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Dating sites? Would I go ahead with it? or would I sit there and watch? or would I do it???

Is it all about sex?

IF I WAS SINGLE – I would be on sites like that…. Or would I????

I have to be perfectly honest, if I was “single”, I would be on there like flynne! Which means I would be signed up sexed up and ready to go!!!  Or would I???


I find it interesting that as soon as you perhaps put something a bit crazy like I do… it seems they back off a bit???

Sounds funny when it is said like that but so damn true….

Man oh Man, or should I say, Man oh Girl oh Man? Or Oh girl oh girl oh girl?

I think I am now confused…

Way too many options, for me ? NOPE!

I went on a few of these sites with my husband for a test… well, I thought it was a test however, not sure, really, it ended up being just that “A test of wills”, “”Yipes!!!””

However, we must see what is out there and let me say, NO, thank you , very much!!

Swingers, Gang Bangs, Orgyies, Private Parties, MMF’s, MFM’s (apparently the way you type the letters there is a difference stuffed if I know) then you have MMM or FFM (which is considered a normal 3some) and FFF which I have to say I didnt see out there…

However, I think I may have to go on a different site which is female only for FFF and Male only for MMM.

Still, I looked around, chattered to delightful dudes that want to be into US as a couple but, for the life of me… just can’t do the one night stand thing!!

Grew out of that when I was single, young and stupid really!!

Men, love us couples, they love us, want to enjoy us, personally I think they are either after the male or the female of the two, but, who would even know how men think!!

I certainly don’t, it was an eye opening experience – however, not my thing!!

So, what is your thing peeps???


Would you do that with your partner?



Are you happy with both of you snuggled up at night?

4 Women Get Real About How Swinging Affected Their Relationships

Hi Candy here,

Here is something different to read I came across this one tonight and thought I would share it


What really happens when you open your relationship to another couple


[F]or some couples, the idea of having sex with anyone other than your significant other seems unfathomable. It can be hard to understand how “swinging” — when you swap partners with another couple and sleep with someone new — can actually lead to stronger relationship bonds. But believe it or not, it can, and there are more couples interested in doing it than you may realize.

If you’ve ever remotely considered getting into swinging — with your spouse, significant other or just that cool friend with benefits — there are a few things you should know before you dive in. Below, four women get real about what their own swinging experiences were really like.

Nicole has been with her husband for 18 years and they’ve been swinging for 17.

How she got into it: “I grew up with this idea that there’s not just one person for anyone and that we can enjoy being with multiple people, as well as the idea that you can have sex without having emotion tied to it. My husband knew that I was bi-curious when we met, so on the anniversary of our first date, we decided to explore and went to a swingers club.”

How it impacted her relationship: “It’s really helped strengthen our relationship. Not all experiences were 100 percent pleasurable, so we made an effort to have those conversations and keep the lines of communication open. When you talk about [swinging] it makes it so much easier to discuss other issues in the relationship.”

Her advice to those considering the lifestyle: “For couples who are considering it, we suggest that you better have a really good relationship starting out because it doesn’t fix broken relationships, it only breaks them up faster. Also, you need to have conversations with your spouse or partner before you go into it. Know your rules and limits before you get into a situation because you can’t really get upset with your partner if you didn’t talk about.”

Jody was introduced to swinging five years ago and is currently single. She loves her work as a sex coach and says if it weren’t for swinging, she wouldn’t be where she is now.

How she got into it: “I was introduced to swinging by my former husband, and not in a good way. One day he forgot to log off the computer and I looked at his browser. I saw some sites that I was not familiar with, but I was appalled by what a saw. Some time later, I confronted him about it. He explained to me what swinging was, but I furthered my knowledge by reading everything I could. I then told him that if he had just talked to me about it, it was something I could be open to.”

How it impacted her relationship: “[Swinging] honestly had no effect on our relationship, which ended for other reasons. Swinging changed me personally for the better. I have sexual confidence that I didn’t have before. I exclusively date swingers now because I meet a much better class of men. They really honor and respect women.”

