partner(s) how it’s done! They’ll be unbelievably turned on by how bold and intriguing you are, and they’ll bend over backwards to meet your needs. Even if your sex life hasn’t been as hot as you’d like, by the time Scorpio Season begins you’ll be on board to make it happen. No more making excuses or feeling sorry for yourself. Be open to online dating, getting hooked up via mutual friends, or simply taking yourself out on a date while looking and feeling your best. Chances are, you won’t end the month feeling lonely. You’ll feel like the superstar that you rightfully are.  



Ahh, the infamous Scorpio. Known as the sex sign, people often stereotype you as being obsessed with sex, and the best sexual partner of the zodiac. While there is definitely some truth to that, there’s so much about you that lives under the surface, much like an iceberg. People can spend a lifetime trying to figure you out, but all they need is one night with you to be hooked forever. The ultimate drug. The reason you have this reputation for being the sex sign is largely due to your two planetary rulers: Mars and Pluto. Mars is the Planet of Action and Passion, and Pluto (which is still considered a planet in astrology) is the Planet of Transformation & Sex. This makes you by far the most intense, mysterious, seductive and deep sign of the zodiac, and it makes you magnetic AF. You have psychic-like powers that enable you to intuitively know what your sex partners want, and when they want it. Admittedly, sex is often on your mind, but more so in a sensual, merging type of way. While some Scorpios view sex as just sex, most combine it with love and lust, and can daydream endlessly about their ideal sexual fantasies.

Because your libido is so high, you can sometimes have trouble finding partners who can keep up with you in bed. One, two or three rounds are hardly enough. You’d like to make it last for hours if you had it your way. As a sign of extremes, you’re either extremely turned on, or you’re completely celibate — no in-between. While there are moments when you take a self-imposed break from sex (which can feel like torture for your partners), there are times when you feel like you need it 24/7 or simply can’t survive. You seek partners who don’t mind you taking control and telling them what to do. You most definitely dominate in bed, even if you seem more guarded and reserved in other situations. Your bossy self can come out, and most people are turned on by that aspect of you because they can tell you’re about to take them for the ride of their lives. Scorpios and sex are synonymous. One night with you can completely change someone’s life forever. As much as people like to hate on you and call you crazy, one thing they’ll never dare say is that you suck in bed. It’s simply not possible.

What people need to understand about you is that there’s so much more to you than your sexual nature. You are one of the most sensitive, loyal, emotional and private signs of the zodiac, so what people see is definitely not even 1% of who you truly are. You’re constantly digging beneath the surface of people, conversations and experiences to get to the depth and core of what truly matters. So for you, the best sex is the one you have with someone you’re truly in love with… Someone who has taken the time to peel back your own layers and get to know the real you. Someone who isn’t afraid of human darkness and who can face their own shadows. Someone who is the ultimate ride or die and won’t run or hide when you show them just how passionate and intense you truly are. Scorpios often merge well with Pisces and Cancers sexually for this reason, because they too mix sex with emotion and cannot disconnect the two. But Scorpios often like signs who keep them on their feet like Aries, Gemini or Taurus, because while these signs can initially be challenging due to their contrasting love languages, they also help teach Scorpio how to become more adaptable and less consumed by emotion.

When you feel sexually stimulated, Scorpio, you perform with the passion of a porn star, and you enter a completely new world that envelops both you and your conquest(s). You’re not afraid of going to extremes and trying out techniques that include bondage, whipping, handcuffing, and licking every part of your partner’s body. You give amazing oral, and when you orgasm there’s often a lot of gushing involved in the process. Your sexual fantasies and fetishes are so profound that you may at first keep them deeply hidden within yourself, fearing that they’ll scare your partner. But when you feel a connection with someone and you can tell that they don’t fear your power, you’ll slowly let down your guard and let them into your sexual world. Then the games truly begin and you both enjoy a mutually satisfying experience of rocking each other’s worlds. As a Scorpio, you are ruled by your sexual organs… enough said. You won’t shy away from risky sex scenarios, and that includes affairs and open relationships. You let your sex organs lead the way, often before your mind has a chance to catch up. While that can land you in hot water, you are so seductive and irresistible that people have a hard time staying mad at you for long. Beware of your tendency to use sex as a form of manipulation though… you tend to get partners hooked on you and then either threaten them to take away sex or get them to do what you want by promising sex. Naughty, naughty…



Welcome to October, Sagittarius. We’re getting increasingly closer to your birthday season beginning next month, so for you October is otherwise known as pre-Sag Season! But before the turn-up begins, you have to navigate the airy vibes of Libra Season and the sultry vibes of Scorpio Season, and make it out unscathed sexually speaking! Both of these energies have a lot to teach you when it comes to revealing your ever-changing sexual nature to the right people. From October 1 – 22, the Sun in Libra will activate your social network and friendship sector, so if you’re single or mingling, you may find yourself hitting it off with someone that you previously only viewed as a friend. It’s also possible that someone in your friendship group will introduce you to someone they know, and you’ll sense immediate chemistry between you two. Watch out though, because Venus, the Planet of Love, will be retrograde in Scorpio starting on October 5, and this can lead to major misunderstandings or miscommunication when it comes to romantic and sexual interactions. Make sure that both you and the friend are on the same page in regards to if you’re friends, friends-with-benefits, or more than friends. Crossed wires and mixed signals are always a possibility during Venus Retrograde, and you’ll want to avoid leading someone on, playing hard to get, or thinking they’re dropping hints when they’re not.

Venus Retrograde will activate your sector of healing and spirituality, Sagittarius. So even though the carefree vibes of Libra Season will encourage you to be a social butterfly, say yes to many social invites, and flirt shamelessly, deep down you’ll be doing some major soul-searching when it comes to your past, present and current sexual needs. People often mistake you as heartless and easily detached when it comes to love, but you do have a more sensitive and introspective side to you, Sag, and Venus in Scorpio will make that part of you more pronounced this month, particularly due to the retrograde. You’ll be thinking of your past relationships, hookups, situationships, and flings that left something to be desired. It’s important for you to analyze how you may use sex as a way to fill an emotional void, when in reality you’d be down to have a more profound connection with someone as long as they didn’t bore you or limit your freedom.

If you’re already in a relationship, don’t be surprised if you and your partner have really intense heart-to-hearts during Venus in Scorpio. The conversation topics won’t always be easy to navigate though. They may have to do with insecurities, infidelity, trust issues, the desire for greater exploration in your sexual relationship, feeling bored sexually, or just wanting “more” without necessarily knowing what “more” is. With the extreme nature of Venus in Scorpio, there will be times where your candid honesty leads to you and your partner being very riled up sexually and not getting enough of each other in bed, and there will be other times where you’re simply not in the mood to have sex and you need space from your partner. Neither mood is right nor wrong — be honest about how you’re feeling and don’t sugarcoat the truth to avoid hurt feelings. Venus Retrograde can be a woozy, but it teaches us how to be more authentic sexually and emotionally.