Her advice to those considering swinging: “If your marriage is struggling, don’t do it. It will only make things worse. If you have a good marriage, dip your toes in the water. Attend a meet and greet or other event. The swinger couples I know have absolutely amazing marriages. For a single woman, you’ll meet the best men ever, but take it slow and make sure you take the usual dating precautions.”

Julia Allen, co-founder of StockingsVR, was 24 when she first walked into a swingers club and has now been swinging for 25 years.

How she got into it: “My boyfriend thought it would be fun to try. We didn’t do anything except dance and talk to some people the first night, but it was exciting and I couldn’t wait to go back. A few months later, on New Year’s Eve, we had a hotel room and invited a few people up. Well… Everyone came up. It was packed and before I knew it, everyone was having sex all around me. A lovely woman wanted to play with me and my boyfriend. I loved it. I loved watching him with her and having him watch me with her, and then both of us just getting lost in the whole experience. I loved the experience of being able to have sex outside of my relationship.”

How it impacted her relationship: “I’ve never been tempted to stray outside of my relationship by having an affair. Swinging takes care of all of my sex needs. I really feel that it strengthens every relationship. I don’t view sex as something that you only have with someone you love. Sex is recreational. I think every boyfriend I’ve had has felt the same way. Along the way, I started filming myself with various people and decided to take my swinging/exhibitionist/kinky lifestyle and make it full time. I guess you could say that swinging has enriched my relationships and also enriched my life.”

Her advice to those considering swinging: “Don’t feel pressure. Most people who are new to swinging don’t actually have sex. They like to watch. In a swingers club, no really does mean no. Many times, I’ve had men or women approach me and if I don’t feel like it, I just say no. You can explore any fantasy you have at a swingers club. I would suggest for first timers to try a larger club where there are lots of people. People who go to swingers clubs are normal people who you would never guess in a million years are swingers. About 90 percent of people who swing are married with kids and just want to try walking on the wild side together.”

Jessica Drake, an adult superstar and certified sex educator, has been swinging since before she was in the adult industry.

How she got into it: “Depending on the state of each relationship and my boundaries with different partners, I had different experiences. In the beginning, when I was younger, it felt awkward based on my inability to be assertive about my wants and needs. It felt more like that group sex stereotype that you might see on TV or in porn… and definitely more male pleasure-centered.”

How it impacted her relationship: “Sexual jealousy has never really been an issue for me, and as long as my needs are being met, I feel secure and aroused when I watch a partner enjoying someone else. I think one mistake some people make is assuming that swinging has only one meaning, but it’s something that is totally open to interpretation. Some of my most intimate, fulfilling encounters lately have been ‘soft swap’ — meaning I have sex with my primary partner, and have foreplay only with our ‘guests.’”

Her advice to those considering swinging: “If you want to start experimenting with swinging and swapping, you need to take a look at your sexual values and belief system. Compare it to the way your partner perceives things, and before you proceed, have an honest discussion. Overall, if you find yourself wanting to try this later on in life, go for it! It may reawaken you and give you a sexual second wind. It’s never too late. There are people of all ages, all body types, all colors, who come from a variety of backgrounds looking for like-minded people.”


What are the different types of swingers?

Hey Peeps it’s Randy Candii,

Well, just before I end tonight with my head on the pillow into snorey land… I wanted to put you to sleep with some Randy Ideas for Perth City Swinging sets…  Everything seems to be the go these days with couples being the most popular…

Yes, I said, that couples are the favourates it seems…..

So, if you two naughty husbands and wives, partners in crime and those that just live together and maybe bored on a Friday or Saturday night, grab your flat mate or partner or some good looking random off the side of the classiest club you find (was going to say some GUY off the street..which I would not do myself..) but, thought I better be a little classy with my assey…

Personally, I prefer my parties a little more private… like in another planet or perhaps high end penthouse on top of a Piano… (ha) there was a bit more to that joke moving alone…

Next, anyhoo I have slapped some more news for you if any of you Sassy couples that want a bit of extra to keep you two company.. then read on….