Fortunately, the Libra New Moon on October 8th kicks off 10 days of transformative energy in your sex life. It takes place in your network sector and allows you to think outside of your emotional bubble, and be inspired by other people’s relationships or sexual experiences. You may watch a romantic comedy that helps lighten up the mood with you and your sexual partner(s) and allows you to not take each other too seriously. This New Moon energy will also inspire you to set intentions about how you’d like your sex life to improve in the next six months. It’s important for you to not focus on projecting blame on others though — think about your own escapist tendencies and be willing to visualize what your sex life would look and feel like without such emotional hang-ups. Once Scorpio Season begins on the 23rd, followed by the Taurus New Moon in your adventure sector on the 24th, you will feel more in control of your sex life and less confused by all the options, deep conversations, and powerful emotions. It will be a great time to focus on releasing outdated mindsets regarding how you should act sexually. Just do what feels right in the present moment, Sag.



As a Sag, you are one of the most daring and flirtatious sexual partners of the zodiac, and this sometimes drives people crazy because they can never tell if they’re just a one-time fling or if there’s lasting potential. Of all the zodiac signs, you’re the most likely to earn the reputation of being the type to “hit it and quit it”. One second you’re interested, and the next you’re gone. You view sex as any regular physical act such as running, walking, or working out, and you don’t like when people put too much pressure on you or ask, “so what does this mean?” as soon as you engage in sexual relations with them. People have to understand that what you crave more than anything is your space, freedom, and independence. If you’re super into the sex you’ve had and they don’t get too clingy, then you’ll definitely be back for more. But if you can tell that they’re possessive and demanding, you’ll run for the hills and never look back. What’s the point, when there are literally billions of other humans on planet Earth? Some many view this mentality as a bit harsh, but it’s your reality, and you are very idealistic when it comes to your ideal sex life. You want to experience a stress-free sex life, where the only expectations you adhere to are your own.

This emotionally detached approach may lead to you being seen as a heartbreaker though, Sag, and it is important for you to ask yourself if there is a part of you who tends to run away from any displays of emotion, simply because you’re uncomfortable facing your own. One thing you don’t have trouble expressing though, is exactly what you want from sex, and who you want it with. When someone catches your eye, you’ll view them as the target that you’re bound to get, and you’ll enjoy being upfront and direct about your sexual attraction. Your boldness turns so many people on, and inspires others to be as confident when it comes to sexual advances. You know what you want and you’re not afraid to ask for it. You also expect your partners to keep it real and be upfront too about their sexual desires, so you may end up losing your patience with Earth or Water Signs who tend to communicate with innuendo or send mixed messages, waiting on you to make the move. Fellow Fire Signs or Air signs tend to vibe with your straight-to-the-point approach though, and you may find yourself having sex with them more frequently.

Sex has to be fun for you, Sag. You don’t really care for getting lost in endless eye contact or cuddling. You much prefer to make your partner laugh their ass off due to the dirty jokes you’re whispering in their ear as you’re doing it doggy style, or slapping their ass while commenting on how big and firm it is. You love the act of getting it on more than the prelude that may come before it. Sexting is your preferred form of foreplay, otherwise you’d rather go straight to fourth base. While some people may characterize you as a selfish sexual partner, they’re misjudging you because you can be very giving and generous in bed, as long as no one is imposing strict expectations on you. If your partner is open to your more carefree and in the moment sexual style, they’ll be impressed with your adaptability, attentiveness and open-mindedness when it comes to what you’re willing to give them.

Because freedom means so much to you, you’re not as into bondage games as other signs may be. You’d rather have sex outdoors, on the beach, in an airplane, in a classroom (because you love soaking up knowledge both literally and metaphorically), in the back of a movie theater, etc… Ruled by Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, you are into sexual positions that expand the norm and take you to new heights. You may be especially turned on by people who come from different backgrounds and cultures than you, because they’ll introduce you to new sexual positions that you can add to your repertoire, and their accents may be super stimulating. You’re also open to having more than one sexual partner at once — the more the merrier! Polygamy and open relationships are up your alley. It takes a special type of person for you to decide to have sex with them and only them for the long-term. You’d rather keep your options open, and while that can lead to some broken hearts, it simply comes with the territory. No one but you can make you choose just one sexual partner. Once you do find someone who makes you feel free and liberated, they will earn your commitment and faithfulness, and you both will have the time of your lives exploring each other’s desires, both in and out of the bedroom. You make life the ultimate adventure, Sag, and sex with you is the greatest adventure of all.



Welcome to October, Capricorn. This month will feel so much more exciting and invigorating than most of 2018 has felt, and that’s due to Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, finally being direct in your zodiac sign for the first time in five months! When Pluto was retrograde, you were feeling overwhelmed by challenges, anxieties, and frustrations in your personal and professional life. Even if outwardly you seemed to have it all together, deep down you were struggling, lonely and misunderstood. Not to mention the fact that Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, was also retrograde in your sign for a good part of the year, as well as Mars, the Planet of Action. You therefore may not have been getting as much consistent, liberating and mind-blowing action sexually speaking as you would have wanted, due to all of these mental strains holding you back. All of this changes for the better in October, and you may feel like life is picking up speed and everything is aligning for you, making you feel sexier and more in demand than ever.

There will still be one retrograde to watch out for though, and that’s Venus Retrograde in Scorpio, which begins on October 5. This will highlight your sector of social networks and friendships, so if you’ve been in a friends-with-benefits situation with someone this year, you may have to handle some challenges that pop up this month in regards to one or both of you catching feelings for the other. You usually like clarity and boundaries in your relationship, but the retrograde vibes can make things a bit blurry for you in that department. You may not actually know how to express what you want, because your desires are changing and uncertain during the retrograde.

For Capricorns who are already committed, Venus Retrograde may lead to secrets coming out of nowhere and being revealed to you (or some secrets that you have been keeping from your partner may be revealed to them). Before letting yourselves get carried away with dramatic antics or break-ups, Venus Retrograde would be the perfect time to commit to having greater transparency and honesty in your relationship — if it’s worth fighting for, of course. Being honest with each other will actually be a huge turn-on and will deepen your sexual experience with your partner. Emotional transparency leads to sexual relatability.

And for single Capricorns who haven’t had sex in a while, this is the month where it can all turn around if you’re willing to stop being a hermit and get out there and socialize! With your social network sector lit up by the Scorpio vibes, say yes to the outings and invitations that you receive from fellow friends. Go on blind dates (yes, even if they push you out of your comfort zone) or single meetup events, put on your most appealing outfit, take yourself on a shopping spree, get a makeover… Your sex life won’t change unless you do, Capricorn! Of course, some of you may be telling yourself that you’re absolutely fine being sex-free, and if there’s a spiritual or personal reason for that, more power to you. But just make sure you’re not denying yourself sexual pleasure because you’re afraid of rejection. There are so many people out there seeking what you have to give them, and they’ll never get the honor of connecting with you emotionally and physically if you just hide out in your Capricorn cave.

The Libra New Moon on the 8th of October can lead to a workplace connection deepening. If you’ve had a crush or felt major chemistry with someone at work or in your field, be prepared for either them or you to make a more direct move towards you between October 8th and October 18th. Under this New Moon influence, you may also find yourself fantasizing about sex and love at work. This will be a way for you to breathe easy from all the workaholic vibes you’ve been immersed in recently, and it will also give you ideas of what to do once you clock out… Don’t let your fantasies only be fantasies, Capricorn. Go after what you want, and think big when it comes to how you’ll get it.

The month ends with the Sun’s entrance into Scorpio, followed by a Full Moon in Taurus, lighting up your self-care and wellness sector. You’ll be ready to ground yourself a bit more in your relationships and sexual connections during the last week of October. After a whirlwind of the month where you let yourself be less predictable and routine-oriented, the Scorpio Season vibes and the Full Moon energy will have you feeling more serious and drawn towards one-on-one connections with equally serious people. As long as you don’t set your standards too high and let your expectations limit your interactions, this Full Moon will help you clear out all the baggage that you may have been holding on to in relationships, and enter a new chapter of sexual pleasure and liberation.



When it comes to sex, Capricorn, you tend to be more traditional than most zodiac signs, but that doesn’t at all make you any less sexual. You’re the type of person who likes to take your time to get to know someone, similarly to your fellow Earth signs of Virgo, and Taurus. You are the most serious and ambitious sign of the zodiac, so you like to invest the best in yourself in everything you do, including sex. That means you don’t at all take it lightly, and you don’t view it as a game. You view it as your duty to please, and you want your partner(s) to take it just as seriously as you do. However, contrary to Virgo and Taurus, you don’t get lost in overanalysis when it comes to sex — you are practical and simple and you want to make sure you get the job done as effectively as possible. Your no-nonsense mindset will mean that once you figure out what your partner wants from you, you’ll give it to them, and that’s that.

Ruled by Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, people tend to be a bit intimidated by your strong and authoritative demeanor, Capricorn. But once you use that to your advantage in bed, by coming up with role-play scenarios that position you as an authority figure, you help your partners be more into this power dynamic and they enjoy you taking control and telling them what to do. You may be the professor and your partner’s the teacher for example. Or you’re the CEO seducing the new intern. The bad cop teaching a lesson to the inmate. You get the idea… Just make sure that you adopt a flexible and open-minded mindset when it comes to sexual experimentation, because there are times when you are so comfortable with your go-to sex routine that you fail to think outside of the box and incorporate some new positions or ideas. Keep this in mind especially if you’re having sex with a Fire or Air sign, because they absolutely love variety and switching things up. Fellow Earth signs and Water signs may not mind your sexual rituals as much, and you may find yourself drawn to them. They too enjoy taking their time when it comes to sexual pleasure, and working their way up to orgasm.

As a Capricorn, not only are you dominant sexually, but you’re also possessive and a bit controlling. You may enjoy handcuffing your partner or blindfolding them, slapping their ass, and telling them to not speak until you tell them to. You’re more devious than you initially seem, and once you trust the person you’re having sex with, you won’t hesitate to let them see the side of you that most people would never imagine is there. You’re turned on by partners who are mature physically, emotionally and spiritually and who can keep up with your tenaciousness and strong sex drive. You may be into older partners with more experience than you, because you tend to come off as more wiser than your age. You also seek partners who aren’t going to shy away from deeper conversations that typically wouldn’t be qualified as pillow talk. Your mind is profound and can go to certain places others wouldn’t feel as comfortable exploring, so it takes a special someone to bond with you on a spiritual and mental level.

One thing about you that people may find surprising is that although you want your partner to commit to you and be all about you, you tend to seek many sexual partners for yourself, especially if you haven’t yet fallen in love (or if you’re resisting letting down your guard and letting love in). You can at times be drawn towards multiple partners because you value having high quality sex. This is definitely a double standard though, because you don’t like to share! Once you fall for someone, however, you definitely become one of the most loyal and faithful partners of the zodiac, and no one has to question your commitment to them. You can be stubborn as a sexual partner and insist on having set rules or expectations with your partners. As long as you don’t take these standards to extreme, people will follow along because you give off the impression of knowing what you’re doing, and knowing what’s best for all parties involved. You somehow always manage to get what you want, Capricorn, especially in between the sheets.



Welcome to October, Aquarius. This month you’ll be feeling quite in your element due to Mars, the Planet of Action, being in your sign all month long. Mars rules the way we approach our relationships, as well as the initiatives we take to turn desires into reality. With Mars in your sign (and no longer retrograde), your self-confidence and sex appeal will be through the roof. But your sexual partner(s) shouldn’t expect you to be predictable or even consistent when it comes to how you interact with them. You’ll be off in your own world more than ever, and it’ll take a special someone to get you to direct your attention solely towards them.

This is also due to Venus, the Planet of Love, being in the enigmatic sign of Scorpio all month long too. Your reputation and career sector is activated by this transit, and once Venus goes retrograde on the 5th you may notice how much your work life and sex life become intermingled. You may be caught up with a special project at work and this can at first lead to you neglecting more emotional and sexual matters. You are the sign of the zodiac that is the most emotionally detached (at least outwardly), and you may end up confusing people when you place more energy on your professional life than your sex life. Just make sure your partner(s) are on the same page as you — you’re not intentionally pushing them away, you just want to make sure you feel at ease professionally so that you can mentally be at ease and be as present as possible when you do indulge in sexual activities.

Luckily, on October 8th, the Libra New Moon comes to save the day as it activates your expansion and growth sector. Libra is an Air sign like you, and New Moons symbolize new beginnings, so you may be ready to start fresh when it comes to how you think about sex and relationships in general. While you can often be very stubborn and fixed in your ideals, this New Moon can make single Aquarius’ unexpectedly meet someone new who introduces them to a completely new sexual vibe or lifestyle. Perhaps you’ll engage in conversations about different quirks and fetishes that they’d like to indulge in, and you may be surprised at how daring and out there they are — even for you! Aquarius’ in a relationship or situationship may feel ready to initiative such unconventional conversations with their current partner(s), and hopefully the feeling will be reciprocal. At this New Moon, you’ll want to feel like your weirdness is fully accepted and not judged. You won’t want to have to hide any part of who you are or dim your eccentric sexual nature just because it’s “too much” for people. If you do get that vibe from anyone, you may distance yourself from them around the middle of the month, in search of greener pastures.

Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, had been retrograde in your spirituality and healing sector for five months, and October 2018 is the first full month that it’s transiting direct in that sector. This is huge news for you in terms of your sexual healing. You may not have realized it, but there were many sexual and emotional blockages that you were experiencing in your life these past few months, and they were linked to past trauma and relationships from your past that may not have panned out the way you’d hoped. This may have led you to close yourself off romantically and sexually, and engage in escapist activities such as partying too much, overworking yourself, or getting lost in intellectual and philosophical pursuits as a way to avoid peeling back the layers and addressing your triggers. But now that Pluto is direct all month long, a new you is emerging and you’re willing to look at your dirty laundry and finally wash it. You may even throw out the clothes altogether, metaphorically speaking. Simply put, your sex life will benefit from your more mature perspective on past relationships. You’re no longer letting them hinder your current ones, and this will lead to your sex life feeling refreshing and invigorating. If you’ve been taking a break from sex, the energy of Scorpio Season on October 23 may activate a new desire to get back in the game, and to commit to your partner(s) more authentically and without fear. The Full Moon on the 24th is a reminder of just how much you’ve evolved, and you may find yourself feeling extra romantic, attractive and deeply sexual at month’s end.