Until next time… oh yes, in the mean time please update me if you do get it on with a hotty, cuz I love to hear sexy shit like that… why?:

I might even write about your night with some hot stuff and make it real life for you… so get writing and I will find that video camera…. now where did I put it…mmmm

Love Candii, who apparently is … randy…. xxx


So, what type of Swingers do we have…

Much in the same way that you can’t stereotype swingers in general, no two swinger couples necessarily play the same way either.

The common assumption is that swinging involves partner swapping for sex.

However, the more swingers you meet, the more you realise that swinging doesn’t have set rules.

Here are some types of swingers, or ways to engage in swinging:

Soft Swapping/Swinging

Many new swinger couples opt for soft swapping as their first swinging experience. While seasoned veterans may eschew soft swinging, this gentle introduction to group fun is perfect for couples are who aren’t sure how far they want to take things. Soft swinging may not involve any level of partner swapping at all (ie – same partner, same room sex) with the thrill being from being able to watch another couple have sex. Some couples may be comfortable swapping some foreplay before returning to their own partner for intercourse. Soft swinging may also just involve the women playing with each other while the men watch.

Full Swapping

Full swapping is still the default objective of swinging and if you approach another swinger couple at a swingers club or via an online swingers dating site, then you can assume that is what’s going to happen if you hook up. Full swapping still happens in the same room however, with the enjoyment factor mainly being that all four of you are on the same bed with full access to all body parts. If all partners are bisexual then you can imagine this type of swapping leads to a giant tangle of arms and legs, and big, big smiles.

Open Swinging

Open swinging takes things up another level. Some couples are content for each other to enjoy whatever fun opportunity comes their way without the other partner being present. Many prefer full swapping but in separate rooms for maximum enjoyment of a new partner. It’s not so much that they do not enjoy watching their partner with another person but they understand it’s not always practical to ensure everyone’s other half are present without breaking the sexy mood. This is probably more common at swingers clubs and swingers parties where it’s not unusual for one partner to be socialising whereas the other has found an opportunity to play. As long as it doesn’t put anyone off, this is a popular option for the more confident swinger couple.

Open Relationships

Swinging is essentially the act of two or more couples sexually interacting with each other so open relationships are technically not a type of swinging.

However, many swinger couples dabble in having an open relationship as another element of naughty fun.

A lot of couples find the party scene a bit too much and the task of finding a compatible couple daunting. As such, it makes sense for them to seek out partners they are individually attracted to have fun like a single. Some swinger couples frown on open relationships but couples who like to play openly are just as committed to each other.

Swingers Clubs in Australia

Swingers Clubs in Australia

It’s a hard task to name the best swingers club in Australia. You can search Google but since you’ve found Swingers Australia, then search no more. Swingers Australia has the biggest, comprehensive listing of swingers clubs in Australia.

Visiting a swingers club is great fun for both sexy couples and adventurous singles. You have the chance to meet and maybe have sex with other swingers from your area. Our swingers club section will allow you to search your area and find other swingers.

For those of you that don’t know, a swingers club is where married or otherwise committed couple swingers go to meet other swingers and actively engage in recreational sex with other swinger couples.

Some swingers clubs in Australia are actual night clubs that include private and public places to have sex if singles and couples so please. Other swinger club activities start at a regular night club that will host a couple or swingers night for sexy people to meet and then those couples go to another venue to have sex.

Even if your preference is to meet swingers via adult dating websites, it can be a lot of fun to arrange for a few couples to meet for the first time socially at a regular bar, before heading to a swingers club to take a look. Especially those who may be unsure about clubs and swingers parties, being in the company of people you’ve already met and click with will make your first time experience a lot of fun and stress-free.

Swingers Australia is the place to find out about the best clubs and parties in your area. Whether you live in Sydney or Brisbane, we’ll let you know where the action is at.

Swingers Clubs in Sydney
Swingers Clubs in Melbourne
Swingers Clubs in Perth
Swingers Clubs in Brisbane
Swingers Clubs in Adelaide

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