Aquarius, you are by far the most unique, eccentric and out-of-this-world sexual partner of all the zodiac signs. Some of you may view yourselves as asexual though, because you live so much in your own head and are so interested in the metaphysical and intellectual parts of life, that sex isn’t always your main priority. But don’t let that be an excuse for not indulging in the wonders of sex and lust. Similarly to your fellow Air sign Gemini, you are a sapiosexual and turned on by people’s intellect first and foremost. So if you encounter someone (or multiple people) who turn you on intellectually and with whom you can discuss life’s mysteries endlessly, then your sexual urges will intensify and you’ll want to explore their physical anatomy right along with their intelligence. You love exploring human consciousness, and that includes figuring out what your partner wants and doesn’t want, and why that may be.

Contrary to the indifferent and aloof nature that you usually give off, when you’re ready to indulge in sexual activities with your partner(s), a completely different side of you emerges and you can be super kinky, adventurous and explorative. You want partners who aren’t afraid of going past limitations and truly trying cutting-edge or taboo positions. Think anal sex, polygamy, cyber sex, etc… You are ruled by Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, and your traditional ruler is Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, so when you combine these planetary energies people will definitely view you as an out-of-the-box sexual partner. You don’t even believe there should be a box at all when it comes to sex. Anything that you envision can be a reality sexually, and this unorthodox point of view may at first scare some of the more traditional sexual partners such as Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus, or Cancer. People tend to fear what they don’t understand, but just because they’re a bit scared doesn’t mean they won’t eventually give in. You’re a very convincing sexual partner, Aquarius.

One thing about you though, is that even though you crave intensity in sex, you also need your space and you can easily become detached. So if things start to get too predictable or routine-based, you may drift off into your mental world — yes, even during the act of sex itself! You may fantasize about having sex with a completely different person, and your body language may express that you’re not really in the present moment, which can leave your partner(s) feeling a bit isolated from you. It’s best to express whenever you start finding yourself drifting away from the sexual connection, or else you may be labeled as a “hit it and quit it” type of partner. In reality, you need lots of stimulation and variation in your sex life to be satisfied, and you also shy away from anything that’s normal or trendy.

You are the type person to see beyond looks when it comes to whom you want to lure inside your bed. The more “weird” or “out there” the individual is, the better. While some zodiac signs look for immediate signs of hotness, you are more attracted to what makes your sexual partner unique or different, and this is refreshing to many because they don’t feel like they have to have the perfect body, hair or physique for you to be sexually attracted to them. It’s their personality that reels you in. Since you are ruled by Uranus, which symbolizes cutting-edge technology, you are likely to meet many sexual partners online. Dating apps or websites, and even gaming sites can be ideal places where you encounter your dream sex partner. The more they’re into your unique hobbies or eccentric habits, the more you’ll be into them.

Aquarius, it’s important for you to admit to your partners when you’re just in it for the sex and nothing more. There is a very elusive part of your nature where you hide your true feelings because you simply don’t want to deal with them at the moment. If you’re engaging with a Fire or Air sign, that may not pose a problem because they too tend to flee from overly emotional displays of affection, but Earth and Water signs may crave more stability and security from you. Monogamy isn’t necessarily in your nature unless you really make the choice to try it out. You prefer the freedom to explore and discover the richness in multiple sex partners. If you feel the pressure to settle down, you’ll most definitely stray. So keep it real with people from the start if you’re not trying to get too emotionally invested, and those who can handle that will stay, because the perks of having sex with you often outweigh the challenges.



Welcome to October, Pisces. This month may feel magical for you in many ways, largely due to the blend of Libra and Scorpio vibes in the air. Venus in Scorpio is lighting up your expansion sector, which means that you’ll be feeling very experimentive when it comes to sex and romance. You already are one of the more open and adaptable signs of the zodiac, but this transit will bring your flexible nature to a whole new level, and it will be refreshing for you and your sexual partner(s). Even if you haven’t had sex in a while or are intentionally celibate, you may explore your sexual nature through other means, such as reading a fantasy novel, watching a passionate romcom, or connecting with people naughtily on dating apps. Once Venus goes retrograde in Scorpio on the 5th, your attention turns towards the past, and you may find yourself a bit more nostalgic. Single Pisces may end up thinking about “the one that got away”, and may be tempted to reconnect with them either virtually or in real-life. Just be careful what you wish for, because the magnetic energy of Venus in Scorpio can lead to you manifesting wild fantasies faster than you think.

If you’re in a relationship or a situationship, Venus Retrograde is perfect for evaluating how you want to grow as a couple, not only emotionally but sexually too. Have things gotten a bit too predictable in the sack? Use the retrograde energy to think back to when you first started connecting sexually and what you enjoyed about it. Infuse more spontaneity and adventure into your sex life by suggesting unique positions or prolonging the foreplay. As a Pisces, you are a master of intimacy and your imagination often runs wild with different scenarios of what you can do to please yourself and your partner. During the first three weeks of the month, the Sun will be in Libra, highlighting your sector of depth and intimacy. You shouldn’t be afraid to go “there” when it comes to your sexual style. Eroticism will be on your mind and you’ll want to engage with people who can handle how intensely turned-on you can get when the mood is right. Your ideal partner(s) this month must be able to engage in passionate pillow talk, listen to you express your deepest emotions, and frustrations, and also keep it real with you about what’s on their heart. The more transparent and vulnerable they are with you, the more you’ll open up your mind, body and soul to them, and this can lead to an erotic and orgasmic experience.

October 8 – 18 will be full of New Moon in Libra energy, and this will help you find greater balance in your love and sex life. The energy of Venus in Scorpio may be making you more obsessive and possessive than usual, but the New Moon that takes place on the 8th will help you realize this before you do things that you regret or take things too far due to being emotionally impulsive or reactive. Check yourself if you feel the urge to use sex as a way to manipulate your partner(s) or teach them a lesson — this may happen unconsciously at first, but the New Moon energy will help you set healthier intentions about the type of lover you want to be. Avoid passive-aggressive behavior and instead clear the air in a mature way that helps you avoid unnecessary drama.

On October 23, the tides shift as the Sun joins Venus in the sultry sign of Scorpio for four weeks. It’s officially Scorpio Season, meaning that your travel sector of expansion is highlighted by the Scorpio energy. If you’ve been wanting to go on an adventure or a trip, plan to do so these last 8 days of the month, and bring along your bae, crush, or potential hook-up buddy if you can. Even if you go solo, you’ll attract many admirers and may end up 25 hooking up with one of them if you’re in a good spot emotionally and open to being wooed. The Full Moon on the 24th intensifies the feeling of desire and raw sexuality in the air. Since Scorpio is a fellow Water Sign like you, you don’t tend to think that rationally during Scorpio Season — you let your intuition and your emotions guide you along the way. So the sexual decisions that you’ll be making during Scorpio Season will be largely based on how you feel in the present moment. Avoid trying to get approval from your friends or peers about your sex life. You’re the main one who knows what your body and soul wants, so trust yourself, be safe, and enjoy what Scorpio Season and October have in store for you, Pisces.


When it comes to sex, Pisces, you are a pro, and some of you can even be characterized as nymphomaniacs. Ruled by Neptune, the Planet of Fantasy and Illusion, you love to create your own fantasy world for yourself and your partner. You sense everything on a cosmic level, so for you sex is not just sex… it’s a completely other world, a mix of the physical and metaphysical, and it’s something that must be explored with much sensitivity and self-awareness. You are known for dissolving any sorts of boundaries, and you will especially do so when it comes to sex and love-making. You’re not afraid to go “there”, because that’s where the ecstacy lives. You’re known as the freakiest sign of the zodiac when it comes to sex, and that’s because you are willing to explore your own psyche as well as those of your sex partners, uninhibitedly and frequently.

As a Pisces, you have intense fetishes, particularly for things involving water. Female Pisces tend to get very wet when they’re turned-on, and male Pisces will enjoy making their partner as wet as possible through a combination of physical and verbal foreplay, fingering, oral, and penetration. Sex by the beach, in a pool or jacuzzi, or in the shower can especially be a turn-on for you, Pisces. The wetter, the better.

As a Water sign, it’s very difficult for you to separate sex from love, so even though you may enjoy having multiple sex partners, you want them all to feel something for you, and not to solely be interested in you physically. You can also be full of double standards, wanting your partners to only have sex with you, while giving yourself the freedom to explore as many options as possible. Sometimes you’re not super transparent about this desire of yours either, and that can land you in hot water! It’s best to keep things real with your partners to avoid potential drama and broken hearts. There’s no need to jump into monogamy if you’re not ready for it, but also avoid leading people and giving them the impression that you’re committed to them and them only when in reality you may be keeping your options open.

You do have the best sex of your life when you fall in love, though. If you and your partner mutually trust each other, you’re willing to go to the ends of the earth to please them and make them feel like the luckiest person alive. When things are good with your lover, you are at your happiest and most free, and sex with you truly feels like a dream. You make pleasing your partner your priority, you’re open to all forms of experimentation and role-playing, and you frequently think about sex throughout the day. Even many of your dreams may include sex! But because you are so sensitive, if things go downhill in your relationship, you can take it very seriously and become easily hurt and withdrawn, both sexually and emotionally. You vacillate from being open and loving with your partner(s) to being private and withdrawn, and that’s something people will have to understand about you and not take too personally.

It’s important for you to express what’s on your mind if you ever feel taken advantage of on a sexual level, Pisces. Because you can sometimes bottle up your insecurities within yourself until you can’t take it anymore. You come off as sweet and loving, but there is a darker side of you that can emerge, and you also can sometimes become a manipulative partner, using sex to get what you want from someone, or withholding sex to prove a point. The truth is, as one of the most intuitive signs of the zodiac, you know what your partner(s) want and need, and while you may sometimes act aloof, you often find pleasure in deciding whether or not you’re going to give it to them. This actually makes you much naughtier than you initially seem, which can be a turn-on for many people, but also infuriating to others. You’re an enigma to many people, Pisces, including yourself. One minute you may be obsessed with a sexual partner, and the next you may move on to the next person who’s caught your eye… But so many of the people you interact with sexually do leave a mark on you, and vice versa. You view sex as a soul-merging experience, and not one to be taken lightly, even if your actions sometimes contradict your values. Nevertheless, people will always be drawn to you because of your ethereal, whimsical and magical sexual aura. There’s no sex like a Pisces’ sex.

Out Standing right?

Here this beautiful man … A piece of ART in fact.. no face.. but, I would say hands down this face would be beautiful all the same..

So, apart from me and only me… that likes to comment on ART… would you NOT agree has a rather nice I dunno, hmmm, shape, form, muscular?


Would you think he perhaps needs I dunno…… company???
In the shower I mean?????


Apart from a few dirty areas.. I would say… if given a gift obviously to ME and ME .. I would be willing to share this fellow with boy or girl mainly girl…..these days.. why because no other person on this earth knows how to clean anything… so ladies…

I really appreciate it if anyone would like to comment on this rather dirty man that I am happy to share him with……… to clean him ..??????

LOL (sorry I am laughing here…)

I enlarged the picture so hopefully we have women that will comment on this big strong and mainly dirty man that really needs a good scrub!!!

Anyone????? wanna join me????


Why do I Blog …What is the reason?

Well, to be honest I do blogs to get to understand those that are on here and this is for many reasons I have a very interesting past and I believe everything happens for a reason.

We tend to take our lives for granted and we never believe our lives are worth much which is sad because I myself have thought that many times in my own life.

I am not on here to be perfect nor am I on here to preach anything that isn’t the truth however, we do tend to have a bit of fun and poke fun at myself mostly or how I actually feel.

But, to be perfectly honest I do this to understand myself express how I feel about my eccentric life which really isn’t however, I have had life that most people would not be aware of and because I so want to complete my studying this may take me sometime as it can be difficult even for me to do.

It means I have to be present, honest, true to myself, those who read some of my piffle but, when I do write about my past sometimes it is easy and sometimes I will write it and I will delete it mainly because it scares the shit out of me for many reasons.

I don’t believe in wanting to dwell on my past but, what I do believe is our paths in our lives is very important and I so want to help those that have similar understandings and most of all help those that I know I can understand those that have walked a simular path as I have.

You see if it wasnt for some wonderful persons that need I say have helped me open my eyes to a lot of things which I thank them even though they may not think I have … So, thank you and I do love you all very much there may not be many that do know about my path but, I do wish for them to know that I do love them and I hold them very close to my heart and soul.. So, to my closest, dearest, imaginary, invisibly, visible and gorgeous souls always know that without those that held my hand and hugged my soul when I wept I thank you so very much with all of my heart and soul…

So, this is why I do this and want to help those that have been hurt through loosing a child through either divorce or wrongly accused for disgraceful ruling due to unfairly being accused or losing their child to suicide, death, tragic and even to those moms that had to let go of children due to rape, drugs, being hurt my others that should never occurred, have nearly hurt themselves due to their own despair and many other reasons that I wish to hold on further for my own growth and understanding.


So, this is a little to why I want to be here and do what I do because I truly care for others that have been treated unfairly, truly hurtful and devastating occurrences that only those will understand inside themselves…

It is never easy nor is it something that anyone can do.. but, for me I have to do this because I want too and it is inside my own soul, self and most of all my heart cannot .. Not do it.. if that makes any sense..

So, yes, that is why I get on here rant and rave, do funny things and some really odd things it is never difficult it is frustrating because it can be hard to understand myself..

We all learn differently none of us are stupid nor are we psycho nor do we do this because someone else wants us too.. I do it because that is what I want to do… so as I grow and understand myself more I will share with you more as I grow..

Thank you, Franny xxx

Naughty Questions I do Love them…!!! he,he,he… SIGH!!!!

What to do, How to do it, that is the question my friends 🙂

How well do you trust other’s that cannot even trust themselves in other’s?

We are humans have this knack to want to help those who cannot help themselves?

However, we are so right in our own minds that we tend to preach so damn harsh on each other, right, where we go, seriously, he isn’t perfect! Who the hell does she think she is? 


How rude we all are to each other?

What we should say to each other is that is excellent, okay, I can refine that better by telling you what I think, feel, how to look at a situation, without pointing that finger so harshly!

I ask you a question about cheating and already we study that question and turn our backs.. instead what you should do is what does she mean?  Is she being judegmental? or is she actualy asking why people do what they do without judgement??

Do I have an imagination??? HELL, YES!!!

Well, no judgement here, I am just curious about why, and how, and what is it about them…

I know it’s a horrid word, cheating, fucking around, doing it behind someones back, or even bringing a man  when wifey doesnt see and test that envelope…..I say shucks how interestingly HOT!!!!

Hot things we do … testing, loving, sexing, doing, sneaky little kids we all are… just to test those hot, hot, and I will say it again HOT nights of Naughty!!


Whichever, I feel, that life is about asking questions, and hoping others are brave enough to answer.. that is all…

Sexy stories…how do you write them?

Once upon a sexual dream, I had this moment that took my breath away and challenged my existance… Some write fantasies for many reasons however for me it was to understand my own journey and it exploded into words.  However, I did struggle with why this was so adicitive.. I get it now.. but for me back then it was different because I could not see it as being real…. but it was…. sigh!!!


Perhaps as I think about myself all those years ago, I have to say my voice was not really present, my bubbly self was but, not my real voice, so I wrote what I wanted to say and it spelt something that really took me time to understand why I wrote some and why I wrote more specific ones that I struggled with getting to the sex bit!!

haha, laughing at this present time…

After I think if I remember 52 pages of dribble painting a picture, set and settings, I was trying to understand my curious nature on white typing virtual paper, in those days which would have been maybe 19 years ago, I wrote it to see if I understood my actions.

The more I wrote the better I got.. and let me say that shocked the shit out of me, it wasnt that I could not paint the damn picture, oh I could paint it with new colours never invented.. once I saw that.. I sprung away from my seat in total disgust.

I was in total denial, what the hell, and what am I thinking…..that moment of OMG…

Or was it? heheh

However, I was shocked at my writing efforts because it was very vivid, very detailed and very imaginative or was it?

Wow, that is all I can say!

Once I read my writing I was a bit embarrised, not ashamed at all, was a little confused and could not understand how and why I wrote it… well, I guess I could but, to really understand something you really need to invest alot of time and effort in the why’s and I didn’t do that because I wasnt quite sure what that looked like…. it was definately dirty, different, hot, and adicitive as hell, but, I am using my words now.. back then… had nothing……. if that makes sense but, what I did feel was the giggles of my dirty mind and that was a bit of a shock.

It felt like two worlds and never connecting the dots because your still experiencing the need of those times back then… I so have been such a girl of politeness, very understanding of other peoples privacy and mostly I guess it was a time of fun and having friends over for dinner and to be perfectly honest that was separate to my own life.

As time passed and experiences became more present however, never present, it was such a long time ago, and it was our life I guess, I like my privacy to be kept private I do love to tease words like blogs here with little inuendoes of openess, and understanding of myself.

I get more now then I ever did back then however, still was exciting and respectful, go figure, where does that come from… I would say that is your best quality within yourself and for those that knew well, we had our own take on life back in those days..

Blame it on something… but, never ourselves lol

All women should try should try and do a sexy, hot story, it makes your cheeks blush and gets that heart beating hot and heavy plus, it also makes your mind exercise an area that most people do not talk about.. women especially!

So, ladies get your “word out” and give it a go and type a fantasy that you would never think to do in real life.. it will definately, get your mind sexersising and that is healthy!

Then talk to your partner, husband and tell him that you have been busy expanding your mind and he will say with a bit of …okay, what? as his stare is at the footy on the TV, however this is until you mention, that you typed your sexual fantasy and let me tell you his gaze will be off that telly and onto what you just told him!!!

Men are very keen on their partners opening up a sexual fantasy that they hope they are in and let me say, remember this, you have to tell the truth or your version of the truth always type what you could see yourself doing.. or you will lead him to disappointment!

No lie!

So, how do you do that, well, you know everyone on this planet has a sexual mind, it might be a little fuzzy, or ignored or even “don’t go there” attitude but, you will put something on paper I say this with no lie!

Mine started with many short stories, I think I have at least 10 somewhere, as I wrote them I got better and better, this is because your mind gets opened to new possibilities, which i just like living life really.

With experiences your mind expands, same thing, with sexual understanding, your mind gets more sexual and your confidences gets more hungry.

Healthy, beautiful, freeing openness, never ignore that part of your creatitivity, and if your partner doesnt like it, well, rethink who you are with then!

Simple right?

Nothing is ever simple or we would be all doing it… however, those that are clever may do it but, reseaves the right to keep it to themselves…

For me, well I am selective, as hell and you better believe it, I required that taste through experience and understanding and I thank the lord for clear visions to come…


So, lets talk dirty … that is coming up next…. naughty naughty! Oh brother!

When In Rome….. we shall do what others do… RIGHT!!!!

Hi Candii here,

Now, this is talking my language, however, a fish out of water perhaps but, would I attend these amazing places.. Absolutely, and I would wear something HOT and Rediculously Slutty, with a touch of Classiness…

I think it would be the best fun ever … a bit like diving into the DEEP end first but, hey why not.. “When they say, When in Rome”!

I would wear appropriately, latex corset with heels up to my fanny, and fishnets, false eye lashes, may even get a tattoo, oh and fake boobs would be just right up my ALLEY….

However, let’s not get too over board… oh sugar, why not…. stuff it and I would take two men.. dressed beautifully, and we would play very well together..

Okay, that is my fantasy that GOD…. please before I die.. heheheh anyhoo, check out the below and see if any of this ticks your box.. like mine…

Enjoy Franny (aka Candii)

1 le boudoir swingers london fetish.png

Best Swinger Clubs in London: Be naughty in Le Boudoir

Second only to Berlin in its kinkiness, you’ll never be short of a sex party in London. Le Boudoir offers a playful yet elegant venue for international swingers. Discover, meet and have sex with plenty of naughty people from all over the world, and add a few stamps to your sexual passport in the process. Register an application online and get ready for a non-judgemental and stylish event that promises to push the societal norms and excite every attendee.

austin icom.pngBDSM London, Greater London, UK – Swingers Clubs, Fetish Clubs, Dungeons and More!


2 playgrounds swingers london fetish.png

Best Swinger Clubs in London: Not your everyday Playgrounds

Want to go to one of the best swingers parties in London? Adults want to have fun too, right? The Playgrounds organise parties where you can have all the kinky fun you want. A sex party in London that is far from boring – these organisers mix it up and switch from venue to venue. Their motto is “for people who just get it” and, believe us if you attend these insane events, you’re most likely to get it.

austin icom.pngBDSM Bedfordshire, UK – Swingers Clubs, Fetish Clubs, Dungeons and More!


3 arousal swingers london fetish.png

Best Swinger Clubs in London: Discover a new level of Arousal

One of the amazing venues to find swingers in London is the famous Arousal. Home to a kinky array of parties that cater for every taste. It’s enormous, complete with 13 communal play areas and six lockable playrooms. For the kinksters, there’s a dungeon, cages and glory holes galore. Arousal hosts the previously mentioned Playgrounds’ ‘Swingles Party’, ‘Naughty Bi Nature’ (the biggest bisexual swingers party in London), and the Blackman’s Fanclub. Talking of which…

austin icom.pngBDSM Bedfordshire, UK – Swingers Clubs, Fetish Clubs, Dungeons and More!


4 blackmans fanclub swingers london fetish.png

Best Swinger Clubs in London: Are you part of the Blackmans Fanclub?

The name says it all – this is not your average swingers party in London. There’s nothing quite like a sex party in London purely dedicated to gorgeous, open-minded black men and their many admirers. That said, BMFC events are open to all swingers in London, regardless of the colour of their skin. Let’s just say this – if you haven’t tried it already, well, you’ve heard the rumours. Why not see if they’re true?

austin icom.pngBDSM London, Greater London, UK – Swingers Clubs, Fetish Clubs, Dungeons and More!


5 subversion swingers london fetish.png

Best Swinger Clubs in London: Succumb to Subversion

Subversion is the ultimate destination for kinksters wanting to attend a swingers party in London. It’s organised by fetishists, for fetishists alike. But if it’s your first time… don’t fret. Everybody’s welcome, and it’s a vanilla-friendly fetish clubbing event. For something naughtier, check out their Noir events – the ultimate BDSM-themed sex party in London.

austin icom.pngBDSM London, Greater London, UK – Swingers Clubs, Fetish Clubs, Dungeons and More!


6 killing kittens swingers london fetish.png

Best Swinger Clubs in London: Indulge yourself in Killing Kittens

Ladies, worried about being a bit overwhelmed by all the ungentlemanly men? Killing Kittens is a night made to make you feel sexually empowered. Their events happen all over the world, with sex parties in London, New York, Melbourne, Venice and more. And they’ve earned quite a reputation. KK events are said to be the most exclusive, hedonistic and down right naughtiest happenings in the world – purposefully planned with the pursuit of female pleasure in mind.

austin icom.pngBDSM London, Greater London, UK – Swingers Clubs, Fetish Clubs, Dungeons and More!


7 mingles swingers london fetish.png

Best Swinger Clubs in London: Ready to Mingles?

Set up by a beautiful pair of Essex swingers, Mingles was established with classy couples in mind. Think of an elegant wine bar (but bring your own!) mixed with a sexy adult lifestyle destination. You can have a few drinks, let your hair down and if you feel adventurous, have an intimate encounter with new like-minded friends. If you live just east of the UK’s kinky capital, this is the perfect alternative to a Swingers party in London city centre.

austin icom.pngBDSM Essex, UK – Swingers Clubs, Fetish Clubs, Dungeons and More!


8 hellfire swingers london fetish.png

Best Swinger Clubs in London: Let yourself be set on Hellfire

The Hellfire is home to countless Swingers parties in London catering to every sexuality and gender. There are events every week including ‘Secret Sunday’, masquerade balls and our all- time favourite ‘Swish’ – the ultimate sex party in London for swingers and members of the fetish community. Think it can’t get any better? Like most swingers in London will find, you’re allowed to bring your own alcohol, but at Hellfire, soft drinks are also completely FREE – all night long.

austin icom.pngBDSM Surrey, UK – Swingers Clubs, Fetish Clubs, Dungeons and More!


9 legs 800 swingers london fetish.png

Best Swinger Clubs in London: Show off your Legs 800

Swingers in London craving for a venue in which you can really be your true self? Legs 800 is a very special place dedicated to members of the transgender and crossdresser community (and their admirers!). You can dress up, get a makeover, dance all night and have a cheeky fumble in the private rooms with someone who appreciates you at your most beautiful. More of a celebratory escape than a mere Swingers party in London, Legs 800 is as unique as it is fun.

austin icom.pngBDSM London, Greater London, UK – Swingers Clubs, Fetish Clubs, Dungeons and More!


10 south london swingers fetish.png

Best Swinger Clubs in London: Meet the South London Swingers

Last but not least, let us introduce you to South London Swingers. How long has it been since you went wild at a friends house when their parents were away? This is for those who are now all grown-up, and know exactly what they want – to meet other swingers in London in a comfortable and very, very naughty house-party environment. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revel in delicious decadence, with that taboo feeling that feels oh so familiar.

BDSM Sutton, Bedfordshire, UK – Swingers Clubs, Fetish Clubs, Dungeons and More!

If you Dangle a Carrot expect it to be eaten!!! PTSD comes to mind..

I was chatting to my sister-in-law this morning about PTSD, and other things at the end of our chat I brought up Robotic Women in the next 10 years…. what will we expect..?

So, I said, well, imagine, one day owe in a future coming sooner than you think!

We will have Men/Women Robots that look, feel and act just like us, to the point that we can purchase app that can simply be uploaded to that particular robot to act, do, simulate everything of our sweet desires.

Even for war, meaning they will be out soldiers that will be able to do what we do, interesting or is it scary? You tell me?


Let me paint you a scenario:  FFM

A couple wanting a 3some/4some – and here we are at the start of what could be possible without worry, guilt, perfect right? Now it is, yes!

So, you got this robot that can join you in a 3some and you both do it.. easy peasy…  may not be the real thing however, not bad for a good try.

However, if the wife comes home and finds hubby fcyking the doll while she’s at work, I think that would be a bit awkward and after she settled down both of you could laugh about it NOW!!!!!

Now let me paint you a different scenario:  MMF

10 years from now and those innocent dolls have a memory, are able to feel, get angry, moans when he/she has sex to the point of perfection and NEVER COMPLAIN!!

All because of our needs or those who think they can perfect it by using a simple downloaded app that enhances emotions ….. interesting and a little bit of a worry…

Then, they have the same scenario using this robot, male this time far more superior to the point of making his penis bigger, smaller and lasting longer for those women who like it long and hard…..

So, then what is hubby going to feel, do, when he see’s and hears his wife being fucked harder and unfortunately, as we all know human nature as it is… it would be a natural emotion to see that he will get very angry, hostile, and or even jealous..of a stupid robot being created by the creator who wanted it all for HIM…..

So, the motto of this story always think before you create or make anything in life and communicate how this new product could become something more than just a sex doll.

A message to the creator of these Sex dolls… below

Dear Sir,

What and for whom do you create this product for.. how is it going to affect us humans that seem to live in such a civilised world without war, without homeless people, without other areas you can use this product for .. so you chose a sex doll…first..wow, really!!!

Of course, I am going a little over board but, I do believe we made a Movie of what sci-fi robots could do just using our imaginations… right.. so, in saying that this is possible that robots in our near future could be a problem if they don’t think further about how this could affect us going forward…

We live in a society that has so much to fix .. why don’t we firstly fix what we have before we create something that could affect our people who are struggling now..

PTSD, comes to mind… why??

  • Because it seems that everytime we create something that seems so sweet, innocent, ends up hurting someone more…
  • Sounds stupid really, but is it that I am worried about nothing?
  • Or is it nothing “we” should be worried about?

Just saying what could occur not saying what may not occurr…. your thoughts would be cool to here…


Silly right? or is it?

Click onto this and see for yourself


click here to see what has been and what could be

Food for thought!

I am one for future stuff like this however, as long as we have a DELETE BUTTON… or the destroy button or another planet to live on.. we should be fine..hehehehehe


Imagine Robots having rights?

Below I leave you with some future thoughts that could possibly occur on the NEWS…

Artifical Intelligence, if you make it, it will come..

What a subconcious decision that creeps up and gets you when you least expect it..


“Police found what they thought was a human body floating head down in the water …was in fact a Robot, we where thankful, as this robots life was indeed used for unhuman reasons that we cannot describe to you that was examined by  forensics..

here is what has already hit our internet and is being used today (PLEASE DO NOT CLICK THIS MAY OFFEND SOME…. they are called realdolls

Not to mention what some of you are already thinking .. pedophila…



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The Secret Warning Hidden In Your Horoscope, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


FOR THOSE 3 THAT ARE STUCK……….Start doing…… and planning and most of all having the best time in your lives.. and for gods sakes believe in yourselves… 

I didnt do these below but, they seem pretty good….. continue…. love Candii xxx



ARIES (March 21-April 19)

Take a break from being so moody and impatient. You will find yourself enjoying the good times more if you aren’t wishing things away by being constantly rushed and uptight. Let go and just trust in the intent of the universe, because things might be bumpy ahead.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20)

Stop fighting your successes just because they weren’t what you originally thought they would be. Everything happens for a reason, and even if you can’t see it clearly now, the reasons are valid. It is okay to not have everything go exactly your way all the time: compromise makes people like you more.

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GEMINI (May 21-June 20)

Something big is about to happen. Don’t panic, though: just remember to breathe and trust your instincts. If all else fails, be aware of those around you and let them be a guiding light. You’ll find your way through, just stay patient and stay the course.

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CANCER (June 21-July 22)

Careful not to get too wrapped up in the business affairs of others: it can lead you down a dark path. Take some time to “smell the coffee” and really think through what your stuff is and what belongs to someone else. Nobody likes to carry around any extra baggage than needed.

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LEO (July 23-August 22)

Hard times ahead: you are going to find yourself with too much going on that is outside of your control. Don’t fight for your place or try to push others out to grasp control. The right time will come and others will eventually see that they are ignoring a good resource (you).

VIRGO (August 23-September 22)

Watch that you don’t let your emotions take control, let them merely serve as a guide for you without becoming overwhelming. If you find yourself in circumstances that make you feel annoyed or restless, remember to revisit your true motivations and ideals. Use your wise mind to make the best decisions, you need both your rational brain and emotions to plan the best path for now.

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LIBRA (September 23-October 22)

You hate change, but it is time to make it happen. It is okay to visit your inner child from time to time, and in this instance, it might be necessary.

Negative emotions are ahead. Be sure to focus on self-care and don’t be afraid to reach out to a trusted friend if needed.

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SCORPIO (October 23-November 21)

Watch out, someone is going to “move your cheese.” Hold tight to your brain and common sense, simply allow circumstances and emotions to come and go as needed while reminding yourself that you will maintain stability. With so many changes and with things feeling off or misplaced, you’ll need to constantly remind yourself of the stability that still exists inside.

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SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21)

Careful: don’t put the cart before the horse. It is important to take time to settle into your emotions and connections with others before diving in with words and promises that your heart may not agree with. You may also find that allowing yourself to look within allows you to better care for yourself and your health, something you may desperately be needing right now.

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CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19)

You need to calm down, slow down, and use your talents as intended to best serve your life, not simply the lives of others. You must stop causing yourself stress from holding too firmly to something that should have been left in the past. Without a good foundation, it is impossible to build a home.

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AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18)

This can be a troublesome time for you and tensions may rise. Be careful to listen and genuinely hear the viewpoint of others before growing irritated and jumping to conclusions. Be willing to compromise if needed to restore harmony and bring a better balance to your life.

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PISCES (February 19-March 20)

You are going to soon find yourself challenged to think about your true mission and purpose in life and might need to be prepared to make some changes. If you continue to remain tied to the past situations that you should have set down long ago, you will find that the upcoming changes in your life are going to be that much more difficult to bear.

Fran’s thought for today.. Embrace your Life… and Live it…. xxx

Imagine a life that you are so loved and appreciated for who you are it would be perfect right!

Alot of us including me have said alot on here but, I am going to share some fact about what I am about, I love people, love them to bits, I cannot and will not ever understand why people want to be something they are not!

We start our journey when we are born and sometimes it’s bumpy, horrid, happy, amazing, funny, and sometimes there are alot of our past that means so much with amazing memories.


However, I seem to see us all dwell on those times that have given us grief but, we seem to forget those other times that makes us “smile, laugh, giggle, roll around on the ground with fits of laughter”, those precious moments with your family, friends, those moments that where amazing, rediculous and darn right shocking!

I believe this, sometimes we see beauty, love, great amazing moments with loved ones but, those times when we feel so damn sad it breaks our hearts, and stops you in your tracks with dispair.

I should know I felt every, bit of them these last few months however, that noise that once was so loud, horrible that made me want to crawl into fetal position on the ground seem like a dim memory thank god!

As time goes on for me I believe that this feeling I used to feel will pass and hopefully with beautiful thoughts of walking forward will be the best times, well that is what I am hoping for.. and why the Hell not!

I wish I could fix everyone and hopefully with time and understanding maybe those few that I come across I will do my best to help them of course we cannot fix the world even though I once thought in my tiny “big ideas franny” head.

I am just a very simple chick with an open heart that cares alot about people and I share things not to shock you more to open your eyes to possibilities that you may never have thought possible or even thought before about.

It’s not that I want you all to go out there and do all those things I write about its more about awareness of what is out there, what could be something possible without those darn labels, rude remarks and slandours comments some people use when they don’t understand something or are afraid to even possibly think is possible.

We all have a right to live our lives the way we want to.. if that means that I like hanging naked upside down with a pink bikini then I will and if I want to share with you pictures I will…

Laughing, which I don’t and probably more likely wont, but, you get what I am saying I hope..hehe, just live your short beautiful life and a happy, smiling, loving and open mind.

Our minds and our hearts are the breath in our souls..

Remember that… our hearts beat, and our souls live forever….

Enjoy every moment… because before you know it .. it will be gone..


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